It is no secret that students love competitive games. Trivia and review games are tried and true as one of the best methods to give the ultimate learning experience. These learning activities provide more open-ended participation while allowing for healthy individual or group competition. Further, competitive experiences engage students and allow them to learn!

The goal is, that our students, at the end of a lesson or unit, have absorbed the invaluable information taught. This is where Blooket can help!

What Is Blooket?

Blooket is a fun new take on the review games for classroom use and remote learning. I have played just about every available learning game activity with my students over the last decade. Most games are incredibly similar. You sign up, pick a Blooket game, assign games, pick individual mode or class mode, and answer questions. However, Blooket Play has many games already loaded into the database or allows you the opportunity to create your own game. Students play online games alone or in teams.

Honestly, Blooket works because there are so many options that allow you to personalize learning for your students. This is something that not all game systems have available.

How to Play Blooket Trivia and Review Games

Blooket winter holiday trivia

I genuinely love Blooket because its site is filled with educator-created content designed to help students learn! You can choose from already created games or contribute to the site by creating your question sets. Also, when you create a game for your class, you can choose whether or not you want your game to be public or private.

So Many Different Game Modes!

Blooket offers so many unique game modes you may not know where to start! Want to launch games about Christmas, Halloween, or Dia de Los Muertos? No problem! You can find seasonal and event modes that allow students to answer questions that relate to what is going on in the real world.

Battle Royale

This mode is so much fun! Students play this mode in one on one, in random groups (Blooket Live), or as homework assignments.  The auto-generating groups feature is great for classroom management.

Gold Quest

This particular mode allows you to earn gold and steal it from other players when you answer questions correctly!

Limited-Time Seasonal

Need something to do on that last day before a break? Play one of the seasonal games for fun! Their seasonal games (like others) can be joined with just a game code and includes group gameplay features.

Crypto Hack

Spending coins and gaining coins is the name of the game. This playing field allows students to gain money and take it from others, making this mode all the more competitive.


Students will love to serve food, gain points, and spend coins in the cafe mode. Answering questions correctly allows kids to restock supplies in their cafes and ultimately beat other players.


Factory mode is fast-paced and allows students to earn virtual money to spend on their Blook avatars.


Your students will love this racing mode! The faster a child answers the questions, the faster they go, ultimately winning the race.

Classic Mode

It can be easy to get confused with all the different gameplay types. When this happens, go with the classic game mode! A multiple choice game is excellent for class-wide review and is easy to follow.

Which Game Mode Should I Choose?

Blooket select a mode

Each game mode is labeled with three things: speed and accuracy/luck/strategy, player limit, and recommended amount of players. Many of my students enjoyed the modes where the fastest correct answer wins the game! To find a mode, click on “host” a game and click which mode you want to use.

Is Blooket Free?

The game platform is 100% free! Like any web-based gaming, there is an option for a premium account. However, you do NOT need to have a premium account to access all the fantastic educational games available to help increase your classroom engagement.

Create an Account

It is super easy to create an account for yourself and your students.

Have each one of your students go to the website. Then, click on the “sign up” button in the top right-hand corner. From this point, students join classroom games by creating an account with their school email account. After each of your students is done creating their accounts, you can assign Blooket games individually or as a class.

I love that students do not even have to have an account to play the game on a side note. Kids need a computer or a tablet and the game ID code to play along! Sometimes, I will have guest observers in my class or other students, which is a great way to keep students engaged and everyone involved!


There is a reason this game is called “Blooket.” Each player gets this cute little block (or blook) representing their presence in the game. Each player will be presented with many different avatar options to choose from upon entering the game! They can be a fox, a cow, a monkey, and so on.

Creating a Game

Creating a game is incredibly easy to do. Each game you create can have its own visual theme and title. One great thing about this powerful set builder is that you can import question sets from a spreadsheet or Quizlet. You can also host games by creating questions the traditional way.

Blooket create a question set

How I Use Blooket in My Classroom

Oh. My. Goodness! My students had so much fun playing a game that they asked for another game session! My students each played on their own devices and truly enjoyed answering questions and competing against each other.

Some created their accounts, and others used the ID code to join a game on their own devices. I presented everything on the large screen in my class, and the game put them into auto-generated groups.

Final Thoughts on Blooket

You cannot go wrong with this learning tool for classroom management or student engagement! The games can be used as a formative assessment tool, encourage camaraderie in the classroom, and be embedded incentives for your lessons. Further, it will give you detailed score reports and enhanced game reports if you need them for grading purposes.

Unlike a traditional Trivia game, Blooket provides you with more detailed reporting and a fun way for your to assess your students without them feeling the pressure of a test!