ACollab-PWD Installation

ACollab Installer is Available! The installation instructions below are obsolete with the introduction of the ACollab Installer available in versions 1.1 and later.

Linux/Unix Installation

See the system requirements before attempting to install ACollab

  1. Unpack the ACollab distribution in a php enabled web directory
    tar czvf ACollab-x.x.tar.gz
    This will create a directory called ACollab containing all the source code. Paths mentioned in the installation instructions are all relative to this directory.
  2. Create the ACollab database
    mysqladmin -u user -p create acollab
    Have your ISP administrator do this for you if your account does not have this privilege. The name of the database should be the same as the one your define in step 7 below.
  3. Move into the database include directory
    cd ACollab/include/db
  4. Import the ACollab sql schema into the database created above
    mysql -u mysqluser -p acollab < acollab_schema.sql
    replace "mysqluser" with your mysql username
  5. Move into the chat directory
    cd ACollab/chat
  6. Set the permissions on the chat directories and admin settings to writable
    chmod a+rwx msgs
    chmod a+rwx users
    chmod a+rwx tran
    chmod a+rwx admin.settings
  7. Edit the config file to suit you system (any plain text editor can be used in place of vi)
    vi ACollab/include/
  8. Make the uploads directory writable
    chown -R nobody:nobody ACollab/uploads (more secure, often requires root access) or
    chmod a+rwx ACollab/uploads (less secure, for ISP hosted users)
  9. Move the uploads directory to the place defined in the file UPLOAD_DIR somewhere outside your Web directory tree. One directory above your web root directory is recommended.
    mv ACollab/uploads ../ ("../" means the directory above the ACollab installation directory)
  10. Login as the system administrator and create a new house/group
    In your Web browser open
    login : superadmin
    password : superadmin
  11. Login as a house administrator
    login : houseadmin
    password : houseadmin

Windows Installation

ACollab has not been thoroughly tested on a Windows machine. droreyal has successfuly installed ACollab on win2000