Best Printers for College Students: Buyer’s Guide and Review


Are you a student contemplating buying a new printer? Well, that’s a smart decision. I mean, you can rest assured that a good machine will not just be lying in your room. With it, you can conveniently and affordably print your school projects, photos and even make some extra cash doing it for your fellow students. The problem is, making that critical decision on which model to buy can not only be daunting and intimidating but also tedious and unnerving. The thing is, there are several technical things that need to be taken into consideration to ensure that you choose a printer that will adequately address your study needs and preferences.

With no doubt, this can be tiring and overwhelming. So, if you don’t have the time to understand all the complex, boring and intricate jargon of printers but still want to make an informed decision, this buyers guide and review is made for you. I mean, we will not try to pull the cat by the tail trying to explain unnecessary details. Therefore, without wasting any more time, let’s get down to business and find out which are the best printers for college students and also the parameters you should take into consideration when making a decision. But first, let’s have a look at the most popular, affordable, efficient, and yet cutting edge printers every student should consider when looking for a printer. Chances are, one of these benchmark models is tailor-made to satisfy all your needs and preferences.

Brother HL-L2340DW

If you are looking for an affordable but fast printer and are content with a black and white print result, the Brother HL-L2340DW might be the one for you. It is a monochrome laser printer designed and manufactured by Brother, a company that has stood the test of time and passed.

On the table, it brings an impressive print speed of 26 / pages per minute and clean and good print quality. For extra dollars, you can get the identical model but with a faster print speed of 30 pages/minute. However, this is not ideal for students but is quite interesting for professional use, especially because of the large paper cassette, which holds 250 sheets. This is not to say that the Brother HL-L2340DW disappoints in any way. In fact, it is the best model for a student who is looking to print a few pages at a time. You will be impressed by its automatic duplex printing capability, which allows even large quantities of documents to be processed on both sides and quickly. This not only saves paper but also significantly reduces the load when printing documents with many pages in terms of weight and volume. Since the device can print only black and white, it is particularly suitable for use as a document printer in the office or home use, as well as for students.

With a resolution of 2,400 x 600 dpi, even prints with many shades of gray are clean and easily recognizable, and even the conversion of color graphics produces acceptable black and white results. The printer can be put into operation via USB or WLAN, which means that it can be controlled easily via various channels iPrint, AirPrint, and Cloud Print.

Pros Cons
Speed: With 26 pages per minute, the model works very fast. If you are looking for more speed, the model is also available with a speed of 30 pages per minute

 Print image: Overall, the image prints are clean and clear, thanks to the high resolution of 2,400 x 600 dpi

 Paper tray: Since the cassette holds 250 sheets, you will seldom need to refill even with high print volumes.

 Connectivity: The printer can be connected via USB or WLAN. This means it can also be used as a network printer.

 Value for money: As a good printer with good equipment and fast printing, it offers a very good price-performance ratio due to the low price and low maintenance costs.

 Duplex printing: you can automatically print papers on both sides to save money and reduce volume.

 Comes in only black and white

Since it is a pure monochrome laser printer, no color prints are possible.

 Difficult Setup via WLAN

 Wireless connections can be difficult to connect

Hewlett-Packard ENVY 4520

If you love printing photos as much as you like storing them in your smartphone or laptop, this artistic piece of engineering is ideal for you. Moreover, it will come in handy if your line of study involves a lot of photos, pictures, and images. In other words, it is optimized for photo printing. I mean, besides other cutting edge features, it comes with an impressive 5.5cm mono display perfect for processing photos.

Overall, the slim design is as appealing as the well-functioning Randlos photo printing function. Compared to models in a similar price range, the ENVY 4520 inkjet printer prints up to 6 pages per minute in color (depending on the resolution) which is relatively fast while it processes black and white prints at 9.5 pages per minute, still a quite decent speed for an inkjet printer. The printer has a display panel and can, therefore, be easily operated without a PC for scans or copies. The ability to print photos with a resolution of up to 4,800 x 1,200 dpi will also impress students who are into photos.

The wireless control works very reliably and fast. This makes it possible for you to send and print photos and documents directly to the printer without wire connections.

Pros Cons
Print quality: Due to its high resolution of 4,800 x 1,200 pixels, it achieves a very good quality in both documents and photos

 Compact Build: The design is very compact. This means that the printer can comfortably sit on a desk without consuming a lot of space.

 Price-performance: The price-performance ratio is good overall, as both printing costs and acquisition costs are affordable.

 Multifunctional: The printer has a scanner unit and can, therefore, be used as a copier and scanner.

 Duplex printing: The device also handles automatic duplex printing.

 Printing costs: Printing costs for low to medium volumes are very low, making it ideal for students.

 Slow: With 9 pages per minute (b / w) and 6 pages in color, it is only suitable for low volume printing.

Small paper tray: Since there is no large cassette, the printing of voluminous documents is a bit more cumbersome because more frequent refilling is required.

Samsung SL-M2026W / SEE XPRESS

If you swear by the brand Samsung, this particular model has a lot to offer. It distinguishes itself from the competition with a good price-performance ratio, a good print quality, and a fast speed. I mean, with 1,200 x 1,200 dpi, and a speed of 20 pages per minute, it is ideal for any student looking for a simple printer without having to compromise on print quality and speed.

The laser printer also has a 150-sheet capacity paper cassette, making it easy to use in your apartment or room. Duplex printing is also on board, but only manually, meaning that each page must be inserted twice. Besides, the software is simple and clear to understand and use while mobile printing options are also crisp and easy to connect. At only 4 kilograms the printer is very light and compactly built, which makes it ideal to place on your desk and still save space.

Overall, the SL-M2026W from Samsung is a cheap compact black and white laser printer with a good print resolution and value for money.

Pros Cons
Price-performance ratio: The printer is in the entry level but offers good value for money due to its wide range of functions.

 Print quality: With a resolution of 1,200 x 1,200 pixels, a clean and quality print result can be achieved.

 Cassette: The paper cassette holds 150 sheets, which is sufficient for normal student printing.

 The initial set up is simple: This means you can get started quickly with printing. Thanks to the variant with WLAN and NFC you also have extensive connectivity options with smartphones and your network.

 Print speed: With 20 pages per minute, the model works relatively quickly in relation to the price, which is especially ideal for students.

 No automatic duplex printing: If you want to print on both sides of your sheets, you must manually insert the sheet a second time.

Not ideal for high print volume: If you have a lot of printing, the 20-page per minute, a 150-sheet cassette model may be a bit undersized.

Canon Pixma MX925

Canon printers are literary canons when it comes to printing and this particular model is no exception. The printer actually has everything you would expect from a multifunction device and is, therefore, suitable for both home, study and business use. It comes with a 250 sheet scanner and automatic duplex printing.

It also has a scanner, copier, and fax function and will definitely intrigue you with its impressive print speed of 15 pages per minute for black and white and 10 pages in color. Moreover, this model is ideal for photo prints and high-resolution graphics and images. This is possible since it comes with a resolution of 9,600 x 2,400 dpi which is the main ingredient in the recipe of good photos and images.

However, this multifunction printer from Canon is not cheap, but worth it if you are looking for speed and quality.

Pros Cons
Lots of Functionalities: Overall, the printer is very well equipped because you can use it as a copier, scanner, printer, and fax machine. In addition, it can be connected via WLAN, LAN, and USB.

 A large cassette: The cassette holds 250 sheets of paper so you do not have to load new paper less frequently.

 Automatic Duplex printing: On request, pages can be automatically printed on both sides.

 Print quality: With a resolution of 9,600 x 2,400 dpi it can also be used for photo printing with very good results.

 Speed: For an inkjet printer, the device works very fast with 10 pages in color and 15 pages in black and white per minute.

 Price: In terms of price, the device is not very cheap, so the purchase is only worthwhile if you need the many features it comes with.

Ink: For a high print volume, the model is not ideal due to the high ink it consumes and regular cartridge replacements.

Epson Expression Home XP-332

If you can’t sacrifice functionality but don’t have the money to spend on an expensive multi-functional printer, why not consider the Epson Expression Home XP-32? Besides being affordable, it comes with most of the features in high-end printers. To be precise this inkjet multi-function printer prints with a decent resolution of 5,760 x 1,440 dpi at an impressive speed of 15 pages in color and 33 pages in black and white per minute. The LCD-Touch-Display also makes it easy and effortless to operate the printer. This makes it possible to print photos, documents, and photocopy without having a laptop or desktop.

If you are looking for a cheap multi-functional model, the Epson XP-332 is certainly a worthy contender.

Pros Cons
Price-performance ratio: considering its affordability and low maintenance costs, it offers value for money. Easy to operate: Operation via touch display is very intuitive and user-friendly.

 Speed: The device works very fast for an inkjet. Up to 33 pages in black and white and 15 pages in color per minute.

 Print quality: With a resolution of 5,760 x 1,440 dpi, good results can be achieved even when printing photos.

 Print quality: With a resolution of 9,600 x 2,400 dpi it can also be used for photo printing with very good results.

 Functionality: You can connect the printer via Wi-Fi or USB and use it as a printer, copier, and scanner.

 Noisy: Compared to other inkjet devices, the Epson model is relatively loud, which can be annoying.

Color display: In direct comparison with photo printers, the colors in photos are not so rich and brilliant.

Low print volume: Due to the paper feed of only 100 sheets and the quite high ink consumption, the model is only partially for printing low volumes of papers.

HP Color LaserJet Pro M281FDW Laser Printer

Looking for high performance? Well, the HP Laser Multifunction Printer is a powerful 4-in-1 color printer with JetIntelligence technology. It also supports a wide array of wireless functions including duplexing, Google Cloudprint, Apple AirPrint, and HP ePrint.

With the 250-sheet drawer, the multifunction printer offers a large volume of sheets. Its printing speeds of 21 pages per minute for black-and-white and color also speaks volume for this high-performance printer from HP. Duplex printing is also no problem for the color laser printer. The results that the printer delivers are of high quality and the memory is perfectly fine at 256 megabytes which allows fast and quality print results.

Operating the printer is also very easy via the intuitive touchscreen. All the functions of the printer can be controlled via the display. The monthly recommended print volume of the HP laser printer is between 150 and 2,500 pages, with a maximum printable volume of 40,000 pages per month. Another advantage that the color laser printer brings is the four individual LaserJet toner cartridges: Black, Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow. These are already preinstalled when the printer is shipped. In terms of price, HP’s multifunctional printer is one of the more expensive printers in our comparison but worth every penny if your heart melts for performance.

It is also equipped with HP’s ePrint feature. This means you can print your photos and documents remotely. And with it, you do not need to connect your computer or smartphone via a cable to the printer, but simply issue commands via e-mail or an app. The free ePrint app helps you print from your phone.

Pros Cons
Supports Apple’s AirPrint technology: This multifunction laser printer is compatible with your Apple device and supports, among other things such as AirPrint wireless printing technology.

 Automatic duplex printing: You can print on both sides of your papers reducing costs and print volume.

 Compatible with a range of connections: You can integrate this laser printer into your network via Wi-Fi Direct, Ethernet or WLAN.

 Easy to replace cartridges: Since it is equipped with four individual cartridges, it is no problem replacing them one at a time. This design helps you to save money when buying the cartridges.

 Noisy: Compared to other inkjet devices, the Epson model is relatively loud, which can be annoying.

Small output tray: It comes with a relatively small tray which can only hold 100 sheets of paper.

Epson EcoTank Inkjet Printer with Refill Function

Looking for a multifunctional printer with all the new features and capabilities? If so, this model has a lot to be desired and admired. The Epson EcoTank refillable 3-in-1 inkjet printer gives you a very special advantage that sets this printer apart from other competitors. The printer is equipped with a large, refillable ink tank. A special container collects the remaining ink and can be replaced if necessary. When the ink runs out, you do not need to replace ink cartridges, just refill the appropriate container.

What exactly is the Epson ink tank technology? This system is an interesting alternative to traditional ink cartridges. Unlike traditional printers, it has four built-in tanks that you fill with ink. The advantage lies in a higher capacity of the tanks compared to conventional cartridges. Thanks to this design you not only save money but also protect the environment. In addition, it comes with ink for 3 years, which means printing up to 14,000 pages in black and white and about 11,200 pages in color.

The refillable ink tank means that the printing costs are extremely low. According to the manufacturer, you can reduce printing costs by 74 percent. The paper tray holds up to 150 sheets while the print feeder is designed for 35 sheets. Epson gives 12 months warranty on this printer. As a 3-in-1 printer, the Epson can print, copy and scan – this device does not have a fax function.

Duplex printing and borderless printing are also features that the Epson inkjet printer brings. Thanks to the Ethernet interface, you can integrate the printer into the network, nevertheless, Wi-Fi and WiFi Direct offer faster printing with your smartphone or tablet.

Pros Cons
Duplex printing: The printer supports duplex printing, but double-sided scanning is not possible.

Prints and sends fax autonomously: You do not need a PC connection, just a telephone or router connection.

Suitable for paper size DIN A3: Like most multifunctional printers, the EcoTank by Epson is suitable for A4 and below.

Scan-to-cloud feature: You can use this model to scan into network-based storage services. However, the function can only be used with the connected PC and not in autonomous mode.

 Low volume paper tray: The paper tray can only hold 150 sheets making it hard to print large volumes of paper.

Expensive: Though it comes with a lot of features, the price is on the higher scale.

The HP OfficeJet 3831 All-in-One Printer

The HP OfficeJet is a multifunction printer that provides printing, copying, scanning and faxing capabilities. This inkjet printer can, therefore, be used in a multifunctional manner and can serve well for study and office purpose. With HP Wireless Direct technology, it is possible to print directly from your smartphone or tablet. The touch display allows a user-friendly operation and impresses with a clear menu control.

With HP Instant Ink, you can save up to 70 percent on ink costs and eliminate ink bottlenecks. The printer automatically orders the necessary ink cartridges once they are worn-out and are delivered directly to your home. This functionality is available free of charge for the first 3 months after purchasing the multifunction printer. With HP Instant Ink, you do not have to pay an annual fee, and you can change or cancel your service plan at any time at no additional charge. A clear advantage of this system is the ability to print up to 15 pages per month for free.
The print speed is 8.5 pages per minute for black and white printing and 6 pages per minute for color printing. Thus, this multifunction printer is not quite as powerful as the previous laser printer from HP. But the HP OfficeJet is reasonably priced and one of the cheapest printers in our comparison.

Pros Cons
High print volume: The manufacturer recommends a workload of between 100 and 250 pages per month. It is only a recommendation and not the upper limit of the workload.

Supports HP’s ePrint feature: this feature is included with this inkjet printer. Apple’s AirPrint feature is also available.

Affordable: With all, it has to offer, this model is the literal example of value for money.

Automatic duplexing: Two-sided printing in a single step is not a problem for this model.

 Small input and output trays: The input tray holds 60 sheets, the output tray holds 25 sheets making it difficult to print large volumes of paper.

Epson WorkForce WF-2630WF Inkjet Printer

The Epson 4-in-1 printer is a device for printing, copying, scanning and faxing. With a print speed of 18 pages per minute in color and 34 pages in black and white, the printer is quite fast and powerful.

According to the manufacturer, this model qualifies for the company’s own program ReadyInk. The inkjet cartridge ReadyInk delivery system is one of many printer-client loyalty programs. After a one-time registration, you will report your average estimated need for ink cartridges and automatically receive a new shipment. The subscription can be canceled at any time.

The print volume recommended by Epson is 3,000 pages per month. The ink cartridges are individually interchangeable, so the printing costs are low. Connectivity options such as WiFi and WiFi Direct make the Epson printer a wireless printer that does not need a router. The automatic document feeder, for example, for copying, scanning or faxing of printed matter or images is designed for 30 pages while the printer is operated via the 5.6-centimeter LC backlit display for easy operation.

Pros Cons
A big print volume: The manufacturer recommends the upper limit of 3,000 pages per month.

Remote printing: This printer makes it possible to print documents remotely by using the Epson iPrint app on your smartphone.

 Manual Duplex printing: Although you can have the documents printed on both sides, it can only be done manually by turning the sheets.

Canon PIXMA G3400 Printer

This is a convenient multifunctional device that combines a printer, scanner, and copier. The small size and strict design make the device suitable for a student since it consumes very little space.

A distinctive feature of the model is the front panel with transparent “windows” through which ink containers are visible. Continuous feed technology saves ink consumption. In addition, this printer is designed for multi-color and black-and-white printing large volumes.

The Fine printing system ensures an even distribution of colored pigment on paper. Thanks to the built-in Wi-Fi module, the printer supports wireless printing. With the help of cloud services PIXMA Cloud Link and Google Cloud Print, you can print photos directly from Facebook and Instagram.

An important feature of the model is the ability to connect with smartphones and tablets. Printing one photo from the network takes no more than 1 min. Copier and scanner work at the same speed.

Pros Cons
Built-in services. Creative Park’s proprietary program allows you to create printed color calendars, postcards, and craft supplies on the printer.

Black ink supply separately from color. This technology helps save ink when printing text documents.

Remote printing: Thanks to the built-in Wi-Fi module, the printer supports wireless printing.

Continuous feed technology: This technology reduces ink consumption which is a plus since operation costs are significantly reduced.

System errors. If one of the containers is not filled in time, a failure occurs, and you have to update all the settings.

Complexity setting up Wi-Fi. The instructions for the printer are wrong recommendations, all the information you have to look on the Internet.

Noisy operation at maximum speed. Can be noisy especially when operating at maximum speed.

Samsung Xpress M2020W

This model is a laser device from a well-known South Korean company. It is designed with students and low volume printing in mind. A modern processor with 64 MB of RAM provides high-speed black-and-white printing – up to 20 pages per minute. The classic design allows you to place the printer in any room – from your dorm room to the living room while its compactness will allow it to fit without problems on shelves and desks.

The feed tray is able to accommodate 150 standard sheets at once while the control elements are represented by 2 backlit buttons and 2 indicators that indicate the operating mode of the device. A characteristic feature of the model is a wireless connection to laptops and mobile gadgets via Wi-Fi. Google Cloud Print and Samsung Mobile Print applications let you print files from the Internet.

Texts and small images have a resolution of up to 1200 by 1200 dpi. For work, you can use white and colored paper of the most common formats, cardboard, envelopes, and cotton fabrics.

Pros Cons
Warranty. The manufacturer offers warranty support for 3 years.

Cartridge quality. Complete with the printer is a toner that can print 500 sheets. If need be, you can upgrade to a custom cartridge for 1000 sheets.

Affordable price. Considering what it has to offer, its initial and maintenance cost, it is worth every penny.

Features work only with Wi-Fi. To work over a wireless protocol, you need to reconnect the printer to the router every time.

Manual duplex printing. Sheets in the tray must be turned over manually.

Produces lots of noise: This happens when the printer is operating at maximum speed.

What to Take Into Consideration When Buying a Printer

best printers for college students
In order to make a wise and informed decision, there are factors that you need to take into consideration. I mean there is a no printer for all. Therefore, take time and think of what you are looking for and why to ensure that the one you buy meets your needs and preferences. This section will help you out and also suggest the best printer according to why you are buying the printer in the first and place and for what reason. Have a look!


The most important thing is to determine exactly how much and what exactly will have to be printed. The biggest problem is that at the beginning no one usually knows exactly what he wants from the printer. As a rule, an average student in 2 years uses one or two packs of paper. This is somewhere 500-1000 sheets. You also need to determine if you are looking for color or black and white printer. After establishing the need, you can then go ahead and consider the following technical factors.

Printing Technology

Inkjet printers

These are compact and inexpensive devices that print well both in black and white and in color. If you are going to print mostly photos, then it is better to take an inkjet printer. The printing technology consists of spraying drops of paint through the nozzles of the printer heads.

Cons of Inkjet Printers

  • Cost of replacing the cartridge: The main disadvantage you will encounter but only some time is the cost of replacing the cartridge, which can be almost the same as the cost of a new printer. You can cheat this by filling the device with paint yourself, but a number of manufacturers put special chips on the cartridges that do not allow them to be used again which means that you have to buy a new cartridge.
  • Drying and blocking of print heads. To avoid this, print something regularly. The cost of printing is not that expensive since most come with as CISS (continuous feed system) which comes in handy for those who print a lot of photos.

Laser Printers

The initial cost is higher than that of inkjets. However, the price of each printed page is very low. You do not have to refill the printer every month and a half since the average toner life is 1,000 pages. Printing is carried out with powder paint, which is contained in the toner. If you need to print a lot of reports, abstracts, and other black and white documents, then a laser printer is the most economical and least problematic solution. You do not need to clean anything, and the pages are printed very quickly. There are color laser printers, but they are not suitable for photo printing since they transfer basic shades to paper. But with the printing of diagrams, graphs, and other simple illustrations, they will cope with a bang.

best printers for college students

Sublimation Printers

This uses the process of sublimation, the transmission of the ink from solid to gaseous state which is then, printed on the paper. The technology provides very accurate color reproduction but is expensive. This is an option for an enthusiastic photographer who wants to organize an entire studio for photo printing.

Color or Black and White?

Students and office workers usually deal with printing black and white documents. If you are in this category, a laser printer will come in handy. If you are going to often print color images, then it is more cost effective to choose a color inkjet printer with CISS. Printing color is one of the most important parameters of the printer, so it is very important to think through what you will be printing before making the purchase.

Paper Size

Most non-commercial printers print on A4 paper, and more is not needed in 98% of cases. Therefore, it is not necessary to bother with this parameter unless you need to print large drawings. In this case, it is better to pay attention to printers that can print on A3 paper. There are professional office printers that also print on A2 and A1 papers. Moreover, paper trays are also different. For a student, one that accommodates a small number of pages is suitable – 50-150, and for an office, it is better to choose an option that is more capacious.

Print Speed

If you are going to print a lot and constantly, then to save nerves and save time, it is better to take a device whose printing speed (measured in pages/minute) is higher. Even the simplest laser printer will not make you nervous – it prints very quickly. With inkjets, everything is less fast.

Additional Features

The fact that there are multi-function devices that can not only print but also copy and scan. These are so popular devices that when we talk about printers, often we mean the printer + scanner + copier. Additional features include:

  • Automatic two-sided printing is useful when printing large volumes and there is no time to manually turn over the sheets all the time. Students, as a rule, need one-sided printing, and if that happens, you can turn the sheet several times and not overpay for this function.
  • Ability to connect wireless networks. This is also a function for offices, although under certain conditions it will be useful for you as a student. Network printers are connected not to one specific computer, but to an entire network, and you can print a document from any computer in it. Wireless connection via Wi-Fi is also possible. If the printer and all network devices support this technology, you can print a document and photos even from your smartphone.
  • Fax is needed in the office, and not always, for students. So do not overpay for this unnecessary feature.
  • Noise level: If the noise level is important, then pay attention to this parameter. As for manufacturers, Canon, HP, Xerox, Epson, and Samsung have long established themselves in the printer market and their printers are relatively quiet.

Which Printer is Suitable for Whom?

best printers for college students
The best printer for you should always be the model that is exactly tailored to your needs. Before you decide to buy a printer, you should know which models are suitable for whom, what features are useful for your desired applications and how it relates to the follow-up costs. To find out which printer is right for you, ask yourself how you want to use the device for the most part. It will help you determine the most suitable printing method for your purposes that your new printer should work with.

For Occasional Printers

If you do not have a specific purpose, but only occasionally want to print letters, simple graphics or even a photo, a cheap printer is the best choice for you. Here is the recommendation to resort to an inkjet printer in the lower price range, because these devices offer a decent quality for your purpose at a low price.

With regard to the printing speed and the follow-up costs, you also have to put up with a cheap inkjet printer. But this is not problematic at a low print volume. You can get faster results with a low-cost laser printer, which may also be suitable for you if you print very little and do not want to print photos. A simple black and white laser printer is also very cheap.

For Transverse Bed Average Printers

If you want to print regularly but do not want to print large volumes of paper, but occasionally want to print a photo on paper alongside documents, a mid-range inkjet printer is the best choice. Even special foils or CD and DVD labels can be printed well with an inkjet printer. However, you have to keep in mind that the cost of printing a high-quality photo is usually higher than that of images. On the other hand, you are highly flexible and can bring high-quality prints to paper, textile or label. A laser printer is not an alternative for this type of task, especially since it delivers significantly worse results in the field of photo printing.

For Amateur Photographers and Image Printers

If you want to print photos of high quality, you should always resort to a photo printer. Here, high-quality inkjet models as well as portable photo printers, which usually print by the thermal sublimation process, come in handy. Pay attention to the maximum possible final format, because this is usually limited to postcard size, especially for portable photo printers, while full-fledged photo printers allow printouts up to DinA3. Good inkjet photo printers often offer more than 10 individual colors, resulting in better color mixing and better results. A laser printer is out of the question for photo prints, because the resolution is too low, the colors cannot be mixed and no glossy photos are possible.

For Advanced Printers

The more you print and the more frequently you need to print or copy documents and letters, the sooner you should shift to a laser printer. These are fast printers that deliver durable and sharp results in text and graphics. Thanks to the low initial cost, even the purchase of an entry-level color laser printer is well worth it for a student. Currently, more and more LED printers are coming onto the market that work like laser printers, but are a bit cheaper and are just as well suited for students as laser printers.

One for All

Multi-function devices are equally suitable for use in the office and at school. They offer scanners, copiers, printers and often faxes in one. This saves you space and has everything in one device. They are very cheap as inkjet and laser models that print in black and white or color. The right choice depends on the number of pages you need to print. For photos, inkjet multifunction devices are generally suitable.

Useful Additional Equipment

  • If you want to print documents from sticks or SD cards, it is recommended to use a device that has an appropriate interface. Photo printers with USB or SD card slots often allow the selection of images directly from the storage medium, sometimes even via an integrated display.
  • If you want to print from several computers, it makes sense to integrate the printer into your network. Depending on where the device is installed, it may be worth buying a WLAN-enabled device which is not ideal for students.
  • Depending on how much you print, it’s worth taking a look at the paper chutes or cassettes. Some cheap laser printers do not offer a paper cassette, so printing a lot of documents or large files can be a bit tedious.
  • The larger the data you print, the more likely it is to buy a device with its own processor and the largest possible memory. Because this relieves the PC of arithmetic calculations during printing and leads to significantly faster results. Therefore, entry-level devices are not suitable for the frequent and extensive printing of large amounts of data.
  • If you also use a scanner, you should consider whether the purchase of a combo unit is the best choice for you. As a result, you only need one device that you can use to print as well as scan. In addition, a printer including a scanner makes it easier for you to do photocopying, as this is done simply by pressing a button. With the addition of fax, you will even have a fully fledged multifunction device that replaces three fully-fledged devices.
  • If you tend to buy a very affordable inkjet printer as an all-rounder, make sure that your own color cartridge has its own cartridge. Some cheap printers mix black with the available colors, so you lose a lot of colors when printing documents.

Bottom Line

Best Printers for College Students
By now, you must be having an idea of the printer that is best suited to adequately handle all of your printing needs as a student. The most important thing when choosing the best printer for college students is taking your needs into consideration to ensure that you don’t overspend on unnecessary features. However, if your line of study necessitates a top-notch printer, don’t feel the pinch when spending money on one since it will deliver results beyond your expectations. After all, there is no need for spending money on a black and white printer when you are required to print high definition diagrams, picture, and images. On the hand, it makes no point wasting your hard earned money on a multifunctional printer when all you need is to print reports and assignments. Therefore, take your time, weigh your needs and options and make a decision on that line. I hope this guide contains all you need to know to make an informed decision. Happy printing!

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