ATutor translation is a community effort. If you would like to help translate ATutor you should create a MyATutor account and then sign-in to request a translator account, though registration is optional. Be sure to read through Things You Should Know Before Translating before you begin translating. For older language packs, see the Language Packs Archive.

Language Packs

As an ATutor Administrator use the Language Manager to import language packs directly from or by uploading a pack downloaded from this page.

Now Translating ATutor 2.2
The following languages are currently being translated:

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ATutor 2.2 Language Packs
 * English - UTF-8 (77 KB)
ATutor 2.1.1 Language Packs
ATutor 2.1 Language Packs
ATutor 2.0.2 Language Packs
ATutor 2.0.1 Language Packs
ATutor 2.0 Language Packs
ATutor 1.6.4 Language Packs
ATutor 1.6.3 Language Packs
ATutor 1.6.2 Language Packs