6 Best Document Cameras for Teachers in 2021 (new models)

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One great way to keep students interested and engaged throughout class is with a document camera for teachers. These classroom additions have been around for decades but have always been a fantastic way to keep students focused and learning as a group. With the recent upgrades and newest tech, document cameras have become a necessity for any teacher looking to end the printing of thousands of sheets of paper a year.

Document cameras are a great teaching tool to grab the focus of your students. The lesson becomes interesting and accessible to all students. Document cameras are a great tool for online classes to stream and share documents with your students.

We’ve compiled a list of our six favorite document cameras for teachers. Each camera on this list is accessible, easy to use, can be used for online teaching, and has some of the best quality seen in document cameras. We tried to keep our list diverse so that a product could cover different situations. Here are our six favorite document cameras for teachers.

The Best Document Cameras for Teachers at a Glance

  1. IPEVO V4K USB Document Camera – Our Choice
  2. iCODIS Document Camera X3
  3. iOCHOW S1 Document Camera – Most Affordable
  4. Lumens DC125 Document Camera
  5. Elmo 1379 Document Camera – Best High-End Product
  6. OKIOCAM USB Camera

The 6 Best Document Cameras for Teachers Reviewed

1. IPEVO V4K USB Document Camera

There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to adjust your document camera to capture the image of the document accurately. Focusing has always been an issue with document cameras, but no longer with the IPEVO V4K Document Camera. It easily adjusts and captures the document in no time so that learning can continue in seconds. IPEVO is one of the best document camera developers available, and their V4K model is the pinnacle of their products.

This camera comes with an 8-megapixel camera that can easily capture and produce a high image quality of the document. Your students will be able to see what’s going on, and you won’t have to worry about the temperature of the light you’re using. This camera offers full-frame, HD, live streaming so that no lag is present while in use. It’s a 15 FPS camera, which means you won’t have to deal with that annoying lag every time you write or move something.

The multi-joint system is easily adjustable to fit the needs of the lesson. No more static cameras that lag and bore students out of the lesson.

Our Review

Many customers agree that this is the perfect camera for a medium-sized classroom. It presents an image in 3264 x 2448 pixels. Larger conference rooms and college lecture halls should come equipped with their gear – they might not see the real benefit of this product.

It’s also a fantastic way to stream and share documents with your students via online classes. As most classes transition towards online learning, many teachers have noted how useful this product has proven to be for the online classroom. You can easily stream the pages to your students without lag, and the quality is still amazing.

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2. iCODIS Document Camera X3

It is a fantastic product for any teachers obsessed with tech and utilizing the latest the industry has to offer. The iCODIS Document Camera comes with all of the bells and whistles that other cameras are just now starting to implement and will be a great yet affordable product for any classroom. Sharp images are the name of the game for this camera.

This camera can create the perfect page for your students. One of the coolest features this camera has is the ability to document fix. If there’s a tear in your corner and part of the page is missing, the camera will fix it and bring the page back to life when showing the image to the students. It comes with an 8-megapixel camera and LED fill lights to produce the perfect image when transferred to the classroom projector or personal computers.

This camera can record video and real-time projecting, which makes it a fantastic camera for teaching or meetings. It’s only compatible with Windows so that any MacOS devices won’t connect to the camera. This portable camera can be brought with you from classroom to classroom and is the perfect device to get the students’ pages.

Our Review

For the most part, customers loved this product. It’s easy to transport and can reproduce a fantastic image even without any internet connection. It takes no time to create the high-resolution scans that can be reproduced on students computers or up in the front of the classroom.

Many customers claim that the device undersells itself and can scan documents far larger than the A3 size it claims. The software itself is simple to use and quite user-friendly. You might need to use a CD to install the software, which is a little outdated, but not an issue if you have a CD drive.

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3. iOCHOW S1 Document Camera

The iOCHOW S1 Document Camera is the most affordable product on our list when writing this article. It offers many of the best qualities for teachers looking for a classroom document camera. If you’re looking for a great camera that provides real-time projection for students to follow along and eliminate any lag, then this is a great camera option for you.

The 8-megapixel camera and 4 LED fill lights make this a great scanner and live image producer. It creates near perfect, lag-free images for your students to follow along with and creates the perfect learning environment in any classroom. The software is easy to use and simple to install on any Windows device. Much like the iCODIS, it can fill broken corners for a more professional look when scanned and projected.

Our Review

Most of the reviews of this product are beyond positive. People love the scanner and camera and claim that it’s the perfect device for any classroom. The images are clear and crisp, and it offers a new form of connection for teachers and students. Even over remote learning, this camera becomes pivotal as you can now send the documents to students paper-free.

Some buyers have claimed issues with the LED lights not being bright enough and producing a darker image than necessary. This document camera is not compatible with macOS, only Windows devices, which eliminates many teachers from using it.

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4. Lumens DC125 Document Camera

The flexibility of the Lumes DC125 Document Camera is something many teachers are looking for specifically. Most document cameras tend to come with rigid arms that aren’t that adjustable and lead to difficult angles and lighting problems. With the Lumens Ladibug, that’s not a problem at all as the flexible arm easily adjusts and changes angles to almost any degree you need.

On top of the flexible arm comes one of the best FPS rates we’ve seen in a document camera. With 30 FPS images, this camera provides a smooth and kind image for students to observe throughout the day. It can be quite frustrating to see a laggy image for an entire lesson, and many students might check out. The hands-free autofocus will allow you to keep teaching without worrying about keeping the picture clear. Rather than a downloaded software, this camera works via a USB port.

Our Review

Many customers rave about how well the device works and how easy it is to use. As it works via a USB port, it’s compatible with most interactive whiteboards, which allows you to combine two of the best tech found in the classroom. Installation is simple, and the quality that this little bug can produce is astonishing. Many higher-end devices struggle to produce as well as this one.

Some have mentioned issues with the software on outdated computers, so ensure that the computer you’re using is updated and compatible. Other than that, a few negative reviews of this product have been listed.

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5. Elmo 1379 Document Camera

This is the ultimate document camera, and the price accurately reflects that quality. If you’re looking for an industrial-strength camera that produces unmatched images and live, lag-free video with an optical zoom of 192 times. The Elmo 1379 Document Camera is an excellent document camera for you. Typically, these document cameras are purchased by corporations or schools for every classroom.

As long as your device has HDMI capabilities, then this camera will work for you. It has HDMI in and out access and works via USB. The RGB settings are high end and produce one of the best images you’re likely to find with a document camera. Elmo knows their teachers and has designed this model to work best with them in mind. No longer will you have to print out 20-30 pages of paper for one class. Elmo 1379 is the best document camera available but comes with a hefty price tag.

Our Review

The ease of use is one of the leading factors for teachers to purchase this document camera. It produces an incredible image that has absolutely no lag with the 30 FPS rate it offers. You can easily switch between the computer and the projector so that any students have access to the images and video at all times. The only downside is that it’s not too portable as the neck can be compromised.

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6. OKIOCAM T USB Document Camera

The OKIOCAM USB Document Camera is a high definition document camera and webcam in one. Offering ultra high definition 1440p, 30fps, autofocus, and auto exposure, this camera has a 3 axis tilt to capture from all angles. This camera has two modes, a top-down model for documents and a selfie mode for online teaching. It also has a detachable camera head that would fit on a tripod mount. It is compatible with PC, MAC, and Chrome.

Our Review

Unlike any other document cameras for teachers on this list, the OKIOCAM T is a two in one camera designed with educators in mind. In fact, it comes with dedicated education apps to help utilize Google Education, Google Drive, and Google Classroom. A downfall of this is that you must have Google Chrome to operate this webcam. To switch from top-down mode to selfie mode is so easy. It can flawlessly be done while teaching class. The document portion of the camera can shoot worksheets, books, drawing, crafts, and even 3D objects with a max shooting area of 13.7” by 18.9”. This is big enough for a textbook with both pages on the screen at once. We love that this camera is multifunctioning. As if it couldn’t get any better, it is compact and can fold up into a backpack for easy transporting. We love this document camera because of its functionality and the ultra-high definition.

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Choosing the Best Document Camera for Teaching

Document cameras are great tools for teachers to deliver an effective lesson in class or online, but choosing the best document camera for your classroom can be a difficult task. Sometimes there are constraints that you are required to meet by the board; other times, the camera isn’t good enough for your students.

One of the reasons why document cameras become more popular than the old school overhead projectors are because they are simple to use and with a minimal set-up. The most common way of using a document camera is the data projector display method. If you have a smaller group, you can also connect the camera to your laptop or computer monitor. Some classrooms have TV Screens on the wall, which can also be connected to document cameras. The only device they can not be directly connected to is an interactive board.

Each camera on our list is vastly different from the others to provide you a variety of options to choose from.

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