Latest Stable Distribution

Please review the Requirements section before attempting an installation then follow the Installation or Upgrade instructions.

Latest Stable Version
 Download ATutor 2.1.1 ATutor 2.1.1 Download ! (7.7 MB TGZ)

Latest Development Distribution

This is the latest ATutor development version, available for testing and curiosity purposes. Though relatively stable, this preview release should not be used for production systems, but rather for testing and feedback prior to the stable release coming soon. For a list of new features in this release, see the ATutor ChangeLog

Latest Development Version
 Download ATutor 2.2 ATutor 2.2-RC2 Download (August 19, 2014)! (8.9 MB TGZ)

Nightly Builds

Nightly builds are created directly from the code repository and are made available for testing and curiousity purposes only. We make three days' worth of builds available in case the latest one isn't in a usable state.

Learning Content

Sample content is available for testing, learning about the ATutor content packaging feature, and learning about the SCORM Run Time Environment, through the Learning Content section. The old ATutor HowTo course is available as sample content packages that can be imported into ATutor. There are also links to many learning object repositories, which can be used to find other types of learning content.

Sample Content Packages
ATutor HowTo Content Packages!
Sample SCOs
ISN Provided SCOs!
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ATutor Feature Modules

Various addon modules are available to add extra functionality to ATutor. See the Addon Modules.

ATutor Modules
Addon Modules!

Language Packs

Language packs are made available as they are completed for each stable release of ATutor. The administrator may import and modify language packs. Additional information and the language packs themselves are available on the Translation Site.

Latest Languages
Translation Site!

System Software

Various platform specific bundles of Apache, MySQL, PHP, phpMyAdmin, etc. are available to quickly setup the system software required to run ATutor.

System Software
EasyPHP for Windows! (18.5 MB exe)

System Software
XAMPP (for all platforms) !

System Software
MAMP (for Macs) !