8 Quick and Easy Hair Tutorials For Popular Hairstyles

8 Quick and Easy Hair Tutorials For Popular Hairstyles


When we started going through hundreds of online hair tutorials on YouTube, we realised, how much work and energy these stylist put into their tutorial and before we give you our favourites below. We would like to thank all our online hair tutors out there. Thank you very much for the effort you put into the video tutorials.

Since we had many inquiries about hair tutorials, we put together a list of the 8 most viewed hair tutorials on YouTube. (for long hair)

There are several hair tutorials on YouTube that could help you find the specific hair look you’re in search of. From a perfect elusive beachy wave to the 5-strand side braid. Because there are too many good tutorials out there, we have got the top 8 online hair gurus teaching you “how to’  take care of your locks.

  1. Victoria Secret Waves

If you have ever wondered how some of your friends seem to have sexy waves, rest assured that they were not effortless and do require some legwork. Looking for an online tutorial on Victoria secret waves, here is a simple tutorial for achieving subtle waves.

  1. Twisted Updo

This is for you whether your hair is naturally full of texture, or you are just trying to extend the life of a five day old hairstyle. Thanks to a few twists circling the crown, you have got yourself an adorable look that will work everywhere from the road to the office.

  1. Top knot

A top knot may be an easy hairstyle to master, but making it too messy can ruin its beauty. Luckily, a hair guru has revealed some simple steps to create this gorgeous style. The key is to top knot your hair without having to spend too much time!

  1. Bouncy Bombdshell Curls

Looking for a hairstyle like Victoria’s Secret Angel? Watch this lovely lady sexes up her straight strands with a few bobby pins and curling iron in a way, that would make any model green with envy.

  1. Halo Braid

Braids are still a firm beauty trend, and the crown braid Halo Braid is one of the most glamorous. This hairstyle guru, Kayley Melissa, has taken the look to a new level with a statement finish. Watch her guiding her fans through the simple steps as she creates your favorite ‘do. 

  1. Faux Fishtail Braid

Although a Fishtail Plaits make for a statement look all over Instagram and Pinterest, they can be tricky to master. You will love the way Alex Gaboury has created an easy-to-follow guide for creating a gorgeous look. She adds heaps of volume for a signature ponytail.

  1. Milkmaid Braids

This look may remind you as the calling card of a bohemian babe worth her weight in patchouli. Here’s a beautiful hair tutorial by a super stylish student who walks you through the steps of creating this look using hair extensions. 

  1. A Cute Top Knot (With A Sock!)

Lose a sock in the dryer? Don’t toss it in the trash and add it to your hair care kit. This gorgeous YouTuber shows you how to fashion a fabulous bun in various positions using just an elastic band and a sock. 


So, this article was a little bit different to most of our other educational articles but I hope, that some of you found it just as helpful and entertaining as I did, when I put together the list of hair tutorials 🙂

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