Not every teacher planner is going to give you the versatility and functionality that you need. However, the Happy Planner gives you exactly what you need to ensure that you have a successful and well-planned school year! This teacher planner has everything from beautiful template choices, versatile spreads, varied daily, weekly, and monthly layouts, stickers, and tons more features.

Over the years, I have used many different teacher planners, but the Happy Planner by far is the most versatile, stylish, and adaptable for my busy schedule.

What Is a Happy Planner?

Happy Planner is a customizable teacher planner to meet the needs of your busy lifestyle. This disc-bound planner allows you to make your planning book exactly what your want it to be. Even better, there are several different categories that you can purchase in!

Want to jazz up your teacher planner by adding stickers? This planner has every kind of sticker you can imagine. What about extension packs? It has many different types of extension packs that will meet every need that you have for your lifestyle. They have everything from fitness extensions to meal planning, budgeting, goals, and more.

How to Use the Happy Planner

Planning the Happy Planner is easy and fun. However, because there are so many different planning spreads, it can seem overwhelming, but everything you need has a place.

What to Do First!

First, you need to decide whether or not you want a classic teacher planner that is dated or undated.

Once you have taken this step, you can decide if you want a verticle, horizontal, or dashboard layout.

Choose either a 12-month or 18-month calendar.

Next, choose what size planner you need:

  • The Classic Happy Planner 7.75″x9.75.”
  • The Big Planner 9″x11.25.”
  • The Mini Planner 5.12″x7.5.”

Choose Your Needed Extensions!

Decide whether or not any teacher planner extensions would be needed. Depending on what you need to put in that planner, these extensions could make your life much easier when compartmentalized. For example, do you have fitness goals and need to keep track of weight, diet, and exercise? Then, Happy Planner has you totally covered.

Types of Extension Packs

Wedding Planner – Just like it sounds, this pack is perfect for planning your big day. With so much to be done, this extension pack is a great addition to your already awesome planner that meets your specific wedding planning needs!

Fitness & Wellness – One of the biggest keys to success in fitness and wellness is planning and keeping track. This extension pack sets you up for success in all of your fitness and wellness goals.

Budgeting – Like fitness success, making sure every dollar has a name and having a place to plan your budget is important. If you have specific financial goals, or you want to know where everything is going, this is an extension pack you will want.

Big Happy Planner Pack – As a teacher, this is my kind of pack! Everything from lesson planning, class schedules, student notes, and more is available with this extension.

Caregiver – Life is already hard to keep track of, and if you’re a caregiver, it is challenging. This extension pack has exactly what you need to make sure you aren’t missing a beat.

Meal Planning – Meal planning is crucial to keeping within your grocery budget so you aren’t buying unnecessary things. This meal planning extension pack will help you stay on track with your grocery list and what meals your family is getting.

Just a tip: I LOVE using colorful pens in my planner to make it entirely my own! That being said, I would recommend the Dual Brush Marker pens on Amazon. These pens will allow you to really make your planning experience a lot more fun and usable.

Are Happy Planners Reusable?

Yes! While the pages of the teacher planners themselves are not reusable, you can get new pages and extensions for your teacher planner to replace the ones you can no longer use. With all of the different page options to choose from, you will love to replace pages.

Does the Happy Planner Come With Stickers?

While the initial planner does not come with stickers, the Happy Planner website has many different sticker options to choose from to make your daily planning a little bit more fun!

What Kinds of Stickers Does Happy Planner Have?

Student Stickers – These are not your everyday stickers! These stickers allow students to plan for exams and big assignments in a fun way. Also, many of the student sticker packs have sticker checklists to help stay organized.

Disney Stickers! – For the Disney fan, this is so awesome. Brighten up your day by looking at the fun and heartwarming figures of the classic Minnie and Mickey mouse. Watch the preview for the new Disney Be Happy Box below:

Teacher Stickers – Just like the student sticker packs, the teacher stickers cater directly to the needs of an educator in a fun and colorful way.

Other Colorful Packs – Aside from packs for specific needs, there are literally over 180 different sticker packs to choose from. Everything from florals to watercolor designs, to inspirational sayings, will certainly brighten up your planner.

Other Happy Planner Accessories

While it doesn’t seem that there could be anything else, there is! Happy Planner has thought about everything you need to store stickers, dry erase boards to put up on your wall, desk calendars, and desk organization tools.

Storage Totes & Cases – This planner has some super cute storage cases that you can use to organize all of those great accessories! If your planner helps you organize your life, why not get a tote to organize the things you use for your planner?

Planner Storage Covers – Don’t want your new planner getting the edges bent and dinged up? Get yourself a pretty storage cover.

Planner Purse – What’s better than having a personalized planner? Having a purse attached to it!

BIG Weekly Box Punch – Want to be really creative with your Happy Planner? This box punch works with any type of thick cardstock if you want to add a pop of personality.

Dry Erase Boards & Decals – Happy Planner has beautiful dry erase boards to hang on your office wall. Plus, with their removable decals, having your lesson plans right up on the wall where you can see them makes life easier.

Is the Happy Planner Worth It?

Yes! So in 2022-23, the Happy Planner Teacher should definitely be your go-to planner to make sure you don’t skip a beat. Everything about this planner allows you to personalize the pages to make sure that your day-to-day activities.