I recently purchased the Bellroy Transit (28L) Backpack for my brother, who commutes every weekend between home and college. He complained about carrying multiple bags and backpacks with laptops, clothing, and shoes, so he needed something to fit it all.

He has been using his new Bellroy backpack now for quite a while, and since he does not seem to complain anymore, I asked him to give me an honest review on my birthday present to him.

So he came over to my house on a Friday night (with his Bellroy backpack), and one thing I noticed straight away was that the backpack looked overstuffed.

While making dinner, he sat down and tried to remove his laptop from the bag without emptying his clothing. Well, that looked quite messy too. The pocket layouts did not lend themselves, so he could not fit his valet incorrectly, and it fell out when he removed his laptop. He did not even notice that.

After all, I wanted to know how much he could fit in this backpack, and as it turned out, it is 28L spot on. So, it was not the backpack, which made it all a bit difficult. It was my brother who overstuffed it.

About the Bellroy Transit Backpack

I was interested in his thoughts and experiences with the backpack. The first thing he mentioned about the backpack was how impressed he was with the quality. The material and zippers are top. And that came from my brother, who never cared about good brands, neither good quality. Then he talked about what a good idea it is to use recycled plastic as the fabric. He also liked the minimalist look of it. Nothing hangs out, nothing sacks, and the back panel is well padded.


The second point I was interested in was how well he could organize all his things in this backpack. He usually carries a laptop, headphones, sunglasses, clothing, books, and more with him.

This backpack comes with a laptop compartment, sunglasses pocket, two sides, a front pocket, and a few little extras like a pen holder and a key ring.

What he packed

So I asked him to empty his backpack, and I was amazed, how much was in there:

  • Four underwear
  • One jeans
  • 3 T/Shirts
  • 1 Hoodie
  • Four pairs of socks
  • One pair of runners
  • One laptop
  • Two books
  • pencil case
  • laptop charger
  • One water bottle
  • sunglasses
  • Lunch box

How the hell did he pack all of this in there? He organized the two things: his laptop in the laptop compartment and his headphones in the accessory pocket. And also, his water bottle was packed in the side pocket.

The rest he squished in.

When I asked him whether he may have overstuffed it, he looked at me with big eyes and said that this was the most organized backpack he has ever had. He found it extremely comfortable to carry, and he used to complain a lot about heavy and uncomfortable laptop bags.

After all, I bought one for myself, and I agree with the comfort. I am the total opposite of my brother, and I love packing every item into its place, using all little pockets, keyrings, and all extras that this backpack has to offer.

Our thoughts

Choosing the right bag or backpack is important for your health and look. We both agreed on the facts, how comfortable it is, how good it feels on your back, and how professional it makes you look. The quality is top, and the zippers will last forever, even you overpack your backpack like my brother.

And apart from all this, this one Bellroy Transit Backpack is made out of 19 recycled plastic bottles, and we love to be part of making the world a better place and re-use what would end up in our landfills otherwise.