10 Best Teacher Halloween Costumes

HistoryTowards the end of October, it gets spooky: It’s Halloween again! It is when teachers crave pumpkins with their students and tell ghost and vampire stories towards the end of the schooldays. The classrooms are decorated with spiders and pumpkins already weeks before the scary night.

Now it is time to be creative and to think of the perfect teacher Halloween costume. If you don´t want to dress up as a ghost or witch again, scroll down this article and find our favorite Halloween costume this year. We put together a list of the 10 best teacher Halloween costumes for every grade level.

Sometimes, the most simple costumes have the best effect. When I had more time, I used to make my own DIY Halloween costume, and it was lots of fun. I had many costume ideas, and I was sure that no other teacher would wear the same outfit.

Not my creativity but times have changed, and my job as a teacher is now busier than ever. I do not have that much time and energy anymore to create my own costumes. There are so many great and affordable Halloween costume ideas on Amazon, which I want to share with you. I sat together with a few other teachers and started the research of our favorite Halloween characters.

If you need some Halloween costume inspiration, watch this video of a school Halloween parade:

Best Halloween Costumes for Teachers at a Glance

  1. PencilSchool supplies costumes
  2. Crayola
  3. Rock, Paper, Scissors
  4. American SuffragetteGreat for History teachers
  5. King Henry The VIIIBig men costume
  6. Van GoghGreat for Art teachers
  7. Frida Kahlo
  8. EinsteinPerfect Math teacher costume
  9. CarrotBiology teacher costume
  10. Lady Bug

School Supplies

Are there a better teacher Halloween costumes than school supplies? All teachers, women, and men, can wear these costumes for any grade level. They are simple, fun, easy to dress, and our favorite part, there is no need for any facial makeup. Ant the best, you can still wear your normal clothing underneath without overheating.

1. Pencil

pencil outfit

Who does not want a sharp Pencil? This is a great teacher costume, not only for Halloween. The outfit has large arm openings, making it comfortable to wear on a long Halloween day at school. Students, colleagues, and friends will smile at you and love it. And the best, due to high-quality material, you can wear these costumes for many years.

2. Crayola

Crayola dress

The Crayola costumes are cute at a great price. To put this dress on, you have to wrap the crayon wrapper all the way around your body. It will be hard to tell what you are from the back. Ask your colleagues and friends to organize a group costume purchase. Each teacher will be a different color. You will be the hit of the day! On top of that, get a matching Crayola face mask.

3. Rock, Paper, Scissors

group halloween costume for school

Looking for a group costume to wear together with your grade level team? Here are three teachers dressed as Rock, Paper, Scissors. This set includes 1 rock, 1 paper, 1 scissor. For around $40.00, this is a great deal. The costumes are lightweight and easy to put on for all body types.

As shown in the picture, the teachers wear paper and rock over the shoulders with straps. Velcro secures the costumes at the back. The scissors have no straps but a handle around the neck.

Best Halloween Costumes for History Teachers

Teaching history can be dull and boring. But not with these costumes. With these characters, you can turn your costume ideas into a fun educational history lesson. You can prepare a little role play-act in class with your character. Give your students a story about your life; tell them what you had archived, when you were born, and more. You will see that they will be much more interested in short history lessons from live characters than learning from a book.

4. American Suffragette

american history costume

For all American history teachers, the American Suffragette outfit is fabulous! The quality of the material is not the best, but ok value for money. To be sure that you feel comfortable in class and all day at your Halloween school party, get one size bigger than your usual size. The dress comes without the straw hat and the sign. You may want to make a sign with a wooden picket and white poster board.

5. King Henry The VIII

big man costume

Characters like King Henry The VIII will stand out. This costume comes in 3 pieces. For all tall history teachers, this is your outfit. The high-quality material makes real-life Henry VIII look even better. Get some dark tights and slippers to complete this outfit.

Best Art Teacher Halloween Costumes

Let´s continue the list with some famous art characters. These teacher Halloween costume ideas will not take up much space in your wardrobe and still make a complete outfit look right. Take body paint with you and draw something small onto the children’s faces.

6. Van Gogh

art teacher costume

This vintage Van Gogh midi skirt is a must-have for all Art teachers. We love that you can wear this skirt not only at a dress-up party but also for shopping or school trips or while teaching in the classroom. It will make you stand out, whether you are. Some customers reported that the skirt runs a little bit small so maybe get one size bigger than your normal size.

7. Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo costume

The Frida Kahlo costume comes with a v- neck shirt and a red skirt with an elastic waistband. This is a licensed Frida Kahlo dress, but in my opinion, you can wear the shirt and the skirt even in your everyday life without looking dressed up. The colors are perfect and look as you can see them in the picture.

Halloween Costumes for Science Teachers

8. Einstein

Einstein wig

Would Einstein be the best math teacher at your school? This classical teacher, Halloween costume is perfect for all maths teachers. Ask your students what Einstein is known for. Share some mathematical quizzes to solve for your students and discuss the answers at the end of the day.

Costumes for Biology Teachers

How fun are these costumes? They come in different colors, sizes and are unisex. Take some carrots with you and share your healthy snack with your colleagues, students, and friends. These costumes are perfect for elementary school teachers and ideas for group costumes for teachers to wear with their grade-level besties.

9. Carrot

carrot costume

Be the healthiest-looking teacher of the day. The Carrot costume is one size and fits most teens and adults. There are many more veggie costumes on Amazon. Get your grade-level besties and go together as a veggie basket.
The carrot jumpsuit is easy to wear at a long Halloween school party. It comes in bright orange, which will make you stand out from the other teachers dressed in fun costumes. The jumpsuit has an elastic cap inside with green leaves on the outside.

10. Lady Bug

Lady Bug costume

We love this little book character, The Grouchy Lady Bug. Red ladybugs characters bring luck in some countries. This costume comes with a tunic with black polka dots and attached wings. The hood has an attached antenna to give the outfit the cute ladybug look.

It comes in only one size but will fit most adults. You will have to get black leggings and a shirt separately. You can wear this outfit at Halloween but also book character day. The best teacher Halloween costumes for primary school teachers. Complete the outfit with the book “The Grouchy Ladybug.”

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