10 Best Dry Erase Markers

Good dry erase markers for classrooms should produce vibrant and consistent colors, making the writing easily visible to all students. They need to be non-toxic, ensuring safety in the classroom environment. The tips should be durable, capable of writing clearly without quickly fraying or drying out. It’s important for the markers to erase easily, leaving no stains or ghosting on the whiteboard. They should last a long time before needing replacement, to be cost-effective for frequent classroom use. A variety of colors is beneficial for different teaching activities and engaging presentations. Comfortable grip is also important for teachers who use them extensively. Affordability is key, considering school budgets.

I buy Expo markers because they meet all these requirements; they have bright, long-lasting ink, erase cleanly, and have a good selection of colors, making them perfect for everyday classroom use.

10 Best Dry Erase Markers Reviewed


EXPO has certainly made its name in the game of markers used in classrooms and offices throughout the United States. This brand comes in so many colors that students will enjoy the vibrant writing on the board. With the chisel tip, different variations of writing looks can be achieved! Moreover, this marker can be used on all non-porous surfaces.

Teachers and students will love that these come in many bright and vibrant colors. Chisel tip markers are the best for a certain writing look. For example, I always used these markers on my whiteboard or classroom easel to achieve different calligraphy types for questions and quotes. The only downfall to some of the colors is that they are difficult to see from the other side of the room.

2. Arteza

Don’t worry about running out of any one color because this pack of 36 markers comes with three of the twelve colors. The Arteza fine tip markers are artfully designed as whiteboard markers with a low odor and fine tip. This 100% non-toxic ink formula makes their markers the best for kids.

The Arteza dry erase markers with fine tips have a color that is bright enough to be seen easily from across the room. Certain colors, such as black, get used so often, it is nice that there are three of each color to make sure you have what you need at all times.

3. U Brands

U Brands dry erase markers surely make teacher life a little bit easier. These whiteboard markers have a medium bullet tip and come in a package of ten different colors (pink, blue, light blue, red, dark green, black, orange, light green, purple, and black). Being low odor and with a non-toxic formula, these markers are the best choice for classrooms with small children.

Use these U Brands dry erase markers on the whiteboard, glass window, or laminated papers for games and other learning activities. The lid is contoured so your marker won’t roll off the table and get lost underneath something.

The U Brands markers are a great choice for quality classroom dry erase markers. This whiteboard marker is inexpensive enough to be able to purchase several packages for the classroom. Most importantly, the colors are bold enough to see from across the class.

4. EXPO With Ink Indicator

These could be some of the best whiteboard markers on this list because of one very cool feature. The EXPO Dry Erase Markers have ab ink indicator via a little window that allows the user to see how much ink is available. These dry erase markers come in six colors and have a chisel tip. Moreover, these markers can be used on a whiteboard or any other non-porous surface and are low-odor and non-toxic.

Having a visible ink window is nice rather than shaking a marker, you’re sure you should have more ink inside! Teachers, you know what I mean. Knowing how much ink is in the marker also lets teachers prepare for having more dry erase markers before running out in the middle of a lesson.

5. AmazonBasics

These markers are surely the ones to give you the most bang for your buck. These Amazon brand markers come in a pack of twelve and all different colors. The low odor will make these markers easy to use for a whole class, and the chisel tip will allow you to write on the whiteboard easily.

Like most dry erase makers, make sure to store your markers tip down so that the ink supply does not dry up! I love all of the colors that come in this set! Black, red, blue, green, orange, pink, and so on! Plus, these colors can be seen easily from any distance within the classroom.

6. Crayola

Crayola has long been known for its bright color crayons and paints. Why should we expect anything different from its dry erase makers? The beautiful colors of the Crayola dry erase markers are unique shades that can be seen anywhere in the room. With a chisel tip, you can write varied calligraphy-type lettering on the board.

This whiteboard marker is a low odor and features an ink level indicator on the side. For the more popular colors in this package, some come in a set of two to not worry about running out of the best markers.

I really like the chisel tip dry erase markers over the bullet tip simply because I can vary how I write on the board. The colors of these truly are bright and eye-catching, which makes looking at the whiteboard fun.

7. BIC Intensity

BIC is certainly a big name in the world of dry erase marker brands, right along with side names like EXPO. This pack of 24 different colors has a rounded fine bullet tip bound to be your new favorite marker. The BIC Intensity markers are dry erase and can be used on non-porous surfaces, and you can erase them easily and swiftly.

The fine bullet tip provides great writing coverage that can be seen from across the classroom. Like other dry erase markers, they need to be stored tip down not to dry out. With no magnet on the cap, that might not be easy without a cup to store them in. These markers’ colors are bright and colorful, and students will love to write on the board with them.

8. Linkbro Magnetic

As far as utilization goes with all these whiteboard markers, it makes it one of the best dry erase markers on our list. These low odor markers by Linkbro are equipped with an eraser cap and a magnet. These are easily stored right on the whiteboard and have a fine tip for intricate writing in smaller spaces. The array of colors of these dry erase markers are bright and seen from all places in the classroom.

Because dry erase markers need to be stored tip down to ensure long time use, the fact that these markers have a magnet to store properly for optimum ink flow is great. The best colors are included in this package of markers so you can make sure your whiteboard is never boring looking.

9. EXPO Vis-A-Vis

The EXPO Vis-A-Vis Wet-Erase markers are bright and colorful and are far from the past’s transparency markers! While the name of these can be misleading, these markers can be used on whiteboards, laminated materials, and other non-porous surfaces without being wiped off by accident. These wet-erase markers can easily be cleaned with a little water and a towel.

Coming in an array of colors, these markers are equipped with a fine point tip for writing in smaller areas.

As a teacher, as much as I love to dry erase markers these wet-erase markers are awesome because they keep writing from accidentally being smudged off the board. The fine tip on these markers allows for more intricate writing on smaller surfaces that may be more difficult with a chisel tip.

10. Staedtler

The Staedtler wet-erase pens are great for the whiteboard, laminated pages, or document camera. These wet-erase markers are low odor and have fine tips for use in writing in small areas. Better yet, the full colors with these markers are best seen from anywhere in the classroom. Forget about accidentally erasing the freshly written discussion questions because this ink comes off with water and a cloth.

Another cool feature of these markers is that they can be refilled to reduce waste.

We like that these fine tip markers can be refilled easily and are high quality enough to be used for a long period. So many times I have needed a good set of fine point markers for use on laminated sheets or flashcards, and these do the trick.


Who Makes the Best Dry Erase Markers?

EXPO is the leader in its field and is probably the most commonly seen whiteboard marker in schools. On the other hand, brands like BIC and Crayola are just as commonly known and trusted not only for their markers but also for other forms of media. When looking for the right whiteboard markers for your classroom, it boils down to what qualities you want.

Some teachers may prefer a low odor marker because the smell is too much for them or their students. Maybe you would rather have a chisel tip to practice all of that Pinterest calligraphy on your classroom whiteboard. Possibly, you need a fine tip expo marker for smaller writing. Whatever you need, all those listed here give great quality marker options.

Are Dry Erase Markers the Same As Whiteboard Markers?

Dry erase markers and whiteboard markers are the same, but with some differences. For example, you can use a wet erase marker on a whiteboard like a dry erase marker. It simply depends on how long you want the writing or image to be on the board.

The markers that require water and a cloth to erase work best if you want long-lasting ink on the board. You possibly have a test review that you will be working on all week and you don’t want the material to be easily erased. Whereas dry erase markers are best used for material that you want to be able to erase quickly.

Can You Fix Dry Erase Markers?

The long and short of this question is yes, you can fix a dry erase marker. However, the fix is usually very short-lived, and you will ultimately need to purchase a new marker or set of markers in the end. Sometimes soaking the dried marker in warm water for a short period of time will allow the dried out ink to re-saturate and use the marker.

The best way to ensure you are getting all of the ink out of your markers is to make sure they are all stored tip down. This way, all of the ink flows downward as intended, and when the marker runs out, you know that it is actually out.

Are Expo Markers Good?

Personally, I think that these markers are some of the best inventions ever! The EXPO brand dry erase marker is always one of quality. Further, each EXPO brand marker that was researched has the highest ratings with thousands of verified purchasers. At this point in my teaching career, I have been in several different schools, teaching across five different grade levels, and at each school, the brand used was EXPO.

Overall, this brand can come with fine tips, wide chisel tips, low odor, and non-toxic ink. They are easy to clean with any whiteboard eraser. Teachers worldwide love to use this brand of marker, and we don’t see that changing any time soon.

Final Thoughts

You just thought it was easy to pick out a marker! As a teacher, because I am spending my own money on my classroom stuff most of the time, I typically do a bit of research on whatever I buy. Dry erase, and whiteboard markers are no exception. At the end of the day, whatever I purchase needs to serve my students and me well.

So, let’s recap on some of the important things! A low odor and non-toxic ink dry erase marker is best to use in classrooms with small children. Consider the tips of the dry erase markers you are looking at. Think about if you want the versatility a chisel tip has to offer when writing on the board. Last but not least, think about the colors!

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