Best Online Tutoring Jobs 2020

July 1, 2020

Best Online Tutoring Jobs 2020


Whether you are looking for an online tutoring job to supplement your current income or you are just missing teaching, here is a list of the top seven best tutoring websites that offer online tutoring jobs. If you are a college student and you want to earn some money on the side, you may be interested in our article about online tutoring jobs for college students.

We looked at several criteria for a website to make this list, including requirements, compensation, content, and commitment. Hopefully, our insight will give you the information needed to choose the best online tutoring job for you. 


Subject: English

Payment: $15-$22/hour

Teach English to children in China! The largest global teaching community is VIPKID. When you become a tutor on VIPKID, you will be teaching ESL to children in China. You do not need to Chinese. VIPKID is a full English Immersion program where English is the only spoken language. 

There are many benefits of teaching for VIPKID. You can set your hours at a time that suits you. Flexible work hours allow you to teach at peak hours, such as early in the morning or late at night from anywhere. Another significant benefit is that the lesson plans are already developed, and materials are available to all tutors. Students will be on Beijing time, so the peak hours vary depending on the time zone.

The compensation is $7-$9 per class, with classes lasting 25 minutes. There are also incentives available. On average, you could make $15-$22/hour. 

Vipkid is the larges global teaching community, and that comes with some requirements for their tutors. First, you must have at least two years of experience in teaching, coaching, mentoring, or tutoring. You must have the authorization to work in the U.S. or Canada, and you must have a Bachelor’s Degree or higher. However, this degree can be in any field or significant. There is a long list of technology requirements that include a device, high-speed internet, and an HD webcam. VIPKID technology does not support Chromebooks at this time.

What we like about them

What we love about VIPKID is that there is no commitment, and you get to set your schedule. We also love that it is one-on-one instruction, and there are videos of teachers teaching to show you the expectations VIPKID has for their tutors.  VIPKID tutors need to be very passionate about teaching English as a Second Language. 

2. Chegg Tutors

Subject: All subjects

Payment: $20/hour and $1,000+/month

Tutors on Chegg are college students who like to tutor one-on-one. When you register to tutor with Chegg, you pick all of the subjects you’d like to tutor. From basic levels to professional levels, Chegg has it all. You can tutor ages K-12 and beyond.

The benefits of tutoring with Chegg are very similar to tutoring with VIPKID. You can set your hours. However, there is no peak time. You can tutor from anywhere and get paid each week. According to Chegg, you can make $20/hour and $1,000+/month depending on availability.

Chegg will match students to you, or you can answer help ads to find students. The requirements for Chegg are easy. First, you must provide two forms of proof that you were enrolled or are enrolled at a university. You must be legal to work in the United States and have a PayPal account. Once your application is approved, you can get started tutoring and making money.

What we like about them

What we love about Chegg is the convenience of just logging on whenever it is convenient for you and answering a help ad to tutor a student in need.  It is more or less a job board. A student posts the subject and assignment they need help with, and you respond if you feel like you can help. You can also set a schedule, but sometimes things come up, and with Chegg, you tutor when it suits you. We also love that there are a few technical requirements.


Subject: English, Maths, Science, Social Studies, Languages, Business

Payment: $9-$13/hour

This website is a middle of the road tutoring site compared to VIPKID and Chegg. has more requirements than Chegg but less than VIPKID. To begin, you will find a six-step application process to start tutoring.

First, you fill out your application. Then, you take a subject exam to ensure you are an expert. After this exam, you attend a mock session, and then your application is reviewed. Much like Chegg, you can tutor from K-12 and into adult subjects as well. You set a schedule and also log on when available.

A couple of benefits that are different from than VIPKID and Chegg is that your pay differs by your subject, and has a supportive environment with videos and a mentoring system to help you be successful in mentoring.  

When tutoring for, you must be committed to working at least five hours a week but no more than 29.  There is no set payment schedule listed on, and you won’t figure out what you will make until after applying, however, on, it says you can make $9-$13/hour.

There are many requirements to become a tutor on These include residing in the U.S., a valid Social Security Number, and eligible to work in the United States.  You must be an expert in the subject you want to tutor and have strong oral, written, and fluent English skills.  Besides a list of technology requirements, you must also be at least a college sophomore or higher or have a college degree from an accredited U.S. or Canadian university.

What we like about them

What we love about is the fact that you get to decide what you tutor and that will bring the clients to you and handle all the billing and payments (similar to TutorMe).  We like the flexibility of setting a schedule but also logging on to tutor when you have spare time. We don’t like they limit the time, making it just a part-time job instead of the possibility of a full-time job. 

4. Elevate K-12

Subject: Math, ELA, Reading, Science, Social Studies, Foreign Languages, Robotics, and Coding

Payment: $13-$21/hour

Elevate K-12 has a very different approach to online tutoring.  Instead of teaching to students who are in their homes or after-school programs, you will be teaching students during the school day. You keep the same group of students for a series in each class. Schools hire Elevate K-12, and then Elevate K-12 hires the tutors. 

You get to set your hours as long as it is between the hours o 8 am-5 pm EST.  Elevate K-12 provides the content and lesson plans in numerous subjects, including math, ELA, reading, science, social studies, foreign languages, robotics, and coding.  You can make $13-$21/hour, according to Glassdoor.

What we like about them

What we love about Elevate is the ability to get to know a group of kids and stick with them. We think tutoring through Elevate K-12 would be excellent for a retired teacher or a teacher who needs a change of scenery.  Planning would be minimal with the content and lesson plans being provided, and the flexibility of setting your hours and working from home is very beneficial.  

5. Skooli

Subject: All subjects

Payment: $25/hour

One of the aspects Skooli prides itself on is being the leading online tutoring company in tutor pay. Skooli pays more than any other site, $25/hour. You just need three things to tutor on Skooli, expertise, a device, and a wifi connection.

The expertise can be verified in three ways. First, you can hold a bachelor’s degree or higher in the field in which you wish to tutor. Next, you can hold a government-issued teaching license, or finally, you can have specialized instructor qualifications. You can set your schedule or login for instant sessions.  It is one-on-one tutoring, just like and Chegg. Unlike any of the other tutoring platforms, Skooli requires you to pass a national level criminal reference check.

What we like about them

We love Skooli for two reasons (besides pay!). First, we love that they have a Tutor Help Center that not only helps you while you are tutoring but also helps with the application process. There are a total of 25 articles written with the tutor in mind to answer questions. The other reason we love Skooli is the online classroom. The classroom offers video conferencing, online chatting, screen sharing, interactive whiteboard, and access to Google Drive. This classroom can be seen and demoed even before being accepted as a tutor. The classroom is a great resource to help make your tutoring experience beneficial to you and the student you are tutoring.


Subject: All subjects

Payment: $10-$15/hour

Brainfuse allows you to set your hours with 24/7 tutoring available. The peak time for tutoring with Brainfuse is 2 pm-11 pm.  To be a tutor on Brainfuse, you must be a certified teacher or have experience educating in another way. You must have a four-year college degree or higher.

The application process is quite rigorous. First, you send your resume, and if you are an ideal fit, you will go through background and reference checks, multiple interviews, skills testing, and extensive training. Brainfuse does not have a set curriculum you are teaching but have numerous subjects they offer tutoring in. One of those subjects is writing. They have a writing lab in which you can help a student revise and edit documents they are writing. They also have a language lab for students to get live practice in learning how to speak Spanish. Students can send a question to teachers for help as well. 

Brainfuse pays their tutors $10-$15/hour depending on subjects and experience.

What we like about them

What we love about Brainfuse is that they have an online classroom similar to Skooli and that each live session is saved and then emailed to the student so the student can go back and use the information again. We also love that Brainfuse hires tutors who are Spanish speaking for lessons to be taught in Spanish.  This is great when tutoring adults who are Spanish speaking, so there is no language barrier. The last thing we love about Brainfuse is the app. This allows you to teach from anywhere without needing to be wired in truly.


Subject: All subjects

Payment: $16/hour

With over 300 subjects to choose from, TutorMe sends students your way once you are hired to be tutored in the subjects that you are an expert in.  They allow you to have a flexible schedule with super convenient access. Students can message you directly as well. So creating a positive relationship with students will help you get more tutoring work.  TutorMe offers an interactive lesson place similar to Brainfuse and Skooli. 

To teach/tutor with TutorMe, you must have previous tutoring/teaching experience, mastery of subjects tutored, be enrolled in or have graduated from an accredited university, and at least 18 years old.

TutorMe pays their tutors $16/hour with bonuses. Your lessons must be at least 5 minutes in length to earn money, and you will get paid each week through PayPal. TutorMe handles the billing, and you control the tutoring.

What we like about them

What we love most about TutorMe is the two-way rating system. This rating system allows both tutors and students to rate each other. The rating system was put into place to maintain a high standard of quality not only with tutors but also students. Many other online tutoring jobs allow students to evaluate their tutors, but TutorMe is the only one we’ve found that helps the tutor to evaluate the student. 


Whether you want lesson plans already designed and ready to be implemented or a free choice in what you teach, there is an online tutoring job out there for you. VIPKID and Elevate K-12 have curriculum already designed and waiting to be taught where the other online tutoring jobs on this list are more subject-based depending on student needs.

Becoming an online tutor can be a great supplement to income and could even be a full-time job, depending on how much time you want to put into tutoring depends on what the outcome will be. Keep in mind; you will be working with real students, and relationships are essential, especially if you want them to keep coming back for more! 

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