10 Simple Classroom Projects to Encourage Creativity

As a teacher, guiding students to excel isn’t just about lessons and exams. It’s about helping them develop skills that go beyond academics. Skills like managing time, solving conflicts, handling projects, and communicating effectively are crucial. Among these, creativity stands out—it’s not just about art but also about thinking innovatively in various areas like science and everyday life.

But how do we nurture creativity in students? As an educator, how do you inspire them to be more creative? Encouraging creativity in the classroom might seem tough, but 10 simple projects can help. These projects pave the way for students to explore their creative side, making learning more engaging and fun.

1. Story Starters Jar 

One of the school innovation ideas you can put into practice is creating a story starter jar. Encouraging creativity can be done differently, especially as there are many facets of this soft skill. Creating stories out of the blue can be a way to flourish creativity for students. They might have lots of ideas but do not know where to start. So, you can have a jar with story prompts or sentence starters. Students would have to pick one and continue the story creatively. 

If you want to use technology to your advantage, you can install an app or just create some notes on your macbook. This way, you would use less paper and use school resources efficiently. However, you have to make sure your macbook will not be crashing during the exercise. This would prevent you from doing this game with students. But not all things are in our control and if macbook keeps crashing, you should look for a solution online. Why does my mac keep crashing? This would run to your head. And even though you do not find a solution online to solve the macbook crashing, you can still make the story starters jar and do not give up this game. There is a solution for everything, including for the macbook pro keeps crashing. 

2. DIY Comic Strips 

One of the most fascinating creatives ideas and tutorials is DIY Comic Strips. All you have to do is provide templates or blank sheets for comic strips and let students create their own stories. You can guide them in creating their characters and dialogues in the form of comics. 

3. Collage Creation 

Another way to encourage the creativity development of students is to play with everything. You can give them magazines, newspapers, and art supplies to create collages based on a given theme or free-form ideas. 

Additionally, embracing technology can spearhead creativity in digital mediums. Introducing an online collage project, where students utilize an easy-to-use free online photo editor, allows them to merge technology and art seamlessly. They can explore themes, patterns, and storytelling through the combination of their own photos and a vast library of graphic elements.

4. Found Object Sculptures

Creativity can be encouraged in all forms. And this is an effective way to do it. You can ask students to bring some objects from home and then ask them to create sculptures using these objects. 

5. Creative Writing Prompts 

Besides the Story Starters Jar, you can similarly encourage their creativity, only changing the approach. For example, you can give them some creative writing prompts, and provide a list of thought-provoking themes and ideas. You can also only give them some images and ask them to write short stories, poems, or descriptive paragraphs based on the prompt they have chosen. 

6. Classroom Mural 

This is a project that many students usually love. You can allocate a portion of the classroom wall as a canvas. Allow students to collaborate and work together to create a mural representing a chosen topic, concept, or book. 

7. STEM/STEAM Projects

Students can apply creativity not only to create something, like an object of art but to find solutions to problems. STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) projects encourage students to apply their creativity to design something innovative. 

8. Design Thinking Challenges 

What better way to encourage students to think creatively than by presenting them with design challenges? These challenges would encourage them to brainstorm, prototype, and create design solutions to real-life problems. 

9. Poetry Jam 

The universe of the spoken word has developed a lot in the past couple of years. You can thus organize a poetry jam where students can write and perform their own poems. This encourages self-expression and creativity through spoken word. 

10. Upcycling Crafts 

We have to protect the environment as this planet is the only home we have. We can do this by taking on upcycling craft projects that also encourage creativity. Repurposing and upcycling materials into new and useful objects or art pieces is another simple classroom project that hones creativity. 

As an educator, your role is to support students in their development. Creativity is a valuable asset and, contrary to popular opinion, it can be developed. These 10 classroom projects encourage it. They can be adjusted depending on the age of students or available resources. They are designed to foster imagination and allow students to express themselves in various ways. 

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