Whether permanently or temporarily, there is a great deal of education taking place online. It is uncharted territory for many online teachers, and they never believed this would happen; however, it has. As the online teacher begins to explore these uncharted waters of streaming, one thing they will need is a high-quality webcam for online teaching at an affordable price.

As we searched for the best webcam for online teachers, we looked for a variety of criteria. The webcams had to be affordable, come with a full HD, preferably with 1080p, the camera and the wire had to go in one piece, and the clip needed to be adjustable. We wanted cameras that were versatile enough that they would pick you up whether you were sitting right in front of it or up writing on a whiteboard.

Best Webcams for Teaching Online at a Glance

  1. Best Webcam for Online Teaching: NexiGo 1080P Webcam with Microphone
  2. Best Budget Webcam: Hrayzan 1080P Full HD Webcam
  3. Logitech C270 HD Webcam
  4. Microsoft Lifecam Cinema
  5. NexiGo N60 USB Computer Camera
  6. Logitech Brio

Finding the best webcams for online teaching at a good price can be time-consuming and overwhelming. However, we know you will get a favorite within our list.

Our Top 6 Webcams for Teaching Online Reviewed

1. Best Webcam for Online Teaching: NexiGo

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Let us start with our top pick, the 1080P Webcam with Microphone. Compatible with both Mac OS and PC, this webcam has a 110° wide-angle, six-layer lens. It has a 1080P resolution with 5 million pixels and 30 frames per second. You will find the camera, a user manual, a tripod, and a 1.5m long cable in the box.


The 1080P recording webcam has a lot to offer. Some online students and online teachers prefer an excellent headset to cut off the background noise. But due to the built-in dual microphone, you can also work and study headset free. The built-in microphone does an excellent job of canceling out echo and extra noise. The autofocus works nicely, so you aren’t having to adjust focus while teaching online.

The autofocus is also lovely as you move around when you teach, mainly if you use a whiteboard to teach from. The built-in adjustable stand works with any computer or laptop, making set up easy, and if you don’t want to attach it to a monitor or laptop, there is a tripod included. Having this tripod saves you from having to get one.

We love that it is compatible with both MAC and PC. The USB plug-and-play makes it easy to set up and use. A driver must be installed on the computer before use, but it is easy to walk through. The color is excellent on the computer screen and with 30fps, so there is no choppy video quality. Besides, you can get this camera at a very affordable price.

2. Hrayzan 1080P HD Webcam

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The Hrayzan 1080P HD Webcam offers the USB feature with no drivers needed. It has a 110° wide-angle, 1080P full HD resolution, and 30fps.  Other specs offered with this camera include a privacy cover and a tripod. An again, this webcam also works with Windows. It is compatible with Windows 10, MAC, PC, and Chrome systems. A built-in auto noise reduction mic picks up voices at 5m. This webcam offers low light correction.


The very first aspect we love on this camera is the privacy cover. It gives a sense of security, so hackers can not hack your camera. Much like the FONREST webcam, this webcam has the same wide-angle, plug-and-play connectivity, and 30 fps.

We did notice that although the camera claims to have a resolution of 1080P recording, it streams at 720, which makes it an adequate live streaming webcam.

A couple of downfalls of this product is that the four corners are often distorted because of the wide angle. The image quality is clear, but the corners are out of focus. Users sometimes look washed out; this can be changed by changing camera settings and changing light. There is no warranty offered with this webcam and very little customer service support.

3. Logitech C270 HD Webcam

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Offering 30 frames per second, the Logitech C270 HD Webcam has a built-in noise reduction microphone. This webcam comes with autofocus and auto light correction. It has a universal clip for monitors and laptops and is compatible with Chrome, MAC, and PC. It offers 3MP and 1280X720 video capture resolution. To connect to a device, this webcam uses a 2.0 USB.


We love how easy this device is to install and use. It is a camera with a 5-foot cable. As soon as you plug it in, it works. This is nice for teaching because it is reliable to know it will be easy to set up before online classes. The image quality is crisp, clear, smooth, and often better than the built-in camera with a laptop.

This camera’s downfall is that it does not offer a tripod or tripod, unlike the FONREST and the Hrayzan webcams.

Logitech webcams are in high demand and great for online teaching because of their clear picture and microphone capabilities. The warranty offered with this webcam is a 2-year limited hardware warranty.  Logitech also provides online support for this product through its website.

4. Microsoft Lifecam Cinema

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For online teaching, the Microsoft Lifecam Cinema offers 720p full HD resolution and 30fps. A glass lens uses autofocus to see the picture. Microsoft uses its ClearFrame technology to create the HD video alongside its TrueColor tech. This camera can rotate halfway in both directions for an all-around video. A high-fidelity microphone is also built into this camera. This webcam comes with a lens cap.


We will start by saying this is a Microsoft item, so it is not compatible with MAC or Chrome devices. However, if you have a PC, this is a great camera. The high-fidelity built-in microphone produces a high-quality sound that is sharp and clear.  Designed for business, it is the most top model of all the Lifecam cameras.

Don’t let the fact that it was designed for business to deter you; the Lifecam Cinema brings high-quality video calling and streaming. Their ClearFrame technology gives such a smooth, detailed video. TrueColor Tech offers such a bright and colorful video.

This web camera is great in any lighting, which makes it very versatile for online teaching. Want to take your teaching outside one day for a science experiment? This quality webcam will deliver. Since this webcam comes with a lens cap, it can be used as a privacy cover, much like the privacy cover that comes with the Hrayzan Webcam.

Microsoft offers a three-year limited warranty on this camera. Just like the Logitech webcam, this camera does not come with a tripod or tripod mount.

5. NexiGo N60 USB Computer Camera

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NexiGo offers another new to the market webcam. The NexiGo Computer Camera has a built-in noise-canceling microphone. The specs for this camera include Full HD 1080p recording. The lens captures an ultra-wide angle of up to 110° that is great for online group classes and presentations. This webcam works perfectly with Skype and Zoom.


The built-in dual stereo microphone gives such a natural audio quality with enhanced sound quality. If a built-in microphone is not enough, you may be interested in a separate microphone for online teaching. If you are a music teacher looking for a webcam, this is it as the sound is so clear. The streaming if the image is sharp and clear. Much like the rest of the webcams on this list. It has a convenient foldable design for easy transportation or is packed away when it is not being used.

It is great for dim lighting, so if you teach in a poorly lit corner of your house or office, this camera is the perfect one for you. We love the fact you can mount this camera on a tripod.

6. Logitech Brio

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The only UltraHD, 4K Webcam on the list, the Logitech Brio, is high-end. It has a premium quality glass lens, 4K image sensor, autofocus, and full HD video 5X zoom. Powered by both optical and infrared sensors, this camera operates at 60 fps.  The Logitech Brio has a digital zoom and pan and three fields of view to choose from. It has two Omni-directional built-in mics, which give a crisp, good sound quality. This camera is compatible with PC, MAC, and Chrome. It is also compatible with Windows 10 and Windows Hello certified.


Like the Microsoft Lifecam, the Logitech Brio was designed for business. It would be one of the best webcams for online teachers if it were intended for business. This webcam is the most hi-tech on the list as it has facial recognition, and the price tag shows it. Rich in features and offering top-end resolution, the quality video calling is so true to life. It is as if you are sitting in the same room as the person you are talking with.

We appreciate the autofocus when streaming and that it automatically adjusts to any lighting. This means it compensates for glare and backlighting. This camera comes with three different USB attachments, which are convenient to have options for connections.

It does not come with a tripod mount, which is inconvenient.  Like the OKIOCAM T USB Camera, it is not a plug-and-play camera as software must be downloaded for it to be used.

How to Install Any External Webcam

In this video, you can see that setting up a webcam on your monitor, curved or straight, is not that difficult and makes a high difference in your online class’s picture quality.

A Buyer’s Guide for Your Streaming Webcam

There are several specs to keep in mind when looking for the best webcams for online teaching and video calling. These specs are specific to online teaching, and finding a good quality camera within these specs will ensure a camera that will get the streaming job done and exceed it.  The specs to consider when purchasing a web camera are resolution, frame rate, and low light sensitivity.


Resolution is often measured in pixels or megapixels. A megapixel is one million pixels—the more megapixels built-in webcams have, the higher the video quality. High-definition webcams can also be measured in measurements such as 640×480 and 1600×1200.

An average webcam has a resolution of 640×480 and is the recommended lowest resolution. Most of the high-definition webcams on this list are full HD 1080p recording, which puts their resolution slightly above average.  Most laptop built-in webcams are 720p. Adding a 1080p webcam to your online teaching would be a great improvement. Some online teachers like to decorate the background of their online class setup. With a high-resolution webcam, you can capture your background decoration easily and make the online classroom inviting for your students.

Frame Rate

The next spec is frame rate. The frame rate is the number of frames a webcam captures and displays in a given time. The lower the frames per second, the choppier the video will be, and when the video calling becomes choppy, the audio quality becomes out of sync. It is recommended for online teaching to have a webcam that has 30 fps. The Logitech Brio operates at 60 fps.

Light Sensitivity

Generally, the webcams for online teaching require a lot of lighting, especially cheap webcams. When searching for a webcam, it is essential to find one that can handle low light.  A webcam with low light is ideal as it can automatically adjust to low lights and brighten up the video quality.


Students will focus on what the teacher does if the video quality is clear, crisp, and colorful. Online teachers already face enough distractions without webcam issues while teaching online.

Choosing the best webcam can be overwhelming; however, you will have a great experience teaching online if you want one from this list. Find the right one today, and happy teaching!