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Best Reusable Cloth Face Masks for Teachers

Although most mask mandates have disappeared, some school districts recommend teachers, staff, and students wear masks for this school year. The idea behind this policy is to keep everyone safe and healthy.

The face masks we reviewed are non-medical, reusable, and comfortable. We were looking for masks that look friendly and stylish.

Best Face Mask for Teachers at a Glance

Silicone 3D Mask Bracket for Wearing a Mask (Upgraded 3D Mask Bracket)

  1. Best for Elementary School TeachersCrayola Face Mask
  2. Clear Face MaskFace Mask With Clear Window
  3. Most Basic  – EnerPlex Cloth Face Mask
  4. Our Favorite – Must Crayons NY Reusable & Washable
  5. With Air Port for Carbon FilterAECKS 3-Layer Reusable Cotton Mask
  6. Best ValueKOSIMI Reusable Cotton Masks
  7. Best for Large HeadsWITHMOONS Cloth Face Mask

With this list, we found masks reusable to help reduce environmental waste caused by disposable face masks. We hope you find a cover on this list that gets the job done so you can go back to school safely.

Top 7 Best Face Masks for Teachers Reviewed

0. Silicone 3D Mask Bracket – Creating More Space for Breathing

3D Silicone Bracket for Face Mask

In addition to a face mask, we highly recommend using a 3D Mask Bracket. An important part of every teacher’s job is to talk all day in the classroom. This may be a bit more difficult under a face mask as they sit very close to the mouth and nose.

A 3D bracket provides more space for breathing between the mask and mouth for less heat. The bracket creates more breathing space by holding up the mask fabric around the mouth and nose and avoids sweat going into the face mask. You can wash and reuse the bracket many times.

1. Crayola Face Mask

Crayola Face Mask

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This is one of the best face masks for teachers who work in elementary school.

A mask is guaranteed not to scare the students in the classroom; this Crayola face mask is familiar and comforting. Crayola Crayons are such a symbol of teaching and teachers, and it only makes sense to design a mask that resembles these symbols. With the Crayola stripe, these masks are unique and have a secure fit. With an adjustable fit, these masks are non-medical, washable, and have a dual-layer.

When I tried on this mask for the first time, I was surprised by how comfortable it was. My head is quite big but with the adjustable fit and a 5″ ear strap, I think this mask would fit many heads and face shapes. I really like the adjustable wire nose wire that enhances the secure fit.

These masks come in a package of five. They are perfect for teachers, not just because of the print but also because there are five of them, one for each week. A mesh laundry bag and calendar card come with the masks. The reusable covers can be tossed in the laundry bag and then washed. Another convenience of these masks is the built-in name tag that helps keep them personal. These masks fit 12+, but Crayola also has kid sizes that will fit kids 3-11.

2. No Fog Clear Face Mask

Clear Mouth Face Mask

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One of my biggest concerns with wearing a mask at school is students do not read my facial expressions or hear what is said. The clear window masks help with this problem. The clear window allows the mouth to be visible. Ideal for teachers who teach deaf and hard of hearing.

Some of the features of the covers include elastic ear straps, visible expressions and smiles, and five different colors per pack. The window is anti-fog. The four different colors make these masks versatile with any outfit and teacher bag.

3. EnerPlex Cloth Face Mask

Reusable Cloth Mask

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These masks are best for teachers who are looking for an everyday comfortable basic face mask that fits any look.

Like the Crayola face mask, these cloth masks have a 3D cutout design that fits a face’s shape. Like most non-medical masks, these masks are reusable and washable.

They have been created with three layers and a filter pocket. Not only is this Mask great for teaching, but it is also great for gardening, cleaning, auto exhaust, and areas with crowded people.

4. Must Crayons NY Reusable and Washable

Reusable & Washable Anti Dust Mouth

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The Must Crayons NY face mask is reusable & washable and comes with an anti-dust mouth. The Mask is 100% polyester which is soft, and the inside layer is 100% cotton. The Mask is breathable and water-repellent. Washable, reusable, and adjustable, this mask can change length based on the face contour.

The ear loop is what is flexible and one size fits most. What is most noticeable is how light these masks are, which is excellent for teachers who wear them for up to eight hours straight.

5. AECKS 3-Layer Reusable Cotton Mask

AECKS Cotton Mask

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The masks from AECK are very similar to the cotton face masks from EnerPlex. They are washable and reusable and made of 100% cotton.

What we love about these masks is that they come with air ports for carbon filters.

Available in various colors like black, blue, and land rose, the feel of these face masks stan out as it is so soft and comfortable.

A three-layer design has an elastic adjustable earloop. This mask is great for teachers because of its friendly pastel colors and its natural fabric.

Although this mask’s material is quite thick, it is still lightweight and easy to wear under voice amplifiers and glasses.

6. KOSIMI Reusable Cotton Mask

KOSIMI Reusable Cotton Mask

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The KOSIMI reusable cotton masks are unisex and black and come in a pack of ten. They are stylish and washable. We do recommend handwashing them, and when you do, the cover will not fade.

Multi-layer, durable, and high-quality, will protect you as you wear them. The cotton material provides a comfortable layer of protection.

These masks are great for sports teachers. You can wear a mask while teaching, cycling, skating, running, traveling, climbing, and daily use. The cover has a filter pocket for extra protection.

Measuring 20 cm long by 12 cm wide, the Mask is soft-skin friendly, absorbent, breathable, and comfortable. The stylish design makes it match any teacher outfit.

7. WITHMOONS Cloth Face Mask

WITHMOONS Cloth Face Mask

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Comfortable with proper coverage, the WITHMOONS face mask is the best face mask for large heads on our list. This mask is slightly bigger than the others on this list, which makes you covered more.

If you are a very active teacher, this mask is for you. It has a COOLON fabric that moves moisture away quickly. It is windproof and has three layers. This face mask is made from lightweight fabric. The Mask comes in packages of three.

A nose clip at the back provides security in the position as well as protection from germs. The stitching can be a little finicky, so be sure to handwash this Mask. When matching the mask with teacher clothing, the possibilities are endless with this face mask. Besides, it is unisex, and everyone would feel comfortable wearing a mask. Now, go back to school without any worries.


With the start of the new school year and students returning to the classroom, new policies require wearing a mask. Although some teachers might feel more comfortable with disposable face masks, disposable masks are wasteful and bad for the environment. We believe, that the best masks for teachers need to be reusable, washable, stylish, and comfortable. A colorful mask will help the students feel comfortable and relaxed. We hope you find one you like, get it ordered today, and tick it from your back-to-school shopping list! Have a great school year, and stay safe.

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