Gimkit is an interactive classroom quiz learning game that can be played in groups or individually. The digital quiz game was designed by students for students and teachers.

Since November 2021, Gimkit is a free tool. All users have full access to all Gimkit features, including some tools and live games.

How Gimkit Works

As a remote learning tool, Gimkit live is a popular app for online classes. To get the most out of this game, students and teachers need to be familiar with its core features. However, beginners may find it complex at the start, but it is easy to use once you are familiar with the game.

You can begin drafting a quiz from scratch, access a CSV file to import an existing quiz, or access the Gimkit gallery for a quiz.

Step 1: Register or Sign up on Gimkit

Firstly, you need to join Gimkit to get access to Gimkit games.

Gimkit live keeps students engaged by enabling them to play live games and offering engaging game modes. These modes are updated frequently, and students can take part in these assignments.

Gimkit ink can be defined as a publishing tool that offers students a platform for sharing concepts and ideas they created. Students don’t have to open accounts for their use necessarily. Instead, they can join their teachers’ classes to have access to this classroom tool.

Step 2: Search for Your School

After signing up, the teacher needs to input the country and area code.

Next, you’ll choose your school from the list of schools that will be displayed. There, you will input your area of specialization and grade level.

Next, you’ll have to choose between Gimkit live and Gimkit ink. (This step guide will be focusing on Gimkit live.)

Step 3: Creation of a New Kit

At this point, you’ll create the first game for the class. To get started:

  • Go to your dashboard and click on “Select New Kit”
  • The next thing is entering the following details for your kit; a name, subject matter, and language.

create a new kit on Gimkit name language subject

  • Select a cover image before proceeding further

Step 4: Add Questions

This is where the teacher or students submit questions. After entering the necessary information for your kit, you proceed to the exciting part- adding questions. You’ll have the following options:

  1. Add question.
  2. Create your kit using flashcards.
  3. Continue with Kitcollab mode.
  4. Add from Gimkit’s Quizlet.
  5. Import questions from the database.

add a new question on Gimkit

If the option you go for is to select “add question,” input a question and likely answers on the forms displayed for that. You’ll be given the option to add media content such as audio or an image alongside your question. You can decline, but adding audio or a photo is highly recommended.

Next, you’ll be prompted by Gimkit to provide a correct answer alongside 3 incorrect answers for the students to select from. It’s the virtual version of a multiple-choice quiz.

Step 5: Round Up the Creation of Your Kit

When you have added the targeted number of your questions and arranged them well, click “Finish Kit.”

When you do this, there will be two options; give it to the students as homework or play it as a live game.

Gimkit kits homework or play live

Step 6: Select Your Preferred Game Modes

At this point, you will soon be playing live.

This is where things may seem a bit confusing. There will be many modes to select from. The Kit is capable of being integrated into various modes.

There are classic modes such as Team Mode, Classic, and Draw That! There are also more advanced modes that will take your quiz a step further. These game modes include: Infinity Mode, The Floor is Lava, Humans vs. Zombies, and Trust No One.

Step 7: Customize the Game Options You have

When you’re done choosing your preferred game mode, the next thing is to configure the game options. There are many game options to customize or personalize the game options.

These options include the Starting Cash of each participant, Game Goal, and if you will permit the participant to see the right answer after picking an incorrect answer.

Customize Gimkit game option

Step 8: Input Your Game Code Then Start the Quiz

Everything is set at this point. On joining, you will get a game code that you can share with your students to participate in your quiz via their connected accounts. Go to and enter the code to start the game.

Alternatively, send the game code to each of them for independent study. Once they receive the game code, instruct them to log in to Gimkit to participate in the live game.

starting a game on Gimkit first question

Gimkit Tips and Tricks for Teachers

Utilize Kitcollab for Your Class

The teacher can instruct students to create a quiz through the KitCollab feature. Part of the instructions should also be to have the students submit questions to which they don’t know the answers. This way, the students can gain new knowledge.

Organize Pre-tests for the Class

Teachers can use Gimkit as a formative assessment tool by drafting mock tests to evaluate student’s knowledge about a subject. The information gathered from these pre-tests will help the teacher teach his students.

Circumvent Pay Restrictions

Teachers can get groups for free by making their students share a gadget.

Divide the students into different groups and then have the group share the device. Alternatively, you can use an interactive whiteboard for projecting the game for the benefit of the class. This way, all the students can participate at once.

Utilize Power-Ups

Power-ups can be used to earn a second chance if you picked incorrect answers. One can also use it to increase your earnings for every question you answer correctly.

Gimkit Features

Teachers will be able to view student progress. This will save the stress of grading the entire class because Gimkit comes with an automatic grading system.

Kits are live learning games for classes. It is just another name for quiz games, and they can be created or modified. Gimkit credits are one way of motivating your students and keeping them engaged. For every correct answer, your students earn some virtual currency. On the other hand, they lose credits for every wrong answer.

earn money on Gimkit

These credits can be utilized for power-ups (to boost your score) as well as other upgrades. In addition, a virtually unlimited number of combinations enable students to participate at their own pace and gradually strengthen their separate profiles.

If you intend to use Gimkit for a class setting, play live. For individual assessment, you can assign homework. It’s advisable to set a deadline for the homework, so the students take it seriously. One fantastic feature about Gimkit is that it distinguishes the students’ performance in a game from their academic aptitude for the task.

In other words, these students may know the correct answers to the questions, but the gaming side of the task is a hassle for them.

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