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Best Homeschool Planner Reviews

No matter which planner you end up choosing, we can promise a more organized homeschool school year. The more you use a planner, the more you’ll be organized, and your lesson plans will be better. We chose these planners because they are highly rated and offer numerous useful features. Our list has the best homeschool planners on the market, and we know you will love at least one of them!

Best Homeschool Planners at a Glance

  1. Mega Homeschool Planner and OrganizerTop Pick
  2. Bloom Daily PlannerRunner Up
  3. The Ultimate Homeschool PlannerMost Religious Tones
  4. The Well Planned Day Homeschool Family PlannerDates Planner
  5. Teacher Lesson Planner InsertsPrintable Lesson Planner

Best Homeschool Planners Reviewed

1. The Mega Homeschool Planner and Organizer – Top Pick

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This new-to-the-market Mega Homeschool Planner has so many features that it makes it our top pick. Classically bound, this planner has a “How to Use” section as well as a goals section, reading list, budget tracker, curriculum/resource list, and a place to journal notes and lesson plans. It will help plan up to eight students and is undated. The planner is detailed and includes a section that describes each feature for new homeschooling families.


Released in February of 2020 by Homeschool Life Press, the Mega Homeschool Planner and Organizer is the best homeschool planner. We love the features that help users use the planner to keep them organized. Homeschooling can become very expensive, mainly if you don’t track your budget.

This planner gives you a place to do that tracking. We’ve already talked about the benefits of an undated planner. Still, this one takes it a step further and doesn’t even have the months filled in, which is excellent for families who want to homeschool year-round or have an irregular calendar.

Although Homeschool Life Press has not created their accessories to go with the Mega Homeschool Planner, other companies’ sticker accessories will work with this planner. We do have two suggestions to make this planner even better.

  1. Take it to an office store and get it spiral-bound. This will help prevent the binding from coming apart.
  2. Also, purchase month stickers and create tabs to separate sections in the planner. This will make it easier to turn to places in the planner.

Even if you don’t take these suggestions, we know you will love this affordable, detailed homeschool planner.

2. Bloom Daily Planner

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This beautiful planner is a spiral-bound teacher planner designed for the traditional classroom teacher but easily adaptable to homeschooling. Measuring at 9”x11”, the Bloom Daily Planner is undated and has 12 monthly views and 60 vertical weekly planners.

Other features of this planner include 11 different bonus sections and a pocket in the pack. When you purchase this planner, you get a link to free teacher printables. Bloom Daily Planner offers other accessories like stickers and bookmarks for additional purchases.


The Bloom Daily Planner deserves a place on our list for several reasons. First, we love the company. Started by women, Bloom Daily Planner empowers women to set goals and accomplish them. They began making planners so women could write down their goals and give a time frame to achieve them. They wanted to relieve some of the stress women feel from day to day.

The Bloom Daily Planner is one of the best homeschool planners because of the many features this planner provides. We love the bright, colorful pages with dividers that have printed encouraging quotes related to teaching. This planner is more versatile than others because it is undated and usable during any time of the year, depending on when you decide to do homeschooling.

A few of the bonus sections a homeschool mom may not include are the sub-plan pages and the birthday pages. It is the best bang for your buck as you get a lot of the same features as the more expensive planners for half the cost. You could write lesson plans for seven kids as there are seven sections on the weekly planner pages. We like the extra accessories you can purchase, and we like the free printable resources. Who doesn’t like free?

3. The Ultimate Homeschool Planner

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When you are looking for homeschool planners, check out this one. Offering multiple ways to use this planner, the author, Debra Bell, created the Ultimate Homeschool Planner after realizing a need in the homeschool community for a planner that does it all. Available in two styles, this toned religious planner has Bible verses or inspirational quotes on every page.

Organized for yearly homeschool planning, monthly planning, and weekly planning, this Homeschool Planner gives you a place to create a character and academic growth goals for each student.

There is a possibility to write lesson plans for 6 students and six subjects all in one week. This planner’s other features include cover pockets, a planning guide for high school years, a resource list, record keeping, and teaching tips. It is a spiral-bound, 9”x11” planner.


This planner would have been our top choice for its many features and genuinely being the ultimate homeschool planner. However, religious tones can deter secular homeschool families, and we want a planner that can be perfect for everyone. This planner is undated, allowing versatility, and, at the beginning of the yearly section, offers yearly calendars dated to 2023.

Probably our favorite features of this book are the resource list pages and goal pages. We love the resource list because you can refer to it year by year and see what books or resources you have used. We love the goal pages because setting goals is essential and drives your instruction.

The front cover is very durable; however, the pages are thin, and the spiral bounding can be brittle. These aspects don’t make this planner unpleasant. The ability to plan and keep track of homeschool records all in one place outweighs the undesirables.

4. The Well Planned Day Homeschool Family Planner

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The Well Planned Gal created the Well Planned Day Homeschool Family planner. Another spiral-bound planner, the Well Planned Day Planner, is an all-in-one that not only allows you to plan your homeschool day but also gives you areas to plan a menu and weekends. There are also pages to write in contacts and home management procedures. There is room to prepare for four students.

The weekly planner includes lesson plans, grades, and attendance. Semester homeschool planning pages give you a grade log, attendance reports, and journaling space to reflect on the semester. Besides, the planner also provides the end-of-the-year report cards.

Unlike the other homeschool planners on this list, this planner is a dated planner starting in July and ending in June. The main subjects are labeled and include math, science, history, language arts, and Bible. There are some empty spaces on the weekly planning page for a custom subject or extracurricular activity. These kits include stickers, bookmarks, and snap-on covers that are heavy plastic.


We like this homeschool planner. We love that it is so cohesive. It is a one-stop-shop for almost every aspect of your life. We wish this planner didn’t have Bible listed as a core subject so that more secular families could enjoy it. Included in the book are pages to help plan homeschool. This is beneficial for new homeschooling families. There are articles, tips, and organization pages.

Overall, the book is sturdy and would suit a year-round homeschool schedule. The extra accessories available will help keep you that much more organized and brighten up the pages. This one is one of the best homeschool planners because it is cohesive and helps keep more than just school work organized.

What You Should Look for in a Homeschool Planner


One of the first features to look for in homeschool planners is writing goals. Writing goals encourages the parent to think of the strengths and weaknesses of each student. It keeps instruction and curriculum focused and purposeful. Finally, setting goals will enable the student to achieve more and feel confident and motivated. Having these goals written down will allow the homeschool moms and students to refer back to them. Having them in one book will help keep them safe and organized.

A Yearly Schedule

One of the excellent abilities of homeschooling is the ability to plan out your year. The best homeschool planner should have a place for a yearly schedule. This schedule will allow you to decide which holidays you’ll homeschool on and which you won’t. It will also let you schedule school days and help you determine if you will homeschool year-round or use the academic year.

Attendance Tracker

Different states require different attendance policies for homeschooling. An attendance tracker feature in your homeschool planner will make it easier to track attendance for any state requirements. It will also help you keep track of the number of days you homeschool. Most of the planners on our list will allow you to prepare for 4 to 6 students. It may be challenging to find a planner for just one student or more than six.

Our Conclusion

There are many components to look for in homeschool planners, but it ultimately comes down to what you want and what you will use it.  Numerous homeschool families use a standard teacher planner, while others use homeschool-specific planners.

The difference is that a traditional classroom teacher planner is Monday-Friday and starts in July or August and goes to May or June. It follows the calendar and structure of an academic planner. A conventional classroom planner will also have attendance pages, record keeping, or checklists where homeschool planners might have homeschool field trip pages.

Homeschool moms and dads might also use a personal planner or digital teacher planner for online homeschool. The personal planner will allow you to plan and track both monthly and weekly. It is useful if you have an irregular schedule or homeschool year-round. We do not think a personal planner or standard teacher is the best planner for homeschooling at home or online homeschooling. There isn’t enough space to plan, especially for multiple kids.

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