Uncertain times lead to the necessity for some of the latest and greatest that technology has to offer. This rings true for students and the classroom and any other industry – especially with schools closing and at-home class becoming the way of the world. Teachers and students alike need help to create the best class environment possible in these circumstances. No time as the present! That’s where the interactive whiteboard shines the brightest.

Whether making the abroad classroom easier to comprehend or bringing the uninterested student back into focus, having an interactive whiteboard will help the time fly by. Using these fantastic interactive boards allows students to be part of the lesson and help get your class back on track. Finding the right interactive whiteboard for your classroom can be difficult, however. That’s why we created a list of our eight favorite devices.

Best Interactive Whiteboard and Systems at a Glance

Here is a shortlist of our favorite interactive whiteboards and whiteboard systems for schools in 2021. Below, you will find each product reviewed and described in more detail. At this end of this article, you will find the two winners of the best interactive whiteboards and education systems in 2021.

  1. IPEVO IW2 Wireless Interactive Whiteboard System – Best Overall
  2. Vibe All-in-One Computer Interactive Whiteboard – Runner Up
  3. Chengying Multi-Touch Touch Frame – Best Touch Frame Whiteboard
  4. Microsoft Surface Hub 2 – Best Computer-Based Whiteboards
  5. Polyboard Ultra-Slim 65-inch Monitor – Best Non-Projector Whiteboard
  6. SMART 87-inch Interactive Whiteboard – Best Hybrid Style Whiteboard
  7. OneScreen Store Touchscreen T5 – Best Devices For Collaboration
  8. Smart138 SMART Board – Best Classic Whiteboard

Our 8 Favorite Interactive Whiteboards in 2021

From a crystal clear image to a great interactive display, eight of the best whiteboards are available in 2021. We’ve tested each whiteboard so that you are guaranteed quality. There are various styles so that you aren’t limited to a specific type of interactive board. Regardless of the display you choose, your students are sure to love it, and class time will never be better.

1. IPEVO IW2 Wireless Interactive Whiteboard System

The best part of this IPEVO IW2 interactive whiteboard is how freeing it can be. When you’re in your classroom, having to remain close to one board can be restricting and might lead to many of your students losing interest. With this device, learning remains active as it can turn any flat surface into a digital whiteboard that you can write on and teach with. The portable projector is interactive and senses anything written with the pen, displaying it on the selected surface.

Many interactive whiteboards are beginning to utilize this method of teaching as their preferred style. Using the pen as the whiteboard’s main force, you can move throughout the classroom and use almost any flat surface as your screen for the day.

One of our favorite tools that this device offers is the stay-at-home collaboration. With many schools being stuck at home, it pays to offer teachers the greatest new technologies. With this interactive whiteboard, you won’t have to lug around a giant board as your wall becomes the display. Anything you write in your office can easily be transmitted through the remote video conferencing software.

Our Verdict

While there some minor issues with connection and effectiveness if not set up properly, this tool is one of the best products we’ve seen for teachers. You can teach classrooms from almost any location, and any information written down can easily be streamed to your students. It’s portable and lightweight and is the future of interactive whiteboards. We cannot recommend this product enough for the benefit of teachers and students alike.


  • Offers plenty of stay at home activities for students
  • It brings the classroom with it
  • Offers software that enables you to stream any notes
  • Detaches you from a singular whiteboard


  • Some writing issues occur if not set up properly

In this video, you will learn how to set up the IPEVO whiteboard system.

2. Vibe All-in-One Computer Interactive Whiteboard

Vibe is the name that most people will recognize with remote interactive whiteboards. They’re a fantastic company that makes some of the best products available for teachers. One feature of the Vibe All-in-one Computer Interactive Whiteboard that stands out above the rest is the collaboration this device offers. Multiple people have access to one document and can make live changes to any ultimate remote collaboration presentations. Meetings are simple, but teaching in a classroom is where this device truly shines.

This tool is essentially a computer, with your stylus being an interactive mouse. You can pull up videos, photos, presentations and even use it as a classic whiteboard. Students will love the tech aspect of it, and the desire to use it will keep them focused on the lessons at hand, regardless of where you’re teaching. Much like the IPEVO, this is a whiteboard specifically designed for remote learning and is the perfect addition to any at-home classroom.

Our Verdict

We absolutely cannot recommend this interactive whiteboard enough. It will make learning fun and allows teachers to bring the classroom with them wherever they need it. There are plenty of free apps that can be installed which offer exciting and fun activities or offer a more practical use. Everything that this whiteboard offers benefits to the classrooms and creates a better learning environment. Once you’re done with a lesson, save your spot to the cloud and pick up where you left off.


  • Cloud access
  • Multiple devices have access to the same documents at the same time.
  • Video conferencing options


  • Large screens are better for office or classroom use than at-home learning

Watch this video to learn more about the product.

3. Chengying Multi-Touch Infrared Touch Frame

Our reason for choosing the Chengying screen is because of how unique it is. The software that comes with this device makes it one of the most versatile tools on our list. It’s essentially just a frame that creates an infrared screen that can detect any movement within its boundaries. Any information detected by this screen is saved in a file for later, making any whiteboard a smartboard. The class will use it as a classic board, but the school can easily save information and files.

The software can even detect when a student goes to erase the information. The frame is one of the best devices we tested to save data and make the most out of any surface. You can easily save and share data with a team long after you erase the information. There’s no need for a projector as the software picks up anything written within its borders.

Our Verdict

A similar projector might produce content from the internet and display images, but it will lack in data-saving capabilities compared to this board. Few tools are as smart as this board and its ability to transform any space into a presentation. Set up is easy and quick as it is only the frame you have to worry about. Our only issue with this frame was that it didn’t include a screen or projector, only the infrared detecting frame.


  • Turn any space into a screen.
  • Save and store data long after the class has ended.
  • Fun for students and teachers alike
  • Easy to set up


  • Only the frame, no screen or projector

Watch this full review to learn more about this touch frame.

4. Microsoft Surface Hub 2

With this digital whiteboard, you’re essentially getting an advanced CPU that you can interact with and write on. The Microsoft Surface Hub 2 comes with all of the latest features, including Windows 10, Bluetooth, and the latest graphics cards. Your presentations will be crystal clear, and teaching will have never been easier. Students will love this interactive whiteboard as much as the teacher. The touch screen is easy to interact with and will save time waiting for it to respond.

Our favorite aspect of this interactive whiteboard is how easy it is to use. Students will learn how to use it within minutes properly, and any activities available for it are fun and a fantastic way to educate. The images are clear, and the benefits are many. By including Windows, the Microsoft Hub has granted teachers access to all of the latest tech and sharing capabilities.

Other devices can be finicky and difficult to use properly. However, this whiteboard includes instant response times and active learning so that your students never lose interest.

Our Verdict

Any interactive whiteboards that are essentially a giant tablet in the classroom are bound to make education fun for both students and teachers alike. Make teaching easy, and grant yourself access to the latest tech the industry has to offer.

There are many reasons to choose the Microsoft Surface Hub, but its simplicity allows conference meetings from different locations was what sold it for us. Sharing is easy, and you can send over any PDF, video, image, etc., so the meeting can move along without delay. Bring Zoom to the new age of technology and turn your office into the ultimate conference room.


  • Includes Windows 10
  • Crystal clear images and videos with the Intel graphics card
  • Offers Bluetooth connection
  • Students love to interact with the tools offered


  • Not a projector-style whiteboard

This clip with a visual introduction of Microsoft surface hub.

5. Polyboard Ultra-Slim 65-inch Monitor

The shining offer of the Polyboard interactive whiteboards, much like the Microsoft Hub, is the contact and response time. This is one of the fastest responding digital boards available with its Superior Touch Performance. This device allows user control like never before. No more misclicks, delayed actions, or annoying loading screens. You can easily touch and go with these devices. The remote and stylus combo will create endless interaction possibilities for all teachers.

Not only is it quick to respond, but the Polyboard allows education to continue, even when we’re not in person. Remote learning and sharing information directly with the students will help them learn in their new, digital environment. Students can view any information shared directly with them via the Polyboard so that the school can continue, no matter the circumstances. This is easily our favorite monitor interactive whiteboard.

Our Verdict

Working and creating has never been easier with this fantastic device. Teachers can write notes, create files, and share images and videos directly with their students over Zoom or classrooms. From teacher to student, these devices foster learning like never before. It also includes some incredible built-in activities that can make learning fun. We love these interactive whiteboards and found them to be one of the most useful for remote classrooms.


  • One of the best and most accurate response times
  • It makes education easy for the remote classroom.
  • Offers high-quality images and videos
  • Plenty of activities to make learning the board easy


  • Works better in bulk, not so much individual use

6. SMART 87-inch Interactive Whiteboard

The SMART is one of the classic designs for interactive whiteboards, but don’t fix it if it ain’t broke. This interactive whiteboard style has many uses and provides many benefits, including quick response times and a learning projector. There are a variety of tools built into the system so that it can sense when students and teachers switch from a pen to an eraser – as one example. The software is active and easy for students to interact with.

This is the perfect hybrid of a smart projector and touch screen display. While the Ployboard of the Microsoft Hub is a fantastic tool for the modern classroom, they cut off some activities that classic projector-style whiteboards offer a teacher. With the internal sensors and software, multiple people can write on this board at once, and either a finger, a pen, or an eraser will work well. The whole class can write on this board, and it will track every movement with precision.

Our Verdict

While other tools like the Vibe or the IPEVO may offer more, this is our favorite hybrid style whiteboard for what it offers and how fun it is to use. Digital boards remove that sense of going up to the board and creating. This is a modern whiteboard while it has the classic style and allows students to have much more fun while learning. The variety provided by this whiteboard brings back collective learning into the school.


  • The perfect hybrid whiteboard
  • Traces multiple people at one time
  • Easily spots the difference between a finger and an eraser, limiting mistakes.


  • No sharing capabilities for team collaborations

7. OneScreen Store Touchscreen T5

Collaboration and learning are made seamless with this digital board. The OneScreen allows up to four devices at a time to interact and work simultaneously. This tablet’s best feature is the inclusion of a teaching guru, which helps new users learn about the devices and use them with ease. Students will be able to interact with and understand this board better than any other. We loved how effortless it was to understand and how willing the software was to teach new users.

This is one of the best interactive whiteboards for collaboration and shared working along with the teaching software. With up to four devices, you can work together, share videos, save PDF files, and interact with one another. Create anything with the collaboration support offered by OneScreen. That collaboration proved to be quite useful during our tests as a student, and a teacher could easily work together on any project via the display touch screen.

Our Verdict

While the image presented may not be as clear as the Microsoft or the Polyboard, this is still one of the best digital tools available. With various fantastic teaching activities to understand the board achievable for anyone, this is a user-friendly whiteboard. Our only qualm with these interactive whiteboards was that they require Samsung devices to use. The collaboration benefits more than make up for that drawback, and we recommend this for almost any classroom.


  • Built-in Guru helps teach students how to use the board.
  • The best devices for collaboration
  • Easily save and store work.


  • Requires Samsung to use

Watch this video to get a better idea of this product.

8. Smart138 SMART Board

This Smart whiteboard offers a way to see your notes long after you’ve erased them. It’s unique that it’s a normal whiteboard, tiny about it that’s inherently digital. However, once you’ve erased your notes, they save away in a file for you to look at later whenever you need them. The simplicity of this interactive whiteboard is what drew us to it as you are getting everything you need from a whiteboard, but nothing more.

While other devices on our list offer students an interactive classroom and internet activities, this whiteboard is but a whiteboard: no Windows 10, not image and video sharing, no online media. However, simplicity can be exciting and quite useful for students, but mostly for the teacher. Your classroom notes stay with you, and you can look at them anytime you need. We loved the way that this interactive whiteboard brought a fresh definition of what it was.

Our Verdict

The variety of options offered by this device were astounding for the simplicity of it all. It could tell which color pen you used; it knows exactly where you wrote and what you said. An on-screen keyboard enables a touch screen for you or the students to change what is being displayed. The way that this whiteboard livens up the classroom is astounding, and any students who get to use this interactive whiteboard are sure to love it.


  • Save and view anything written on the interactive whiteboard with a snapshot.
  • Simplicity is key
  • On-screen keyboard for further interactive uses


  • No online activities
  • Very little collaborations available

Watch this short explainer video.

Runner Up Best Interactive Whiteboard of 2021

Vibe All-in-One Computer Interactive Whiteboard

This is an incredible option for any class looking for a new interactive whiteboard from the built-in speakers to the cloud save capabilities. Get more from your interactive whiteboards and change the way you teach. Students love the Vibe Interactive whiteboard, and so will you, as it offers an incredible array of online capabilities. The remote classroom support offered by this touch screen display is perfect for any student or conference. Though it’s number two, it’s still an incredible choice for any class.

If you’re looking for a fantastic interactive whiteboard of students in 2021, then this is the screen for you. Turn any room into an office and any office into a school with this amazing tool. We chose this as our runner specifically for how effortless collaboration and teamwork are with this tablet. The variety of online features makes everything possible, from the class to the office. Fill out your classroom with the latest tech, or bring the class with you with the Vibe Interactive Whiteboard.

Overall Best Interactive Whiteboard of 2021

IPEVO IW2 Wireless Interactive Whiteboard System

From classroom use to conference meetings, from at-home teaching to remote education – this interactive whiteboard has everything you need to foster a high-quality and interactive environment for your students. When you’re in the classroom, you’re not tied down to any specific section of the class. When you’re at a conference, you can share a video, images and work with your team, even if you’re in completely different buildings. The variety of uses this interactive whiteboard offers is astounding.

Create the perfect classroom environment with this projector that’s fun to use and straightforward to understand. Any student will love to learn and use this wireless projector, and time will fly by in your classroom. The interactive display of this device is what makes it so special. Other, similar interactive whiteboards utilize marker sensors, but few are as accurate as this. This is easily our favorite interactive whiteboard available in 2021. Get your students involved with this interactive display.

A Quick Buyers’ Guide to Interactive Whiteboards

What Features Make a Great Interactive Whiteboard

Finding the best interactive whiteboard available doesn’t have to be difficult, as long as you know what makes a high-quality board. Knowing what features to look for is a fantastic way to guarantee you’re about to get the best interactive device available. These are based on what we tested for when creating our list.

The biggest and most obvious aspect to look for is how interactive the whiteboards are. You’re using these as a way to collaborate with your class, so why would you purchase interactive whiteboards that limit how much can be done on them? With more activities, your students will be more interested in what’s happening.

Another property that can prove the quality of the interactive whiteboards is the image or video quality. Images are likely to be a key part of any lesson, and the better the image, the more involved your students will be. Using high-resolution images will keep your students interested, but if the display can’t handle the quality, then you’re out of luck. Find interactive whiteboards that can display quality images and videos.

Conferences and meetings are a big portion of being a teacher, as you likely already know, so having a quality interactive whiteboard that enables two or more people to use it at the same time will prove to be invaluable. Work as a team and offer activities for variety and keep the meeting interesting for all. If two or more people can’t collaborate, then the meeting is bound to go on for a while.

What to Consider When Buying Interactive Whiteboards

When purchasing these interactive whiteboards, it’s important to consider the situation in which you’ll be using them. You can get an incredible board that would turn any classroom activities into games that drive students to interact more and be more involved, but if you’re a teacher remotely at home, they’re useless. Get the interactive whiteboard based on how you intend to use it.

No two whiteboards are the same, and so it should be obvious that some are made for certain situations while others aren’t. Some whiteboards are perfect for collaboration and allow two people to work at once, whereas other whiteboards are preferred for the classroom and help time fly. We cannot stress this enough: find the perfect whiteboards and get them based on how you’ll use them.

All of the whiteboards on our list are sure to satisfy you and perfect for most situations. There’s no better time to get a whiteboard as these are uncertain times. From classroom use to collaborative usage between two people, these are fantastic whiteboards for non-contact use. Don’t waste any more time, and let time fly in your classrooms with the perfect interactive whiteboards.