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9 Best Pencil Cases for School in 2024

As one would expect, a good pencil case helps in organizing supplies and preventing backpacks & pockets from getting messy. But the best case offers more: high durability, large capacity, multiple compartments, special compartments, and a sleek design.

Whether you are getting pencil cases for their primary use in organizing writing utensils and preventing a messy backpack, or you are getting one for aesthetics, you have a broad range of options you can choose from. In this article, we go over 9 of the best pencil cases, covering various sizes, designs, and materials. One of these should definitely fit what you are looking for.

Comparison Chart





  • 1000D Oxford Fabric

  • 105 Cubic Inches

  • 5 pen loops, mesh pocket, zippered mesh pocket, and a main compartment.


  • 300D Oxford Fabric

  • 103 Cubic Inches

  • Mesh pocket, cotton pocket, 5 pen loops, and main compartment.


  • Canvas Fabric

  • 65 Cubic Inches

  • 3 zippered compartments.


  • Plastic

  • 87 Cubic Inches


  • Cotton Canvas

  • 65 Cubic Inches


  • Nylon

  • 41 Cubic Inches

  • Mesh pocket


  • Nylon

  • 27 Cubic Inches

    Mesh pocket and elastic bands.


  • Polyester

  • 91 Cubic Inches


  • Polyester

  • 98 Cubic Inches

  • Zippered mesh pocket and non-zippered mesh pocket.

Our Best Pencil Case Review


The ECHRST Pencil Case comes in as number one in our review thanks to its combination of durability, stylishness, and compartments.

Made with 1000D Oxford fabric, none of the other pencil cases is as thick as this. So, unsurprisingly, it has the most durable canvas. This product also offers the largest storage capacity of the cases in this review; you get up to 105 cubic inches of storage.

It features five pen loops coupled with a mesh pocket to keep the looped pens for note-taking in place. It also has a zippered mesh pocket and a main compartment for other stationary supplies. You also get a carrying handle for convenience.

If you are out for something minimalistic yet adorable, this fits the bill. You can get it in 7 different colors: black, blue, grey, pink, red, teal, and purple.

With this product, you’ll get a lot of storage space for sure. So, before buying it, ensure you have that much space.

2. Homecube

The Homecube Pencil Case is another one to pay attention to if you need a large-capacity pencil case. It offers about 103 cubic inches of storage space – only the ECHRST case offers more. In it, you can store about 50 – 60 slim pencils alongside other items like sticky notes, art supplies, erasers, and scissors.

Besides offering a large capacity, you get a high level of durability with this pencil case made from 300D Oxford fabric. You get more than one compartment. You also get a mesh pocket where you can store small items like erasers and earpieces.

Below the mesh pocket is another pocket made of lightly-woven cotton. You may store paper clips and colored pencils in this second pocket. You also get 5 pen loops and the main interior for other accessories.

If you want a minimalistic design, consider this. The use of color and color choices are simplistic yet stunning. You can get it in 10 colors: grey, black, dark grey, green, grey version 2, navy blue, purple, rose red, purple version 2, and purplish blue.

Overall, this pencil case is solid. But the quality of the zipper could be better.


The ANGOOBABY is the best for people who want a pencil case with multiple zippered compartments. It features one large compartment winged by two compartments, and each of these compartments is zippered.

It is made with durable canvas, so you do not have to worry about it coming apart with minimal use. While it does not offer as much space as the other 2 pencil cases we’ve discussed so far, it offers a fair amount of storage. You get about 65 cubic inches of storage. But thanks to the fact that it has three compartments, the 65 cubic inches feels like it’s more than it truly is.

If you are out for a cute pencil case, the ANGOOBABY brand offers multiple options. For this particular product, you get to choose from up to 8 design patterns, including Green Cactus, White Macaron, Navy Star, and Starry Sky.

Considering its size, this product may not be suitable for college students. But then, it all comes down to your needs.


The IRIS Medium Plastic Pencil Case is best for people who want a plastic pencil case. Plastic cases give about the same rigidity as a pencil cup and about the same level of durability. So, you can expect similar qualities from this product.

It offers a fair amount of storage. You get up to 87 cubic inches to store scissors, erasers, yarns, crayons, pens, and pencils.

This product comes with just one compartment – no mesh pockets. It is inflexible, so wherever you intend to stuff it must have enough space to contain it. While it is advertised as transparent/clear, it may not be quite so. But all in all, you can see through it to a high degree.

5. Vantasaii

The Vantasaii Pencil Pouch is the best for people who want to spend as little as they can on a high-quality case. For less than $10, you get 8 pencil pouches that offer about 65 cubic inches of storage. Undoubtedly, this is very cost-effective.

As you would expect of a product coming in at a very low price, it has a single compartment and a simple design. But then, it is pretty durable; the cotton canvas material is sturdy enough for typical conditions.

Thanks to the simple design, you can customize it if you want. Also, when you are not using it to store a ballpoint pen or any other school accessory, it can serve as a wallet.


This product is one of the best pencil cases for students who need a portable organization kit for their writing tools. It has a simple design and offers a fair amount of storage for its size.

Made from nylon, you can expect a high level of durability from the FUXINGYAO Pencil Case. It resists physical and chemical stress to a high degree, and overall, it is more stable than polyester pencil cases.

While this product features a mesh compartment, it has no compartment with a zipper pocket. But this should not affect its utility.

Besides being portable, it has a minimalistic design. You can get it in one of 4 colors: pink, white, blue, or black.

Overall, this is quality. But before you buy it, confirm that the storage size would suffice for you.

7. iDream365

The iDream365 Hard Case is best for people who want something even smaller than the FUXINGYAO. It offers about 27 cubic inches of storage and is super slim. So, you can readily fit it in your bag.

It has a nylon build. So, you can be sure it will not go bad readily. It has a very simple design and is available in black and grey.

Inside this case, there are 2 mesh pockets on either side, and they hold various accessories (mostly flat ones). The contents of each mesh compartment are held down by elastic bands. This way, they stay in place and maintain an orderly arrangement.


The KALIDI Grid Mesh Pencil Case is best for people who want a clear pencil case that isn’t made of plastic. It offers around 91 cubic inches of storage – one of the highest you’ll find in the market.

It is made of polyester, making it highly resistant to wear and tear.

You can get this product in up to 8 colors. So, if you want to get this as back to school gift for someone, you have many choices.

9. Arnuixty

The Arnuixty Pen Case is best for people who are particular about design. It comes in 17 designs. So, if you want this as a back-to-school, you have many options.

This pen case is made of polyester, so it will not suffer abrasion or tear readily. It offers 98 cubic inches of storage – the third-highest in our review.

Overall, this pen case is top quality. But the zipper could be better.

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