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10 Best Classroom Headphones – Bulk Headphones

No matter where you find yourself teaching, having access to some of the greatest headphones available today will prove to be invaluable for the upcoming marking period. Headphones offer tons of fantastic opportunities for teachers and students alike, from exciting lessons to interesting group activities. We have compiled a list of our top 10 classroom headphones for schools to use.

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Choose the right headphones with confidence by following our buyer’s guide to picking the right device. Headphones make learning fun for everyone, and choosing the right ones will take a load off any teacher’s shoulders.

Headphones for the Classroom at a Glance

  1. For Younger Kids – LilGadgets Wireless Bluetooth Headphones
  2. LightweightAilihen Lightweight Headset for School
  3. Budget HeadsetsCyber Acoustics Stereo Headset With Microphone
  4. Most ComfortableSkullcandy Grind Bluetooth Wireless Headphones
  5. Most Student-friendly Headphones – G-Galice Kids Headphones for School
  6. Extra PaddingMAONO Over-Ear Studio Headphones
  7. Ear Protection – PROHEAR Ear Muffs
  8. Bulk Classroom Headphones – Barks Bulk Headphones 10 Pack
  9. Gaming HeadphonesNUBWO Gaming Headset
  10. Budget Bulk Headphones – Soundnetic CCV 10 Pack

Our 10 Favorite Classroom Headphones

1. LilGadgets Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

LilGadgets Blue Headphone Wireless

View on Amazon

These are easily some of the best classroom headphones you’re going to stumble across. The LilGadget headphones are built for the classroom and are designed to make learning fun for children and teachers alike. They’re comfortable to wear with plush ear cushions and headbands. The mesh fabric offers a soft, comfortable feeling for any student wearing the headsets. The entire design and development process was done with the safety and comfort of your children in mind.

Our favorite feature of these products is the internal microphone. Many other headsets include a microphone that rests near the student’s face, which can cause focus issues or distract children from the lessons. With the internal microphone, no one will be playing with it, causing any distracting noises while in the classroom. The noise cancellation of this device also promotes easy listening so that the students don’t lose focus.

Our Verdict

These are some of the best wireless headphones for students that we’ve seen. The quality of these products is unmatched, and the design was made specifically with the students in mind. Having the microphone inside the headset allows students to remain focused and avoids distracting sounds from bumps or adjustments. If you’re looking for headphones that will promote an active and engaged classroom, then this is the perfect set for you.


  • Internal microphone
  • Wireless headphones equipped with Bluetooth
  • Soft padding all around.
  • Designed for the classroom and students


  • Mesh can be compromised after too much use

2. Ailihen Wired Headphones With Microphone

Ailihen Purple Wired Headphones With Microphone View on Amazon

Much like the LilGadget device, the Ailihen headsets come with an internal microphone that offers high-quality audio for students. You can work on lessons with your students without any distracting bumps or bangs. The adjustable headband makes this headphone perfect for any classroom. These headphones are soft and safe for students of all ages with padded ear cushions.

What makes these headphones stand out to us is the braided material audio cord. This plug is a great fit for any classroom as it prevents children from easily snapping the cord. Typical plastic designs are easily compromised, but with the braided fabric, your cord will last for years at a time. The connection is quality, and the audio is better than most earbuds.

Our Verdict

Unlike the LilGadget, the Ailihen MS300 utilizes a much stronger padded ear cushion material so that rips and tears are much less likely. We loved the fatigue-free feel of these classroom headphones and are sure your students will too. From the computer lab to at-home learning, these headsets are perfect for any school. Bring the students back into the lessons with these quality adjustable headsets.


  • Durable, braided audio plug
  • Strong yet comfortable ear cushions
  • High-quality sound
  • Easy to use the volume control


  • Some devices come with a broken speaker – can be replaced

3. Cyber Acoustics Stereo Headset With Microphone

Cyber Acoustics Stereo Headset for Classrooms

View on Amazon

There’s nothing like the classics, and this headphone by Cyber Acoustics is a shining example of that. The ear cushions are the same design from our own years in the computer lab. The microphone is attached and adjustable for any student. With two different types of audio input, this device will work with almost any computer. Dependable and durable, these headphones will get the job done well.

Despite the classic look and feel of the Cyber Acoustics headphones and headsets, they are a modern rendition with all of the latest technology. Easily cancel out noise and receive only the best audio through the multiple plug inputs. Adjust the headset to fit any head and position the microphone for the perfect classroom interaction. Listening and participating are made easy with these headphones.

Our Verdict

At first, we were put off by the design of these headphones – they look old and outdated. However, after testing them for some time, we found them to be quite new and filled with the latest technology, all in a neat, simple package. Students can easily focus on the lessons and work instead of being distracted by external noises with the noise-canceling ear cushions. Don’t skip over these headphones simply because of the design; trust us.


  • Different plug inputs for audio
  • Adjustable cord, head strap, and microphones
  • Easy to clean leather around the ear


  • Old-school design

4. Skullcandy Grind Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

Skullcandy Headphones

View on Amazon

In stark contrast to the Cyber Acoustics, these Skullcandy wireless headphones come equipped with some of the latest technology, wrapped up in a pretty, modern package. Skullcandy is known for its gaming and stereo gear, and these wireless headphones for school are just another example of their incredible work. They fit all classrooms and will be the perfect gift for your students.

Children love these headphones for their design, but teachers appreciate them for what they offer the classroom. The 12-hour battery life, paired with the wireless feature, allows for the ultimate freedom. Children don’t have to worry about missing a second of the lessons, even when they’re away from the computer. They charge up in only 1-4 hours and are ready for a whole day of school or work.

Our Verdict

Children will love these headphones for both the look and the stereo sound quality they offer. However, what makes them really stand out is how well they support active learning. Don’t worry about charge or connection loss with these fantastic headphones. Should an issue occur, the backup AUX cor can easily plugin and save the day for your students.


  • 12-hours of use off of a 1-4 hour charge
  • THE backup AUX cord can plug in to provide audio.
  • Supports active learning in or out of the classroom
  • The beautiful design keeps the children interested in these wireless headphones.


  • No microphones for participation in lessons

5. G-Galice Kids Headphones for School

G-Galice red and black Headphone for kids

View on Amazon

Lightweight yet powerful, the G-Galice Headphone is one of the best headset choices for any classroom. The noise-blocking technology keeps your students focused on the lessons and listening to the teacher. The volume control is the perfect way to ensure the children are paying attention and actively listening. Help the children exclude external noise with this quality headset.

Our favorite feature of these headphones is how simple it is to store them away when not in use. G-Galice utilizes easy-folding technology so that students can easily store them away for later. The leather pads for the ear is easy to clean so that there’s no transfer of germs between children. The listening center allows for wireless control of whatever is playing over the headphones.

Our Verdict

If you’re looking for a headphone that will cancel out external sound and help the kids pay attention to lessons, then this is a fantastic device for your classrooms. The padding around the ear supports long use on children not to start to tire out throughout the day. With a quick charge, all you have to do is plug these headphones in, and they’ll be charged and ready for tomorrow in no time.


  • Quality sound cancellation supports active listening.
  • The removable audio cord is great for any type of class.
  • Quick-folding technology makes for fast storage.
  • Easily adjust the volume with a single button.


  • No built-in microphones for the students

6. MAONO Over-Ear Studio Headphones

MAONO black Over-Ear Headphones

View on Amazon

Plush seems to be the focus of these headphones, with the extra padding around the ear. The MAONO Headphones offer some of the best sound quality we’ve seen in most headsets. The versatility of these school headphones is what really caught our eye. They offer two different audio jacks so that you can plug in wherever you need to almost any device. The sharing capabilities are endless with the multi-headset jack. Your kids can plugin and work together with other students.

Volume is not an issue with these great stereo-quality headsets. Students can easily adjust their volume so that they can actively participate in class. Listening is simple, and paying attention is promoted with these fantastic headphones. The detachable 10-foot cord is great for at-home learning or while working in the computer lab.

Our Verdict

The best way to describe these school headphones is as the perfect stereo sound-sharing headphones. Students can listen to a sound or video together without distracting others with the sound split technology and the dual device cord. If you’re looking for one of the most comfortable headphone options for your students that promotes active listening and learning, this is a fantastic device for your classroom.


  • Perfect headphones for sharing sound
  • Fantastic sound cancellation
  • Soft padding around the ear


  • Swivel earpieces can come loose.
  • No microphones present

7. PROHEAR Kids Ear Protection Muffs

PROHEAR Colorful Ear Safety Muffs

View on Amazon

These headphones are a little different from the others on our list. Still, we thought it necessary to include the number of children who need a headphone like these. These headphones are not for listening to lessons, but rather specifically for noise cancellation. Many students struggle with sensory overload, so having a headphone that actively cancels out surrounding sound is a must for many classrooms.

The PROHEAR Ear Muffs uses some of the finest reduction technology so that children with an aversion to sound won’t get overwhelmed in class or walking through the hallways. While it’s not suited for listening, it is perfect for volume reduction and keeping your children safe in school. They also do not use an external sound combatant as many other reduction devices do. This way, no electric waves are shot out, and no one is distracted by the headphones.

Our Verdict

If you need headphones that protect children with sensory aversions specific to sound, then these are the best you can get. They’re comfortable to wear and hug the ear in a way that no additional pressure is placed. This way, students can wear them as long as they need without having to worry about discomfort—Control external volume with the best sound reduction technology available.


  • High volume reduction
  • The latest reduction technology
  • Doesn’t use electronic emitters to cancel sound


  • Will need to be removed once class time starts

8. Barks Bulk Classroom Headphones

Ten Black Bulk Classroom Headphones

View on Amazon

A classroom set of headphones is typically recommended if you are looking for an easy way to organize headphones in a classroom. The main issue with regular bulk packs is that they are of a reduced standard so that the manufacturer can produce more. However, with Barks headphones, you are getting the standard of individual headphones, but in a package of 10 incredible headphones. With this package, you can supply the children with enough headphones that aren’t of a reduced standard.

From sound reduction to ear comfort, these headphones have it all. They’re perfect for any type of classroom and offer some of the best sound value we’ve seen from a bulk pack. They include an AUX cord that can plug into almost any computer so that every student can be included.

Our Verdict

Both comfortable and dependable, this bulk package is sure to be one of the best purchases you can make for the classroom. The comfort of these headphones alone is enough to convince us, but the technology included in this advanced package is enough to rival even earbuds for sound standards. These headphones are a fantastic way to bring the student back into the classroom, even during at-home learning.


  • One of the best bulk packages of headphones
  • Perfect for any computer with the dependable AUX cord
  • Great sound and volume reduction
  • Comfortable to wear for the student


  • Specifically for listening, no microphones included

9. NUBWO Gaming Headset

gaming headset over ear black

View on Amazon

Built for gaming, perfect for the classroom. These NUBWO headphones are the perfect device for any student in the classroom as they are designed to be noise-canceling and offer some of the best sound levels available. The built-in mic allows the student to participate in the lesson by doing more than simply listening. Comfortable on the ear and practical in school, these headphones are an amazing addition to any class.

They help your students focus on the lesson at hand and promote more active interactions with the computer and their learning. The cord connection was designed to be compatible with many different gaming consoles and thus can adapt to any computer in the classroom. While we wouldn’t normally recommend shelling out the money on gaming headphones, these are well-suited for a learning environment as well as an at-home one. Any headphones built for gaming are sure to help with sound reduction.

Our Verdict

It’s certainly unique to find headphones designed for gaming but perform well in a classroom. Whether it be for the comfort these headphones offer the ear or the sound standard, there are plenty of reasons why these headphones have become so popular amongst teachers. Bring the gaming headset into the class and promote better learning with the NUBWO gaming headphones.


  • The connection cord is adaptable to almost any computer.
  • Comfortable around the ear and the crown of the head
  • Some of the best sound standards available
  • Built-in mic for active participation from the students


  • Not initially built for education purposes and will need to be adapted

10. Soundnetic CCV Budget Classroom Headphones

budget bulk headphones for schools

View on Amazon

Coming in as another package deal, the Soundnetic school headphones make their name as a low-cost alternative ready to help any classroom. They ship in bulks of 10 per group, which makes them the perfect classroom device, ready to keep your students interested in the topic at hand. We will admit these headphones don’t offer too many added features, but they remain a dependable choice for any teacher.

The leatherette earpads are easier to clean than many alternative-type headphones. The time it will take to get each earpad looking brand new is quite reduced. The cord is your typical 3.5mm headphone jack that will plug into almost any device. The cord itself is strong, and the wires are protected by the plastic covering so that they aren’t easily compromised. On top of this device’s dependable nature, we fell in love with the volume controller’s simplicity and ease.

Our Verdict

While these certainly aren’t the wireless headphones of the future, they are a dependable and trusted bulk package, perfect for any classroom. The four-foot cord offers your students room to move should they need to but keeps them at the computer. We appreciate what these headphones are offered to the school, and you will, too, once you see these school headphones in use. Save time and money with this fantastic bulk package today.


  • Cost-efficient and perfect for schools
  • Simple cleaning process
  • The four-foot cord is a 3.5mm headphone jack
  • Great sound controlling capabilities


  • Slightly lower standard than other headphones

A Quick Buyer’s Guide for Teachers

Here are some of the most important tips and tricks for purchasing headphones for use in schools. These are some of the factors that we considered when we formed our top 10 headphones table. Each of the school headphones we’ve reviewed fits the criteria we are about to mention and will offer you a fantastic experience while teaching.

Why Consider Headphones for Schools

No matter the age group, getting and holding the attention of your class can be difficult. With headphones, students will be more likely to focus and participate in the lesson at hand. Headphones allow teachers to implement new lesson plans with exciting capabilities. Headphones act as a method to keep children interested and to help them stay focused.

If you’re looking for the best way to keep your lessons interesting whilst utilizing the latest technology for your students, then headphones are a fantastic device to introduce. From the computer labs to the everyday classrooms, headphones are quickly becoming a teacher’s best friend.

What Feature Are Most Important in Headphones for Students


This should be one of the most important features of any headphones. If the students don’t like to wear them due to unnecessary pressure on the ears, then chances are they won’t end up wearing the headphones. The type of padding utilized in the headphones makes all the world difference – the LilGadgets headphones use mesh padding while the Skullcandy hosts padded leather.

This type of padding will help your students to enjoy the time they have in their headphones. Whether you’re using stereo settings or lower standard inputs, your students will enjoy their time with them as long as the school headphones are comfortable.

Noise Cancellation and Sound Quality

Many headphones utilize the stereo setting in their listening center. The stereo setting promotes easier, better listening, but it assists in external noise reduction for better focusing. Any students who need help focusing will get the assistance they need with stereotype headphones.

We recommend choosing classroom headphones with stereo settings as their default, as these will be best suited for in-school use. Classic headphones like the Califone use stereo and have made quite a name for themselves. Califone headphones are the perfect example of stereo headphones. While we didn’t feature Califone stereo headphones in our top 10, we certainly do recommend them for any teacher looking for the best stereo headphones available. Califone stereo headphones do a fantastic job of reducing noise to help students stay interested in the lesson.

How Durable They Are

When items ship, they can easily be compromised. When headphones are used in classrooms, they can easily be compromised. If you’re purchasing headphones for your school, you’ll want to make sure they are available for a long time, not instantly compromised.

The stronger the headphones, the better suited they are for in-school use at all levels. Some classroom headphones are fine for high schoolers, but you run into some issues once you try to use them in an elementary school. The best headphones are the ones that can be implemented at all levels without fear of them breaking after a semester of use.

Wireless Capabilities

Wireless headphones are something that many people take for granted. They are perfect for younger children as it avoids the chances of the wire becoming tangled or twisted. The other benefit is the elimination of any choking hazards. With wireless headphones, children won’t end up getting the wires or themselves tangled up.

In many cases, wireless headphones also provide a sense of freedom for the student. Many teachers find that by giving kids a longer leash, they’re less likely to act up and lose interest. Wireless headphones are that long leash that allows kids to express themselves appropriately during school.

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