CBD Oil for Teachers

CBD Oil for Teachers


More and more teachers suffer from mental illness and are threatened with burnout.

Every day, teachers are exposed to many stresses which can lead to early retirements, burnouts and depression and the number of affected teachers with mental disorders is increasing.  Many factors are responsible for this and every teacher complains about different stresses. Some feel stressed because of unmotivated and behaviourally conspicuous pupils, some talk about unintelligent parents. Even social media can create stress and depression. CBD oil is the latest trend against stress. But when is it OK for teachers to use it? At first we should talk about understanding the difference between positive and negative stress.

Understanding Stress

Stress is subjectively and not harmful. We distinguish between positive stress, which provides the inner drive and a negative stress, which makes us feel uncomfortable and can cause diseases if it persists, known as burnout. The transitions between positive and  negative and chronic stress are fluid and can depend different factors:

  • strength of the stress load
  • duration
  • nature of stress
  • genetic disposition of the person

Once we know the stress factor, we have to protect ourselves from that stress. Living unhealthy lives due to stress can and should be avoided. Taking more drugs like alcohol and nicotine drive our bodies permanently beyond their stress limits can end deadly.

So how do we counteract stress without restricting our performance as a teacher too much and without having to sacrifice a certain standard of living?

There are many ways to reduce stress and not everything works for everyone. CBD oil is the latest trend to reduce stress. It provides the mind that suffers most from modern stress with the necessary rest periods again.

Can the use of CBD Oil for teacher reduce stress in their everyday school life?

Cannabidiol does not work as a performance-enhancing drug. It is a purely herbal remedy. It can successfully combats mental stress disorders and can act on adrenaline, which is released intensively during teaching and managing misbehaving pupils. A permanently too high adrenaline level is harmful. CBD oil can regulate the release of adrenaline of the teacher. It can calm down and can shift the tolerance level against stress upwards.

There are other methods to calm your mind and to reduce your adrenaline and stress level. Rest breaks, moderate sport, a healthy diet and avoiding alcohol, nicotine and  other drugs can already make a big difference. But let’s be honest, if you read this article you have probably tried already different options, yoga, meditation or other herbal drugs with no or little effect. As a teacher, we need something that works fast. We can not take a break whenever we need it. We need to perform on spot. With CBD oil we relax much faster. That alone is worth trying the use of cannabidiol. PLEASE read more about how and when to use CBD. You need to understand the effects of CBD before you take it.

Saying all this, some schools do not allow the use of CBD Oil at school. Please talk to you school principal and be very transparent with the use of it. The causes of stress should be known and be talked about with the principal and could already mean a start of a healthier work life.

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