A light filter filters the harsh fluorescent lights to make it easier for students to focus in the classroom. If you can’t have natural light, you can help reduce the harsh glare by installing a filter. These fluorescent light filter products go directly over existing light fixtures, are made of flame retardant material, and are easy to install. Schools often use fluorescent lighting because it is fast, cheap, and easy to install.

Still, recent studies suggest that this type of lighting may negatively impact students and lead to poor learning performance – not to mention the impact it can have on teaching. LED lights can be expensive, but don’t worry.

You don’t have to install new LED lights to fix this problem. We found the best classroom light filters that fit over full light fixtures.h They will help mediate some artificial light and promote a positive learning environment.

We have put together a list of the five best light filters that reduce glare. At the end of this article, you will find a buyer’s guide and a list of FAQs. Let’s begin with a shortlist of our favorite products:

The 5 Best Classroom Light Filters at a Glance

  1. Our Top Choice: Educational Insights Fluorescent Light Filters 4-Pack
  2. Best Value: The GlareShade Fluorescent Light Filter
  3. Fun Design: ShadeMAGIC Fluorescent Light Covers
  4. Calming Design: Fluorescent Light Filters
  5. Off-White: Off-white Light Filter Cozy Covers Fluorescent Light Covers

Overall, no matter which light filter you choose, you will make a great decision. Bad light can negatively impact, so these light filters will help mitigate some of the negative effects on learning while bringing a new type of light and feel to your classroom. They will bring new energy to your classroom, one that you will feel during your day-to-day life and that will positively impact your students’ performance.

How to Install the Classroom Light Filters

Installing light filters is an easy experience. All you need to do to install is grab a ladder and position it under the light you would like to cover. Step on the ladder and place the filter over the light. The sewn-in magnets will stick to the light fixture. All panels should fit over full standard ceiling lights, which reduces the high light transmission for a more positive classroom environment for all, including the teacher, the children, and everyone in the school! You can not use these light filters on the LED light, so make sure to install them.

Best Classroom Light Filters in 2022 Reviewed

1. Top Choice: Educational Insights Classroom Light Filters 4-Pack

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The original light filter on the market is a best seller for a reason. It leads the classroom light filters in benefits and has the best reviews for light filters. Educational Insights Fluorescent Light Filters are one of the first light filters on the market. The classroom light filters come in a four-pack, and you can choose from tranquil blue or whisper white. Each sets a different tone in your classroom, but the light filters lessen the harshness from the fluorescent lights, creating a more calming environment, no matter where you are. Some of the light filters’ key features are that the filters stop glare and flickering that can cause eyestrain, tension, anxiety, headaches, and more. It mainly provides relief for those with sensory difficulties.

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The Educational Insights classroom light filters are full fabric panels easy to install with little experience necessary and fit over the standard dimensions for ceiling fixtures. There are strong, with sewn-in magnets that will stick to existing standard ceiling fixtures easily and be uninstalled just was quick. They are heat resistant, flame retardant, and certified safe to use any space as it includes a certificate of conformance for flame retardancy, so be sure to save this for your records.

While there are many pros, there are some downsides to the Educational Insights full-light panels. Some customers report that there aren’t enough magnets, so the fluorescent light filters drop down, causing an untidy or unprofessional look. The blue can be dark – dimming the lighting more than you expected but still preventing glare, so be sure to be aware of how much natural sunlight or other light sources may provide additional illumination before purchasing. Indirect sunlight may impact how bright classrooms can be.

The Educational Insights classroom light filters are highly rated and one of Amazon’s choices regarding light filters for fluorescent lights. Overall, it is a good choice for your classroom, office, or home that will help stop glare to prevent headaches and migraines, creating the ideal atmosphere for reading, learning, and more.

2. Best Value: GlareShade Fluorescent Light Filter Diffuser Covers

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The quantity to price ratio makes this a great choice for classroom light filters for those on a budget. Similar benefits as other light filters, including stopping glare, while being a better value for your money. The GlareShade Fluorescent Light Filter is highly reviewed on Amazon and comes in 2, 5, and 10 packs, depending on your classroom size. The filters have 10 strong magnets to ensure a great fit on all standard fluorescent lights (2ft x 4ft dimensions) and are easy to install with no experience needed. The classroom light filters come in blue color and off-white color, letting you choose the tone you wish to set in your classroom atmosphere.

The light covers are made of a flame retardant material to meet fire safety standards. Each package includes a safety certificate to back up their claim, so be sure to save it. This material is washable, so you can pop the full fluorescent light covers in the wash when they are getting a little dusty for a fresh filter free of dust and allergens.

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These classroom filters come in bigger packs, making them a better value than others. Too, if you aren’t comfortable with how these light filters reduce glare and flickering in your classrooms, there is a 100% money-back guarantee on the product, so there is little risk to try.

Overall, these filters are the best value for the quantity you get in each package. The choice of blue and cream color helps you choose the type and color of fluorescent light filters for your classrooms to stop glare. They are good light filters, with hundreds of 5 stars, 4 stars, and more reviews backing it up.

3. Best Fun Design: ShadeMAGIC Fluorescent Light Covers

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If you can’t be under the natural light, being under the blue sky and clouds is the next best thing. These light covers are fun and beneficial. ShadeMAGIC Fluorescent Light Covers come in a 2-pack or a 4-pack. The classroom light filters feature cloud images that enhance the filter, reduce the harsh glare, and add a fun flair to your classroom for everyone to enjoy. It simulates being outside under the sunlight, so if you can’t be teaching under the sun, at least you can be under the color and the light of the clouds!

The ShadeMAGIC Fluorescent Light Covers’ full dimensions are 4 feet by 2 feet and are made of flame retardant polyester material that makes the filters durable and long-lasting. It includes 10 high-strength magnets to connect to your fixtures with ease. All you need to do is grab a ladder and attach it to the outer edge of any standard-size fluorescent light.

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When you first take the covers out of the package, they may contain wrinkles. They are heat resistant, so you can iron them to straighten the light filter before hanging. What sets this apart from other similar covers is that it features 10 magnets, while others only include six. This means that with more magnets, it will sit more flush to the light, meaning it won’t sag and will look more professional while stopping glare.

Overall, the ShadeMAGIC Fluorescent Light Cover is a fun alternative to other light filters and will give you similar benefits – it reduces glare to prevent headaches, migraines, anxiety, eyestrain, and more. With the fun cloud images, the natural sky is literally the limit with these filters – all you need is the sunlight!

4. Best Calming Design: Educational Insights Fluorescent Light Filters

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Another great heat-resistant product by Educational Insights. The raindrop-like design and color of these fluorescent light filters create a serene environment in your classroom for your children, taking down glare and providing other benefits similar to other classroom light filters on this list. You can’t go wrong. The Fluorescent Light Filters are another great option by Educational Insights. The full light panels are standard dimensions, 2 feet by 4 feet ( 48 x 24 inches), and the tranquil blue has a subtle pattern – almost like raindrops – to help create an atmosphere of serenity without the glare that you can enjoy in your classroom.

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Much like the original, the full fabric panels fit over standard ceiling lights and stop glare. They are heat-resistant and use magnets that you can easily install by sticking over the lighting. These are only good for fluorescent light bulbs and not LED lighting, so make sure you are using these on the right type of light panels. You will see a difference in your teaching under these patterned filters and enjoy greater concentration when reading, less strain on your eyes, and fewer headaches and migraines because of the less harsh light transmission.

Because of the blue filter, these light covers do darken the classroom in addition to the less light output. They are less natural in appearance. Customers report they are easy to put up and make a huge difference in their students’ behavior with the strong glare, making this a great alternative for those classrooms and teachers who use fluorescent lighting.

5. Best Off-White Light Filter Cozy Covers Fluorescent Light Covers

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The off-white fluorescent light covers take down the glare to prevent migraines, headaches, and other health conditions associated with fluorescent lights. It is easy to install with no experience needed to provide a more natural and less artificial look for your children. The Cozy Covers Fluorescent Light Covers help soften the light in classrooms in a calm, off-white tone. These classroom light filters come in a four-pack, with 48 x 24-inch dimensions, meaning they fit over full standard fixtures and are easy to install – who has time to mess with complex setups high above the floor! The fluorescent light filters connect using 10 strong magnets and fit snugly against the current light, eliminating harsh lighting by distributing fewer light rays and stopping glare.

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The light filters are easy to cut to size if you need to fit a different size light, though you would have to reattach the magnets. They are resistant to heat and cover the NFPA 701 requirement. The fluorescent light filters have many of the same benefits as the other filters on the list. It prevents light glare, prevents headaches and migraines, and helps simulate natural, less processed lighting. Customers, including many teachers, report being happy with their performance and that of the children in their class since they install these fluorescent light filters.

Because the classroom filters are easy to install for every teacher, they provide less harsh light and come in two color options; they are one of the best lightings covers out there. The light filter is great at preventing glare and promoting a great learning environment for children.

Buyer’s Guide for Fluorescent Light Covers

When you are looking to buy a light filter, there are some features that you should keep in mind. Not all filters are created equally, but the right classroom light filters can make all the difference in your school and your classroom and foster a more natural lighting type. This includes helping reduce headaches and migraines by preventing glare, saving your eyes from strain and dryness, and increasing attention span in children, among other benefits that light covers bring to the table. Here are a few things to keep in mind when considering what light covers to purchase. There are many on the market, and following this buying guide can provide fewer options from the beginning, and you will purchase the best fluorescent light covers for your needs.

What Type of Lights

These light covers do not work on LED lighting, so make sure that you know what type of lighting you have in your classroom. You can do so by asking if you have LED lighting or if you have fluorescent lighting. Or you can check if the light bulb says LED. Just be careful if checking directly – they may be hot, or you may get something in your eye as you remove the light covers.

How it Fastens

This can make a huge difference in your classrooms. The more magnets, the tighter it will sit against the light fixture. This will impact how much it dims the bright lighting, as well as how it looks. A tighter fit will look more professional in your space and cause fewer distractions, completing its purpose!

The Color

Do you want a blue lighting look in your classroom or a dimmer whiter lighting look? Something that mirrors natural light? Or do you prefer more fun options? How will it reduce glare? These are all things you need to consider but start with the color. They provide a different ambiance in the school, so you will need to decide based on your preference.

The Design

The fluorescent light filters come in a solid color, but they also have design options. What tone do you want to set in your classroom? Natural? More fun? The solid colors are purposeful, but the fun designs add a little flair to your classroom. They both may reduce glare, but they may also be distracting.

Material Used

The material can have a huge impact on the light filter. Is it plastic? Polyester? Micro-fiber? Many different fabric types can be used in classroom light filters, impacting the filter color, natural appearance, glare reduction, health benefits (like reducing migraines), and more. It can also impact if it will be up to building code.

Flame Retardant

If you are using the fluorescent light covers in a classroom or office, they need to be fire resistant to be compliant with the fire code. This is a must as the fabric is pressed directly against the full light panels when you install, and the bulbs and fluorescent light fixtures can get hot. If they are not resistant to heat and cannot prove it with the panel package certificate, you will be asked to take them down by the fire marshal during fire drills, another teacher, or by other people in power. These filters do not work on and should not be used with LED lighting.


You will want to make sure that the classroom light filters have the features you want when choosing. They should reduce harsh glare on the eyes, prevent headaches and migraines, and more. They should be easy to install and not take a lot of time. The fluorescent light filters should also be the right color, dimming the light enough to take away the harsh fluorescent light and mimicking sunlight’s effects. These are all important things the light filter should do – it’s more than that just sticking a piece of fabric over a light!

Frequently Asked Questions

You may still have questions about why fluorescent lighting is bad for you and the wrong type and color lighting can cause your children. Natural light may not always be possible, but there are ways to get around it, including setting up a light cover. Below are some questions and answers that may help you make up your mind and foster a great installation experience for the filters to recreate a natural experience. There are many filters to choose from, including different colors, and you will see the difference it will have, not just on your classrooms’ performance but also your performance both at work and home.

What Impact does Lighting Make?

For decades, researchers have been studying the impact of lighting on performance. Time after time, children exposed to lighting that mirrors sunlights experience less stress and anxiety and improved behavior, health, attendance, and overall academic performance. Filters in a classroom also prevent glare and flickering.

What Are Some Common Issues that Develop After too Much Exposure to Fluorescent Lights?

There are impacts on your physical and mental well-being and overall experience when exposed to too many fluorescent lights without any filters in the classroom. You may find yourself getting more headaches, including migraines, cluster headaches, and tension headaches. Your eyes may face increased light sensitivity, causing your eyes to be tired, dry, or sore – or at worse, causing degeneration. Your skin may also be damaged based on the coating on the light akin to UV damage.

Mentally, it may increase your stress levels because fluorescent lighting can inhibit natural cortisol production, impacting how your body deals with common stressors – for the worse. It can disrupt your sleep cycle, causing you to be overtired. Prolonged exposure can also reduce your ability to concentrate and focus, causing you to be easily distractible, irritable, and more.

Why Should Teachers Use Fluorescent Light Filters in Their Classroom?

Light covers are a great way to simulate sunlight, reducing the harsh glare and flickering from fluorescent light fixtures. This will allow your classroom to be more inviting and create better lighting and the best experience for your class children. Not only does it improve your attention span, but it also reduces headaches, migraines, saves your eyes, and has other positive effects. These claims have been backed up by scientific research, so while fluorescent lights are fast, cheap, and easy to install, it’s not the most beneficial lighting for children in classrooms.