The ATutor Development Site has been created as a place to learn about the ATutor source code, and as a place to contribute to ATutor's development. As an open source project we encourage developers to submit their new features to be considered as part of the public ATutor source code. Non-programmers can learn about new development, report bugs, request new features, and influence how ATutor evolves. Browse the ATutor Wiki for details of current and ongoing work, and create an account to add your feature and design ideas to your own wiki pages.

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Source Code Repositories

The ATutor source code is maintained in GitHub, a public version control system available for browsing and collaboration on ATutor development. For more information on using GitHub, please visit the GitHub Help, and review Using GitHub to Develop ATutor .

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ATutor Development HowTo

You should develop on your own development machine, issuing the SVN update command before each development session to be sure you are working with current code. See the Developer Documentation for more details about setting up Subversion and an ATutor development environment. Also see the Administrator Handbook for details about using the ATutor Patcher Module to create patches that can easily be shared or integrated into the public source code.

Developer Documentation
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Live IRC Developer Chat

To communicate live with ATutor developers, sign-on to the public #atutor IRC channel. You'll generally find us signed-in 9 to 5 Eastern Time (UTC-5).

ATutor Developer Channel
irc:// #atutor

Bug Tracking

Please report bugs to the ATutor Bug Reports forum. Be sure to indicate the code version being used, such as a release candidate, stable release, nightly build, or SVN checkout, etc. Also be sure to describe the details of the system that ATutor is being developed/tested on, such as the operating system, web server, PHP version, etc. The Mantis Bug Tracker will be available here soon for approved ATutor developers.

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Development Forum

The Development Forum is available for developers and users to communicate. Developers should use this forum to discuss development related issues. ATutor Users should use this forum to provide feedback on developing features.