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4 Best Pen Tablet For Online Tutoring in 2023

A pen tablet is an absolute must for online tutoring or attending online courses. Digital pen tablets allow tutors and students to communicate with hand-drawn and written diagrams they can share across a virtual whiteboard and even work out a math problem with the math teacher.

The 4 Best Pen Tablets for Online Classes Reviewed

1. Wacom IntuosBest Graphic Tablet

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Wacom has long been regarded as one of the most important names in the game when it comes to pen tablets. Their offerings represent the total package for students and casual artists who want to create or communicate digitally with intuitive and responsive tablets. The Wacom Intuos Graphics Drawing Tablet is a one-stop shop for students who wish for having a full at-home learning experience and use it with several disparate subjects. We found that whether it was art, math, or even writing, the free software and pressure-sensitive pen proved excellent tools.

Our take

Digital pens offer precision and control. In online classes, both tutees and tutors need to be able to deliver content. The Wacom Intuos pen is highly pressure-sensitive, putting control right in the student’s hands. We loved that it included EMR technology built right in the pen itself. That means the pen will never have to be charged—a welcome relief for parents already inundated with a tangle of cables and chargers. The surface of the digital writing pad is smooth and feels nice against the hand. There are also four customizable express keys at the top, allowing students to modify and add their preferred shortcuts right to the tablet itself. When drawing or writing, pen strokes and lines are smooth, precise, and free from drag.

Of course, the most important part of discerning the best pen tablet for online tutoring is whether it will work for every student. The Wacom Intuos not only works with iOS, Android, and Windows devices, but they also work with whiteboard applications on Zoom, Teams, and Skype. We found that Intuos is perfect for note-taking, showing math problems, and using virtual whiteboards. With awesome portability and a great interface, Wacom truly meets our standards for online tutoring.

2. XP-Pen Deco – Most Shortcut Keys

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XP-Pen may not boast the name recognition of Wacom or more expensive pen tablets, yet their offerings are quickly gaining steam in the online tutoring and art communities. This is for a good reason. XP-Pen is creating top-notch tablets at a price that is accessible to most. Their XP-Pen Battery Free Pen Tablet is a solid choice for online teachers, students, and tutors. We found that straight out of the box, the device is easy to connect to either iOS, Windows, and Android devices with total ease. Unlike other tablets, there is no learning curve. Just set up and get to work.

Our take

With a very slim profile (8mm) and an expansive tablet drawing space (10 x 6.25 inches), the XP-Pen digital pen tablet provides plenty of space for students and tutors to create. Despite this, the tablet is light and easy to transport from room to room. We enjoyed that using the tablet felt as natural as drawing or writing on a piece of paper. It is something that benefits all parties involved. With a 60-degree tilt brush effect, it also delivers more natural lines and handwriting than competitor tablets. It also works for left-handed and right-handed students.

For students, we loved that this tablet proves an online tutoring powerhouse. Thanks to simultaneous digital inking, the tablet is compatible with all Microsoft Office Apps. This allows students or tutors to write notes and signatures visually with ease. The Deco also allows students and tutees to write and edit complicated math problems or issues with total ease while streaming or broadcasting. Students can even record notes or jot down ideas as a tutor doles out lessons and advice.

Of course, what we truly loved about this digital pen tablet was the compatibility with video learning tools such as Zoom, Twitch, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and Webinar. The product works with whiteboard apps on these platforms beautifully. We found the only real qualm with this digital pen tablet because the larger writing surface will require students and tutees to have a very big cleared-off work area. This isn’t always feasible for students sharing a workspace with siblings or parents.

3. HuionBest Budget Tablet


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The best pen tablet for teaching online should always have the capacity to transcend age and skill level. That’s why we love the HUION Tablet Graphics Drawing Tablet. This is a straightforward, easy-to-use tablet that is great for beginners or those who have never used a pen tablet prior. With an active area of 4.17 x 2.6 inches, the tablet offers generous space for writing/drawing while still proving portable and convenient. Easily transition from room to room without the bulk. We also enjoyed the 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity and resolution of 5080 LPI.

Our take

When it comes to using the tablet, we found that the Huion OSU offered a pressure-sensitive pen that was responsive and free from lag or disjointed strokes. Students will easily draw, write, or create graphics, as each line input is accurate and consistent. The work surface was smooth and worked great for little hands or students in elementary school. With compatibility with Microsoft Office applications, tutors and tutees are provided a myriad of options for sharing notes, ideas, and graphics.

In terms of the applications for online tutors, the Huion is compatible with the big names in video conferencing, including Zoom, Skype, Teams, and other online learning platforms. This tablet does boast whiteboard compatibility. Its only true weakness is that it is not compatible with Android while it works with iOS and Windows devices. We found the battery life on the pen to be good, but the pen itself is a bit clunkier than competitor options.

As mentioned above, this tablet will work best for younger students who don’t require a huge workspace or a very slim profile pen.

4. XP-Pen StarBest for Teaching Online

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For an ultra-thin pen tablet with a battery-free stylus, look no further than the folks at XP-Pen. Much like the Deco above, the Ultrathin Pen Tablet is a perfect pen tablet for online tutoring. This is a tablet that has been specifically designed to meet several needs. It works for gameplay, writing, drawing, sketching, signatures, and even painting. The best part? No need to install any drivers or pesky software. With 266 RPS and a pressure-sensitive pen, lines are smooth, quick, and accurate.

Our take

Unlike many tablets, the Star G640 has a generously sized active work area at 6 x 4 inches. This allows students and tutors to fully take advantage of the 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity within the pen. With such a high sensitivity, anyone using the pen is afforded control and fluidity to work out their thoughts quickly and creatively. We also enjoyed that students and tutors could easily toggle between the pen and eraser mode with just one click. Despite such a great work area, it is very slim and compact (2mm thick). You can easily transport the tablet wherever you go without adding any extra bulk.

This may be the very best tablet for tutoring online on the market today when it comes to teaching online. The reason? Much like the deco, the digital writing pad is compatible with all Microsoft Office programs. What does this mean for students and tutors? It affords them the ability to present notes in a visual capacity. Since many students are visual learners, this is paramount to their success. We also enjoyed that the device is compatible with such a wide array of devices. It works with Windows 7/8/10 as well as Mac OS X 10.10 and above.

Additionally, the tablet is compatible with all too important HD video conferencing apps like Zoom, Twitch, Teams, Skype, and more. This allows students to connect with teachers face-to-face while engaging with whiteboard-style apps for live instruction that feels more personal.  Whether writing, sharing graphics or working out complex equations, this pen tablet can handle it all. One thing worth noting is that the device also has 4-Help ease to minimize any wrist pain and stiffness that can come from long tutoring sessions

2 thoughts on “4 Best Pen Tablet For Online Tutoring in 2023”

  1. Hi! Thanks so much for the useful article!
    I use BitPaper online whiteboard software and a XP-Pen Deco 01 writing tablet every day. It’s perfect for your needs and less expensive. Since you won’t be using it for digital art, you are paying for features that you won’t use or need.

    • Hi Ron,
      Thanks for your feedback. The XP-Pen Deco 01 is a great choice.
      I started online teaching without a pen tablet, but since I have the Huion, I can recommend a pen tablet to any online tutor.


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