Blueprint LSAT Prep Review 2020

May 31, 2020

Blueprint LSAT Prep Review 2020


Blueprint LSAT prep is specialized in LSAT prep courses and offers several different LSAT preparation options.

For anyone interested in going to law school, the LSATs are critical. The Law School Admissions Test, or LSAT can make or break someone’s chances for getting into the Law school of their choice. It can even decide whether a candidate is getting in at all. In fact, along with the Undergraduate GPA, it is the most important factor in estimating a student’s success in law school.

As such, there are countless LSAT prep courses available. All of them promising to make you feel confident, better prepared, and, most of all, raise your score significantly. With so many different test prep programs out there, each with their own approach. How do you know which one is the right one for you?


We will be looking closely at one of the most popular LSAT prep courses on the market today, available through a company called Blueprint. Blueprint LSAT has been in the business of test preparation for 15 years. This prep course is one of the most popular options for LSAT preparation.

In this Blueprint LSAT Prep review, we will take a deep dive into Blueprint’s options for preparing for the LSAT. We will also review their overall approach and what their customers are saying about the program. 

First, let’s talk a little bit about the LSAT and why scores are so important.

The Law School Admissions Test (LSAT)

The LSAT is a requirement for any student who plans to go to law school. It is a standardized, proctored exam that is administered several times each year. To find test dates, times, and locations, you may refer to

Sign up is typically well in advance of the test and fill up quickly. The test evaluates reading comprehension, analytical reasoning, logical reasoning, and writing. The test itself has six parts. Five 35-minute multiple-choice sections, four of which score, with one section that is experimental. The final section, also unscored, is the written portion. This section analyzes the overall writing skills.

The Scores

Blueprint LSAT scores range from 120 – 180, with 153 being about the average. Participants receive their overall score and a score band, showing the range of scores scaled above. They also receive as a percentile score, which shows where the participant lands in terms of highest to lowest. For example, with a score in the 96th percentile, the participant performed better than 96% of all other test takers, with only 4% of people scoring higher.

The top 10% of scores range from approximately 164 to 180. The most competitive law schools in the United States expect LSAT scores to be in the top 10% for consideration. For example, for schools such as Harvard Law and Yale Law, applicants should have an LSAT score of at least 173 for consideration. For other top-rated law schools, such as Columbia, University of Chicago, and New York University, applicants should have at least a 170 for consideration.

Beyond the top 10% of scores, a competitive score on the LSAT would be between 159-163. For individuals scoring in this range, these scores are in the top 25% of all law school applicants. Students who receive scores in this range should be able to gain admission to a very well respected school without tremendous difficulty. Scores between 152 – 158 are slightly above, or an average, and scores below 152 are typically in the lower 50% percentile.

The Main Component

The LSAT is the main component for law school when you decide on admissions, along with Undergraduate performance, with LSAT weighing heavier in the decision—as such, obtaining the highest score possible is a major focus of students wishing to gain admission into law school today.

For students who want an extra edge when taking the LSAT, or for students who want to improve on a previous LSAT score, LSAT preparation classes can be invaluable. Blueprint has been offering LSAT preparation classes since 2005 and feel they created a formula for success.

Between a talented staff, and a program that is fun and educational, Blueprint is confident they can offer their students an edge over the competition. Let’s take a look at their program.

Blueprint LSAT Preparation

Depending on an individual’s learning style, availability, and overall needs, Blueprint Academic Managers will work with students one on one to determine which learning style is the best overall fit.

Blueprint Online

With Blueprint LSAT online, students have access 24 hours a day to interactive video lessons. After each lesson, the participant will receive assessments to ensure the student’s understanding of the material. Individuals who have scored in the 99% on the LSAT (178-180) teach all lessons in the online program.

Students also have access to 85 practice exams, as well as unlimited access to 2-hour online review sessions with a live instructor. Students can also participate in live, online practice exams that mimic actual LSAT testing.

Blueprint Classroom (Live or Online)

An instructor who has scored in the 98% or above on the LSAT and completed over 100 hours of Blueprint training instruction teaches students in an interactive Blueprint classroom. Students get access to 85 practice exams as well as all over Blueprints LSAT online learning resources. They also get one on one sessions with a live instructor. Students can participate in live, online practice exams.

Blueprint LSAT Tutoring

With Blueprint tutoring, students will have access to all online resources, classroom materials and assessments, 85 practice exams, and access to live online practice exams, along with one on one tutoring hours. For tutored students, they can choose the number of hours (16, 24, or 40). Their entire program is tailored to meet the specific needs of the individual, focus on areas of weakness, and better prepare them for the live LSAT test.

Blueprint LSAT Prep Fees

Online Course

For the online course, you pay a monthly fee of USD 249.00.

The lessons will be online via video and you can access material and explanations on their app.

Classroom Course

The classroom course runs for 112 hours and you pay a one-off fee of USD 1,399.00

For your in-class course, you can access all course material online. They offer various locations in the U.S.

Blueprint Statistics

Blueprint is confident that they can improve LSAT scores for anyone who enrolls in one of their programs. They use specific tools to measure areas of strength and weakness and create fun and interactive lessons that keep students engaged. Once someone signs up with Blueprint, they are given an initial practice exam.

This exam is used as a baseline to determine the student’s estimated performance on the live LSAT, and identify key areas where the student needs to focus on improving. This creates a unique, customizable program for each student. Over 98% of Blueprint LSAT students improve their LSAT scores over the initial practice test. Specifically:

  • 89% improve their score 5 points or more
  • 57% improve their score 10 points or more
  • 23% improve their score 15 points or more
  • 50% of students score 160 or higher
  • 27% of students score 165 or higher
  • 12% of students score 170 or higher

When compared to average LSAT scoring, only 17% of all test takers score 160 or above, and only 2% of all test takers score over 170 based on LSAC reports.

How Does Blueprint Work

Over the 15 years that Blueprint has been in business, they have created a program that is very effective. From start to finish, Blueprint tailors its program to each individual student. Once the student has completed their first practice test and identified their goals, they will work with an Academic Manager to build an effective program.

Blueprint uses their personal law school predictor tool to help each student understand what the requirements are for the schools they want to attend. Comparing that data to the results of the practice test, the Academic Manager will build a program. Along with the student they determine the best approach to meet that student’s needs – online-only program, classroom (online or in-person) or tutoring. Once the student has decided on a program, they are ready to get started.

One of the biggest secrets of Blueprint’s success is in the quality of their teaching staff. First, they focus on quality instructors. Each one of their instructors has scored 170 or above on the LSAT. In addition to understanding the law and the LSAT itself, presentation is equally as important.

The Instructors

Each instructor has to audition for the job as if they were auditioning for a stand-up comedy role. They not only have to show knowledge, but also their ability to communicate the information in a fun, exciting, and ultimately, effective way. They must be able to entertain students as much as teach them. This is one of the key reasons for Blueprint’s success. The instructors have developed a delivery system for information that keeps students engaged and involved in the lessons.

Every lesson is carefully curated and taught using real-life examples, pop culture references, and fun and interesting stories to ensure the lesson is memorable and understandable. Whether online or in-person, lessons are followed by simple assessments to ensure that the students understand the material presented. 

Personalized Study plans

Beyond the specific lessons, Blueprint LSAT abandons a one-size-fits-all approach, preferring to assess individual performance to create a program designed to meet the needs of each individual student. Homework assignments and study plans are based on areas of weakness identified through assessments and practice tests.

The results of each practice exam breaks down into a detailed analysis that includes overall raw scores, the total number of correct and incorrect answers, a percentile score, the distribution of correct and incorrect answers, and an overall assessment of performance in each section of the test: logical, logic games, reading, and experimental.

Using that information, students receive their homework and practice sets individually according to their needs. Students spend time on the areas they need to improve on and don’t waste time on areas they have already mastered.

Online Support

Additionally, Blueprint LSAT offers a ton of online support. All students, regardless of the program in which they are enrolled, have access to 85 practice exams. These exams come with detailed reports, online interactive modules, and their subsequent assessment tools. Students have the ability to review over 8,500 potential LSAT questions. Along with all of this information, students can participate in an unlimited number of live online review sessions with an instructor.

Review sessions are held six days a week. Each session is designed to cover specific question types or concepts from the LSAT. The information is presented in an open forum. Students can ask questions, discuss study materials, and get valuable insight from Blueprint’s talented instructors.

Finally, Blueprint also offers students the opportunity to use their Law School Compass. By analyzing LSAT practice test performance, undergrad GPA, along with additional information from the student, the Law School Compass will calculate the student’s odds of gaining admission to particular schools. This helps students develop a strategic approach to their application process.

Finally, if a student does not improve their score based on their initial practice test, Blueprint will refund their tuition, or allow them to retake the prep course. 

What Do Blueprint Students Say?

In reviewing the overall response from Blueprint students, the results are exceedingly positive. The vast majority of students were able to effectively raise their scores anywhere from 5 to 15 points. These are the pros and cons most often cited by past Blueprint LSAT students.

Blueprint LSAT Prep Pros

  • Excellent analytics – Students overwhelmingly appreciated the practice test assessments and the breakdown of performance on each section.
  • Teaching style and material – Almost every positive review talked about the way material was presented. Lessons were fun, engaging, and taught in a clever and unique way with memorable material.
  • Instructors – The next best part of the program, according to Blueprint students, were the instructors. They were intelligent, responsive to questions, and did an excellent job in the review session to ensure student’s understanding of the material.

Blueprint LSAT Prep Cons

  • Access to more practice tests – While Blueprint provides students access to 85 practice tests, they don’t always have the time built into the program to take them all. Some participants were only able to get through 10 or 15 tests, others much more. It all depends on the length of their program and how their program and your needs. Students mentioned that they would have liked to be able to take more tests if possible.
  • Ability to retake previous practice tests – The only other consistent request among students was the desire to retake specific tests. Most felt it would be valuable to see how they perform compared to an earlier attempt at a specific practice test.

As one of the most well-known LSAT prep test programs available, Blueprint has done an excellent job in creating a program that fits the needs of each student. It keeps them engaged in the lessons and interested in the material, and significantly raises overall LSAT scores. With a variety of payment options, including monthly payment plans, Blueprint LSAT prep is an excellent option for someone considering an LSAT preparation course.

Blueprint is an excellent choice for LSAT prep but you may be also interested in other LSAT prep courses such as LSATMax.

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