30 of the Best Teacher Halloween Costumes 2020

May 14, 2020

30 of the Best Teacher Halloween Costumes 2020


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When I had more time, I used to make my own costumes and it was lots of fun. I had many ideas and I was sure, that no other teacher would wear the same costume. But times have changed and my job as a teacher is now busier than ever. I do not have that much time and energy anymore to create my own costumes.

There are so many great and cheap teacher Halloween costumes on Amazon, which I can recommend to all of my colleagues. I sat together with a few other teachers and started the research to put together a list of the best 30 teacher Halloween costumes. When we put together a list of our favourites, we were laughing and we can not wait for Halloween to arrive this year.

School Supplies

Is there a more suitable teacher Halloween costume than school supplies? These costumes can be worn by women and men. They are simple, easy to dress and the best, there is no need for any facial makeup. I like that you can still wear your normal clothing underneath without overheating.

1. Pencil

2. Crayola

3. Rock, Paper, Scissors


Are you a history teacher? Then have a look at these funny costumes. Turn your costume into a short history lesson. You can prepare a little role play act like your character. Tell your students about your life, what you have archived, when you were born and more. You will see, that your students will be much more interested in this short history lesson than learning from a book.

4. American Suffragette

5. King Henry The VIII

6. Abraham Lincoln

7. Amelia Earhart

8. Napoleon


These simple teacher Halloween costumes will not take up much space in your wardrobe and still make a complete outfit. Take some body paint with you and draw something small onto your students face.

9. Van Gogh

10. Bob Ross

11. Frida Kahlo


The classical teacher Halloween costume for all maths teachers. Ask your students, what Einstein is known for.  Hand out some mathematical quizzes to solve to your students and discuss the answers at the end of the day.

12. Einstein

Story Book

Are you invited to more Halloween parties? These costumes can be worn to many different locations. And the best, they will keep you warm during these cold October days. Have a copy of the story with you and read them out to your students.

13. Mary Poppins

14. Big Bad Wolf

15. The Beast

16. Snow White

17. Genie

18. Big Foot


How funny are the costumes? My favourite costumes is the grape one. They come in different colours, sizes and are unisex. Take some of these vegetable with you and hand out your healthy snack to your colleagues and students.

19. Carrot

20. Pea Pod

21. Pineapple

22. Grapes

Just For Fun

Classic costumes for school Halloween parties and other dress up parties.

24. Where’s Waldo

27. Snowman

28. King Crab

Harry Potter

You will make a lot of friends at school with these Harry Potter costumes. Expect to see students wearing the same outfit as you. Find all of the Harry Potter costumes on the school party and take a big group picture.

29. Harry Potter

30. Harry Potter Gryffindor

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