Best Desks for College Students 2020

July 18, 2019

Best Desks for College Students 2020


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As a college student, a work station should be the centerpiece of your room or apartment. The best and most effective reading can only happen in a dedicated workplace, and to complete it, you need a desk or table that fulfills your needs and preferences. It could imply a simple location to place your laptop and documents or a fully functioning workstation with drawers to store your files and enough space to place desktop monitors. Regardless of your needs and preferences, one is for sure. A desk is a piece of furniture at that you will be spending a lot of time.

The problem is, with so many options to choose from, it can be a daunting and intimidating task to make an informed decision. Luckily for you, this definitive guide and review brings together 12 of the best desks for college students and also advice on how to make a choice. With such a wide selection, rest assured that you will find a desk that works for you.

Best Standing Desks for College Students at a glance

  1. Haotian FWT18-W Drop-Leaf Table Desk
  2. VIVO Black Height Adjustable 32 inch Standing Desk Converter
  3. Laptop Table Stand Adjustable Riser
  4. Our Top Pick: Vari Electric Standing Desk 60 – Sit to Stand Desk
  5. SDADI Adjustable Height Standing Desk
  6. Allstand by Readydesk

Best Desks for College Students at a glance

  1. Coavas Foldable Computer Desk in Wood
  2. Zinus College Desk
  3. Our Top Pick: SHW Home Office Large Computer Desk
  4. GreenForest L Shaped Desk
  5. SHW Corner Desk SHW
  6. Monarch Specialties Hollow Corner Desk with Core

Let’s start with our review of the first Top 6 standing desks for college students, followed by our top 6 seating desks.

Top 6 standing desks for college students 2020

Haotian FWT18-W, Drop-Leaf Table Desk, Computer Desk with Storage Shelves

This great-looking sturdy mount wall desk takes only a little space and is perfect for a small college room. It comes with one large top shelve, side shelves and three drawers. There is enough space for books and other items.


VIVO Black Height Adjustable 32 inch Standing Desk Converter | Sit Stand Dual

Ideal, if you don’t have much space in your room or on your desk, plus, it looks smart.

But what we like the most on this VIVO is the high quality, enough space for two monitors, mouse and keyboard, and that you can transition between sitting and standing. A big benefit for storing and provides numerous health benefits for the body, such as increased blood flow and reduced aches and pains. This standing desk desktop can hold multiple monitors or laptop and monitor combinations. It comes with a pneumatic spring lift that allows height adjustment. The keyboard tray is removable using the provided hex tool.

Laptop Table Stand Adjustable Riser: Portable with Mouse Pad Fully Ergonomic

This laptop table is perfect for my laptop, which overheats quickly. It helps reduce the operating temperature of a laptop and allows airflow around it. Since I have been using it, my computer fan is much quieter. It works through an active cooling method that distributes air evenly under the base of your laptop.

A big benefit is the adjustable legs of the table. You can either study while sitting or standing or change it up during the day. The joints are rotatable 360 degrees. It can hold things in a variety of configurations.

It is so small and light that you can pack in into your backpack and take it with you.

And the best, on a lazy Sunday morning, it can be used as a perfect breakfast tray.

Vari Electric Standing Desk 60 – Sit to Stand Desk – 3 Button Memory Settings

This electric standing desk from Vari is easy do put together, and it comes with a branded rubber mallets which helps with assembly. Separately to this, it comes with compartments to hold cables, ties, and even a rubber coaster.
We are impressed with how stable it is due to the cross beam design. Moving the height on this desk is fast and smooth.


  • Continuous height settings from 25.5” (64.5 cm) to 50.5” high (128 cm)
  • 3 programmable memory settings
  • Spacious 60” (152.5 cm) (W) x 30” (76 cm) (D) desktop
  • Holds up to 250 lb (113.4 kg)
  • Cable management tray included

This desk is great value for a fully electric standing desk and not only for commercial use.

SDADI Adjustable Height Standing Desk with Swinging Footrest Optional for Standing and Seating

It is the perfect desk for students who are working on their desk all day long. With its noiseless footrest, you can relax your foot or burn extra energy. The height of the sides are adjustable, and you can position the angle. It goes high enough for me, and I am 6 feet tall, but it also works while sitting. To avoid material from sliding off,  it comes with a strip.

It comes with an extra board for more storage. The desk is sturdy and rolls easily on carpet and solid surface with scratching it.

Allstand by Readydesk – Universal Laptop Standing Desk

If you like the idea of having a standing desk, but you don’t have much space and money, this universal standing is for you. It is portable and easy to be stored away and lightweight (easy to move from school, university, or college to home). You can even use it as a bed tray/desk. You can turn every little corner now into your office. But for whatever you decide to use it, your back will you most. It will keep you in a comfortable posture that protects your back.

Top 6 desks for college students

Coavas Foldable Computer Desk in Wood

Clean lines, robust design, and foldable functionality! These three elements from Coavas will introduce you to a new way of using a study desk. I mean, its time to say goodbye to cumbersome, heavy surfaces that deteriorate over time. With this foldable Desk from Coavas, you can now move, store and transport it easily without sacrificing the stability or a large surface. With its natural design and wood texture, this desk opens a portal for you into the world classic tables that express themselves with their unrivaled character and blend into your interior seamlessly.

Besides this, it features an exceptional design for hassle-free use. It can be easily stowed in a corner or under the bed to free up space when not in use. This feature is convenient when you don’t have enough space to have a dedicated study area when moving or cleaning your room. If you are worried about your table being eaten away by water, keep your worries at bay if you decide to go with this table. It is waterproof and robust MDF, which is not only durable and strong but also resistant to deformations and has an elegant texture.

Its multi-function capabilities will also relieve you of the financial burden of having to buy several tables. Use the table as a study desk, worktop, computer desk, game table, laptop desk, picnic table, folding furniture, and buffet desk. Moreover, you can put the table in your bedroom, living room, children’s room, game room, secretary’s office, and business offices. Which means it can be mounted and disassembled very easily and effortlessly. This feature also allows you to move it anywhere and use the desk for other purposes besides studying.

Zinus College Desk / Computer Table, White

This table is sturdy and comes with a one year warranty. Use it as a college desk or dining table. This college desk is ideal for a small room in that you have only space for one table.

SHW Home Office Large Computer Desk

The desk was the essential thing in a college student room, and this one does not disappoint. It has a very long desk board and lots of legroom. The quality is excellent, but the table itself is quite heavy.

Once it is set up, and on its place, the weight comes in quite handy as the desk does not shake when you use a printer. It even comes with adjustable leg glides, which makes the desks stay level on any kind of surface.

I love the beautiful work surface, which is comes in an Oak color with white steel frames.

GreenForest L Shaped Desk, Corner Computer Gaming Desk with Moveable Shelf.

My favorite, if you need more space, have multiple screens and like to have your stuff organized. This desk in an L-round shape is ideal for you if you have different study activities. This minimalist design and decoration in simple black lines, it will accentuate your study space and give it a special atmosphere that will ultimately improve your concentration levels. Its metal legs are gracefully curved while its L-shaped corner is rounded for extra freedom when positioning your desk in a corner or the middle of your room.

If you are not the handyman type, you will be pleased to learn that it is straightforward to assemble this desk. No professional tools are necessary for the whole assembly process, plus the package comes with all the required screws as well as a detailed installation manual.

Besides the surface being water and wear-resistant, it is equipped with a steel frame for support, allowing you to support a large load on the body. The ergonomic and contemporary round L-shape design makes it easy for the table to adapt to your room or home space.

The large top surface and wide monitor shelf are ideal for all of the study needs, and there is also ample space under the desk to give you a comfortable sitting position. And it is not just designed for your study needs. Thanks to its round L shape, this model is ideal as a computer desk, office table, gaming, for school homework, or research work.

SHW Corner Desk SHW

Anyone living in a small apartment, office, or dorm will appreciate this SHW L-shaped desk. This Particleboard Desk, which is 51 inches long on both sides, provides a good surface for your computer and documents without taking up too much space. For support, it has a sturdy steel frame with a powder-coated finish. A footrest bar provides optimal comfort during your long work sessions. Colors include Nut, Black, and Nickel Silver.

This office is also very portable: it weighs only 32 pounds in all. Because of its small size, it can not support more than 25 kilos. But if you just need it for your papers and your laptop, it should not be too limiting.

Monarch Specialties Hollow Corner Desk with Core

If you have lots of documents or study tools and are looking for a desk with decent storage space, you should have a look at this model. I mean, the storage space in this desk goes beyond mediocre cabinets, which you stuff your documents at random. The wood veneer desk has an elegant design and layout that allows you to organize all of your items efficiently. It includes two medium storage drawers and a big file drawer. The opposite side of the desk is hollow and consists of two extended shelves parallel to the chair’s location and three shorter shelves in front of you. With plenty of space to organize your business, you can order your work as you wish.

In addition to its functionality, this corner desk has a sleek and modern design that will surely complete your study station. It measures 47.25 and 60 inches, which is a reasonable workspace for any student. You can select between a dark or white taupe finish. Both versions have silver feet and handle with a clean and stylish look.

College Desk Organisation

A bed is not a place to learn; therefore, exclude this option right away and opt for a desk or workstation that suit your study needs. For me, it is essential to keep my desk clean and organized. If my desk is tidy, so is my brain and my concentration too.

Drawer Decluttering

The way I keep my drawers tidy is simple. I use storage bins with several different compartments. This way, I can separate my pens, highlighters, sticky notes, paper clips, and all other little things that usually fly around on my desk.

Hang Everything

Everything which is not on your desk, can not make your desk messy. So why not hanging everything to organize your college desk? Free up desk space and hang file baskets, documents, pen cup. You will notice how much more room you will have to study.

Avoid Distractions

I usually take a break every hour. To not distract myself from studying thoroughly,  I often stay at my desk, close my eyes, watch a short clip on YouTube, or meditate while sitting on my chair. By staying at my desk, I avoid the chance to distract myself entirely from my work. I tried it before and went out for a walk, cooked a meal, called a friend. I found it very hard to get back into the studying mood.

Find the Perfect College Desk

To find the perfect desk for your study space as well as other furniture for your college apartment, turn to CORT Furniture Rental. Get what you need conveniently delivered at the start of the semester and picked up right before summer vacation to make moving a breeze.

Select a Good Study Desk

And it all begins with getting a good desk and a chair. A should be comfortable, but not to such an extent that you can shut down and fall asleep easily. Therefore, correctly select the height of the table. When you sit, the table cover should be between your waist and chest, so that you can freely put your elbows on the table without hunching. And your feet should be entirely on the floor or a footrest.

After establishing the right height for your table, get a comfortable chair that is compatible with the height of your furniture. Work on a computer, the distance from the eyes to the monitor should be between 45 and 75 cm. Don’t have a chair yet? We have a definitive guide with 15 of the best chairs you will find in the market as a college student.

Provide Adequate Lighting

Insufficient workplace lighting will not only make you nod off but also cause eye strain, which is terrible for your health and the entire learning process. Harsh light, such as fluorescent lights, is also harmful to the eyes. Therefore, use a desk lamp, aimed directly at the workplace, a chandelier, or another luminaire to illuminate the room as a whole.

If you can read in natural light, it is worth taking advantage of it. However, keep in mind that, although the natural daylight from the window is invigorating, refreshing and pleasing to the eye, the window itself is often a distraction, causing the temptation to look at it and not at your study material. For that reason, draw in tulle or curtains as long as they are thin and can let light.

Ensure that your Study Materials are Always on the Table

Make sure you have everything you need on your desk so that you don’t have to waste time rummaging around the room looking for a ruler or pencils. To achieve this, keep standard reading supplies like pens, pencils, erasers, notebooks, notepaper, and markers in their designated place on a desk or in a drawer.

Keep your Desk in Order

Use the drawers on your table so that you can have the right accessories at your fingertips, and not scattered around the table. If there are few drawers in the table (or none), use boxes, trays, and other storage devices that can be put on the table or around the perimeter of the workplace, if you have educational materials on separate sheets, sort them into folders – each subject separately. Do not forget to sign the folders and notebooks and fold them so that you just get the right one every time you want to.

Get Rid of Everything that Distracts on your Table

Get rid of the mess on the table. Proper organization not only of the storage spaces but also of the learning process itself: make sure that notebooks, papers, pens, open books do not clutter the table too much while you are studying. Disorder can cause stress and fatigue and inhibit effective learning. It is general knowledge that excessive cluttering on your table is distracting. In simple, let the desk surface have only you need at the moment.

Use the desk only for Studying.

If you have the opportunity to allocate space exclusively for studying – even it will be just a corner, a niche, or a storeroom – do it. Let your presence in this place purely be associated only with your studies.

If this is not possible, make every effort to convert a place that has other functions into a study space. If it is a dining table, remove food, dishes, and everything else not associated with studying. Similarly, if the table is for gaming and hobbies, remove everything that could distract you from your studies.

Personalize your Study Desk/Station

Try to stay in a convenient place. For more silence, work in a quiet corner, in the bedroom, even in the attic, if you live in your own house. For more surrounded by sounds, sit next to a livelier place (but not directly to it).

If the room does not always serve you to study, let your family know when you are studying. You can even leave a “do not disturb” sign on the door, “learn lessons — don’t knock off without knocking!” Or “please don’t make noise.”

Use Decor for Motivation

Decorate your study desk with posters, pictures, photos that inspire you and lift your spirits. Watch them only to motivate you and not distract.

Think of What Inspires You

Family or pet photos? A poster with the car of your dreams that you hope to buy at the end of your studies? Previous control in chemistry with the “two,” which you intend to fix? In other words, decide which method of motivation suits you best. Decorating a workplace is useful since it feels “yours,” even if you are working on it temporarily (like, say, at a dinner table or in a living room). In addition to training accessories, bring some inspirational little things with you that will be easy to remove as soon as you finish.

Impact your Feelings

If you want to add color to your workplace, keep in mind that cold tones (blue, purple, green) evoke a feeling of peace and stability. Warm shades (red, yellow, orange) produce activity and sometimes worry. Therefore, if you are nervous before exams, use a cool palette for workplace decoration. If, on the contrary, you need to “stir up” yourself, choose warm colors.

Do Not Neglect other Senses

Some smells, such as lemon, lavender, jasmine, rosemary, cinnamon, and mint, can help elevate mood and improve performance. Try scented candles or essential oils (if neither you nor your family members are allergic). While the best environment for studying is a neutral background sound, rain noise, or classical music, if you don’t like them, choose just familiar music. Make a playlist of songs you’ve heard a million times; they will distract you less than a new hit that one wants to sing along.

Do Not Overdo It

Remember that the goal of the study place organization is to increase the effectiveness of your studies. If you try to arrange everything perfectly, arrange and decorate for too long, then you take away the time you could spend on your studies and thus do yourself a disservice. Instead of creating a workplace where nothing distracts you, you are distracted by the workplace itself! Therefore, remember: it is better to learn in a workplace, far from ideal than not to get in an ideal one.

Bottom Line

As we come to the end of this review and guide consisting of the best desks for college students, I hope that you already have an idea of what you are looking for. If not yet, take your time and evaluate what each desk has to offer then make a decision considering all the factors listed in this guide.

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