Teacher stamps encourage positive encouragement and draw attention to areas of improvement. They can ask a parent to sign or a student to redo work. Stamps are a great way to bring a little extra flair to your papers and your class – and even brighten up your day. There are tons of teacher stamps to choose from that all your students will love. They can be self-inking, rubber stamps with ink – or even wooden if you’re going old school. Students love getting these on their papers, and they are a great addition to your grading routine.

Stamps can be used to ask students and parents to sign, resubmit work, or request additional assistance. Students can’t miss these large calls to action, and it is quick for a teacher to grab, stamp, and go. They are also a must-have in any substitute teacher bag.

Best Teacher Stamps at a Glance

We know the day-to-day of teachers is hectic, so here are the highlights so you can get a fabulous stamp to use in your class. These are the best teacher stamps available on Amazon, broken down into categories to help you make the right choice for you.

  1. Best Overall: Decora Rubber Stamps
  2. Self Inking Stamp: Reliancer Self-Inking Stamps
  3. Personalized Stamp: 904 Custom Stamp
  4. Best Selection: Learning Resources Jumbo Illustrated Teacher Stamps
  5. Stamps for Younger Students: Hero Arts Woodblock Stamps

Best Teacher Stamps for Grading Reviewed

1. Decora Rubber Stamps

These are the no. 1 seller on Amazon for a wood stamp, with six different sayings available in this set. A no-nonsense set of standard products that will let you do your job and then some! The Decora stamp comes in a pack of six and features motivational messages like super, terrific, nice work, excellent, great, and well done that you will love. There are cute illustrations, too, on these round stamps that add a little extra fun to your pages and other items. This is a no. 1 bestseller on Amazon, but a teacher will have to buy their own ink or clay to put these stamps to work!

The stamp is round, fits perfectly in your hand, and is easy to use. You will get a clear picture when you stamp it down on the paper without bleeding or smudging. To clean, you wipe it off with water! These are small, coming in at 1.15 x 1.6 inches so that they will fit perfectly on any page in your class. If you want more general sets, you can also get snowflakes and flowers, though they aren’t related to teaching.

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2. Reliancer Self-Inking Stamps

The stamp will last for more than 30,000 impressions without needing additional ink. The great selection of motivational messages will give a personal touch to your grading. These self-inking stamps are super cute, with eight different motivational phrases in different colors that a teacher will love. They easily mark homework and tests without needing additional ink. The phrases on these include excellent, let’s work on this together, 100%, perfect, parent signature, great work, great effort, and please correct and return in a mix of pink, blue, green, orange, and red. Most also feature cute illustrations to encourage your students no matter their grades.

The stamps feature high-quality, oil-based stamps that are safe for kids because they are acid and lignin-free. The precision-cut stamp will provide a clear and sharp impression each time. Just be sure to close the cap to prevent these stamps from drying out. Because they are pre-inked, you’ll want to be careful of them drying out when overexposed to air.

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3. 904 Custom Stamp

This rubber stamp may be traditionally used for addresses, but teachers can customize it with four lines of any text! It can be personalized with font and ink color choices as well, so if you want something just for you, consider these self-inking stamps! You can use 904 Custom Stamp for anything you’d like! For a personalized look, enter up to four custom text lines to help meet your teaching needs. You can choose from more than 20 fonts and eight colors in addition to the text. This is pre-inked, so you don’t have to worry about purchasing anything different, and when you run out, it is very convenient to replace it and get a new ink pad.

Rather than remember to cover the stamp, it features a spring mechanism that will prevent the ink from drying out when it’s not in use. To use, all you need to do is push down. It may be a little different than some of the stamps on this list, but if you’re looking for a unique, personalized stamp, you can think outside of the box with this one.

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4. Learning Resources Jumbo Illustrated Teacher Stamps

There are more than 30 stamp options in this case, with positive and encouraging messaging for all types of students. Keep in mind that you’ll need ink to use it, though. There are 30 unique stamps in this Learning Resources set, with half congratulating students on a good job, with the rest providing encouragement and calling for additional action. Know there are even letter grades like A, B, and C available to help you draw attention to the page. There are illustrations in addition to words on most stamps to catch students’ attention. And they come in a great plastic case to help you keep track of your stamps when you’re not using them.

While you need to provide your own inks to use these stamps, they will give neat and clear messages, no matter what you use them on. Be sure to utilize a good amount of pressure to make the best impression. These stamps make grading quick and easy for teachers and wipe them down to clean.

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5. Hero Arts Woodblock Stamps

his stamp features fun designs that younger students will love and encourage messages to engage with their grade on an assignment. Know there are several different stamp sets available with a variety of sayings for your classroom. The Hero Arts Woodblock Stamps are adorable, with cute designs that are best for younger students. These are all for positive messaging, so if you’re looking for a mix, this may not be the set for you! The stamp is encased in a maple wood block from sustainably managed forests, so you can feel good about using these stamps.

The designs are deeply etched in the rubber to show up great on the page when you press it into an ink pad, which is not included in this set. All your students will love these designs, backed up with 40 years of experience in the field and plenty of positive reviews on Amazon. These stamps vary in size, but overall, they are slightly bigger than others on this list. Still, they are the perfect stamp for an affordable price!

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Buyer’s Guide

Teacher stamps are a good way to engage with your new or existing classroom, and you will want to consider how, as a teacher, you want to add them into your routine. The purpose and the features listed below will help you narrow down your choices, helping you pick the ideal rubber stamp set for you.


Do you want rubber stamps? One that has ink included? What about a wooden block grip vs. a longer handle? These are all features that will impact the type of stamp you choose for your class and your grading needs.


Stamps can be standard or come with words like yes, good job, sign here, and more. Teachers will need to consider if they are looking for practical phrases or encouraging phrases and picking stamps accordingly. This may vary based on the age of your students too. Younger students love illustrations, while older students may not find value in stamps at all.

Dry Time

You’ll want a stamp that dries quickly, so you know that there will be no smudges on the pages when you pull up the stamp or flip quickly between multiple pages a day.

Frequently Asked Questions

You may be wondering why you should use a stamp for your work and what it will bring to the class experience. Yes, a stamp is just a stamp! But one stamp may perform better for teachers and students than another stamp, and you want to order one that everyone will love. Teachers, we’ve answered a few smart questions below for your consideration.

Why Should I Use a Stamp in My Work?

A stamp can add encouragement for students, a call to action (like needing to sign or turn it back in), or it can just be cool to stamp for teachers! These are entirely optional – they are by no means required for grading – but many students found that they love receiving them on their work. And bonus, they draw more attention than a standard grade for students. Many teachers use stamps for their teacher planner, instead or in addition to stickers.

Should I order a personalized stamp?

Yes, personalized stamps will take longer to arrive because they aren’t just readily available on a website; however, these can allow you to create your message, including adapting an address stamp to meet your needs. Or, you can create your seal of approval! Both of these can be found on Amazon, regardless of how you want to customize them!

Does Color Matter?

Maybe, because color can convey an additional level of meaning; for instance, red can be for poor performance or indicate action is needed. Green could be used for good performance. It depends on how you approach them, and your students will take note.