Best Digital Teacher Planner Jul 2020 – Aug 2021

Teacher digital planners have changed quite a bit in the last few years. A classroom teacher plan book continues to change from simple books with boxes to big bulky books with stickers and a dozen different sections to help with organization. There is a wide variety of planners, including planner templates that can be updated portrait or landscape layouts. Classroom teacher plan books are often just one of the many resources in an editable teacher binder. Paper planner? Digital teacher planners? Decisions can be difficult, but digital teacher planners are the next generation.

There are many resources like teacher binder, teacher planner, teacher curriculum, and teacher supplies that make going back to school easier. Organization is key for any effective, professional school teacher. As school teachers go back to school, teachers wish to stay organized by using a teacher planner. What teachers or tutors don’t wish to have a more organized classroom? Some teachers use a teacher binder while others use a simple planner.

Benefits of Using a Digital Teacher Planner

benefits of a digital teacher planner

One of the most recent changes in how teachers make lesson plans is going from paper planners to an editable digital teacher planner. A teacher planner will keep all your grades and lesson plans in one place. When using a digital planner, you are less likely to lose information like lesson plans, news, grades, names, and even passwords. Organization is key to a successful school year.

A digital teacher planner is more affordable and available for a smaller price. It will take up less space, and the lessons are easy to see, arrange, and rearrange. Copying repetitive tasks can quickly be done using a digital teacher planner. Keeping track of classroom management strategies is easy to add to the plan book. An editable digital teacher planner is eco-friendly. The most valuable benefit is the ability to access the planner from anywhere on any device. Upload it to Google Drive to fill in lesson plan templates everywhere you go. Connect your planner to Google Classroom assignments or other Google Drive documents to help with your organization.

Typing in the digital teacher planner is easier to read, and multiple templates make organization easy. You can download the digital teacher planner to access added links, too, during the teaching of the lesson in the classroom. Once the lesson plans are complete, you can share your school planner with other teachers or school administration.

A teacher planner bundle, such as the Happy Planner, often comes with numerous resources, including planner stickers. Using a digital lesson planner will allow you to add digital stickers as reminders. If you have a Google Drive, a digital planner is perfect for you. An editable digital teacher planner is very beneficial, and ATutor has one of the best digital teacher planners for organization available.

ATutor’s Digital Teacher Planner

Features of ATutor’s Digital Planner

The ATutor’s digital teacher planner is a clickable PDF that can open any free PDF annotation app or software. There are multiple free PDF annotation apps and software. We suggest using Goodnotes because it is free, and you do not have to shop around for a good app. This teacher digital planner uses four “Weekly Lesson Plan” pages to allow the user to plan out a full month. If you want to plan out your week, you can use the seven “My Busy Day” pages to plan each day. This will show you what you must do first and what not to forget.

This fully dated planner starts from August 2020 to July 2021, which gives teachers a full school year. The teacher planner is easily navigatable between each page, classroom resources, and sections with planner portrait and landscape layouts. The different formats will allow you to show various activities you plan to teach and the organization of lessons.

Section Templates

A teacher binder has multiple sections; this teacher’s digital planner also has various sections to help with classroom management, lesson planning, distance learning, classroom organization, and special education. On the daily lesson plans page, eight subject planning boxes make lesson planning for school easy. Also available are attendance sheet templates, one for each quarter. Other useful sections include a birthday calendar and a password information sheet. Enter grades onto the grade sheet pages.

digital teacher planner grades sheet

The password information sheet is excellent for the user to list usernames and passwords for the online curriculum, apps, and online classes. To help keep information in one place, this teacher planner includes a transportation information page. This allows the school teacher to list how students get home every day, one of the many resources needed for a school substitute. The classroom teacher planner has a year at a glance section and the months of the year for monthly planning. You can plan homeschool field trips for the year using the field trip section.

Some of our favorite sections include a “Notes Page,” “Things to Do,” and a “Meeting Notes” page. The school meeting notes page is useful for taking notes of important things discussed during professional development meetings or things learned. These sections will increase organization with free space to jot down notes and keep track of classroom management. Another useful section is the blank page to give your room for any lists you wish to create. Using GoodNotes to edit the document will help you with the organization when you go back to school. All of these sections help with the school teacher’s organization.

Favorite Section

Our absolute favorite section is the “Group Notes” section. This section is handy if you use groups in your classroom. It is also beneficial for group tutoring. You use this section to group students and assign them work, such as a literature circle novel. List your goals or keep track of the strategies they have used. You can make multiple copies of this page based on how many groups you have in your classroom. This section is our favorite section of the lesson planner for tracking purposes. Simply download your classroom teacher planner to keep track of your groups.

digital teacher planner group notes

Why You Will Love this Planner

We love this classroom teacher planner, who is also a useful homeschool planner. The digital capabilities make teacher life just a little bit easier. A one-stop-shop, the ATutor teacher planner is easy to use, easy to download, and ready to go like a teacher binder. Whether you are a classroom teacher or a homeschool teacher, you will like this teacher planner. Personalizing your teacher planner is easy. There is no need to create pages, write in dates, or choose a design or layout. Using this digital teacher planner is easy and personalizing; this teacher planner is easy, smart, and super effective. Every aspect of this planner is editable and easily edited in Google Drive. These are just a few reasons we love this planner; there are many more.

Lesson Plans

Whether you are planning for Pre K or 12th grade, this classroom teacher planner is very professional and makes the classroom teacher’s life easier. Digital planners are a great addition to an editable teacher binder. The digital lesson plan templates are easy to use and view. The daily lesson plan template has eight-lesson boxes that are simple to use and are great if you teach more than one grade. This feature makes this an excellent homeschool planner and addition to a teacher binder.

The weekly lesson plan template also has eight subject boxes connected to the daily lesson plan template. The lesson plan templates are digital and editable. Teacher planners with evenly spaced boxes are easy to type in. The spaced boxes are simply edited by classroom teachers.  Have distance learning as an option at your school? Use the editable lesson plan template to list assignments in Google Classroom or on Google Drive.

Digital Access

The ATutor lesson planner can be added to a teacher binder and increase organization. We love that you can add it to your Google Drive and be able to access it from any location. Using Goodnotes will allow you to edit the lesson planner. Once you have downloaded your planner, you can link your lessons to Google Classroom. You can also connect a Google Docs assignment to your planner. Do you wish there was an easy way to share your planner with your evaluator or other teachers? Having this teacher digital planner will allow you to do so.

You can also add other free links to your lesson plans that you use in your classroom. Digital access puts all your hyperlinks for websites or apps at one stop. You can access these hyperlinks on any iPad, tablet, google device, or laptop. You can list your digital resources and simply click the link for easy access. Want to show a video for teaching purposes? Hyperlink it into your plans, and it will be easy to show. The original document is a smaller file than other digital teacher planners. Access your teacher planner through Google Drive once you have uploaded it.

Grades can be kept digitally in the lesson planner if you wish. You can view a child’s grade within the lesson planner and see what learning is occurring. The grades being with the lesson plans help with teacher organization. If you need to show a parent a grade, you simply open the downloaded planner, and they can view it with you. Google Drive is a great place to store grades.


The ATutor digital teacher planner at USD 4.99 extremely affordable, which is excellent for the teacher’s life. Every teacher will wish for affordable resources, and ATutor has created this affordable resource. When you shop for paper teacher binders, they can have a price well over $50. The ATutor planner comes at a great price. Once you purchase the lesson planner, you get free updates. Once you buy the teacher planner, you can download it to your device and use it for the year.

No need to shop around for a teacher planner bundle. Make your life easier; shop for your teacher planner on ATutor and simply download the teacher planner to get started and make your favorite teacher planner digital. As you go back to school, download a teacher planner that is digital and easily use it with Google Drive.

ATutor’s Digital Teacher Planner

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