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How Long Does It Take To Go Through LSATMax?

As you prepare for entering law school, you must take the LSAT. Many law schools require relatively high LSAT scores for admission. For example, to get into Harvard Law School, you must score in the 170s on a scale from 120-180. There are many LSAT prep courses available to help raise your LSAT score. LSATMax prep course is available online in various packages. Depending on the package, it will take you a different amount of time to go through LSATMax.

The choice you make will depend on the amount of prep time you need and your budget. Keep in mind that you may also need to take a law school final exam prep course to get ready for the intense final exams in law school. Some prep courses even offer LSAT and law school final exam prep packages.

Here are the three different LSAT course options:

LSATMAx course options

LSATMax 365 and 180

LSATMax 365 gives you access to the online course and materials for 365 days. You can work all 365 days or less to complete this course. LSATMax 180 gives you access to the online system and materials for 180 days, and similar to the 365, you can use every day or just a few.

When you purchase either course, you will receive one free hour of private tutoring, 90 prep tests, LSAT Prep Plus Membership, and 100+ hours of whiteboard video lessons. You also receive four textbooks that you can use to follow along and write notes. These are hardcopy materials for easier and more convenient studying.

Score Guarantee

The company believes in its product. Both the 365 and 180 come with a higher score guarantee. If you don’t raise your LSAT score with this prep program, you will receive a refund. Before beginning the course, establish a baseline score. This baseline score can be an official LSAT score or a diagnostic exam. Complete the full course. If your official score report doesn’t show an increase, you will get a refund. There are some exclusions and required approval.

LSATMax 60

Like the other two packages, LSATMax 60 is available to students for 60 days when they purchase the course. You receive all of the same resources, including textbooks, LSAT prep tests, and support. You do not receive the score guarantee, however.

More than 60 Days

This company believes you should start studying for the LSAT more than 60 days before the official LSAT to ensure you have plenty of time to help increase your score.


LSATMax LSAT prep wants to support you and help you prepare for the LSAT. When you purchase the LSATMax 365, LSATMax 180, and LSATMax 60, you will receive access to this support. Weekly Office Hours is one of the resources of support. They are live Q & As with instructors who scored in the 99th percentile. You receive personalized support through real-time chat, message boards, and office hours.

Detailed Analytics

Another way LSATMax supports its students is through detailed analytics. It will help you pinpoint your weaknesses, which will maximize your studying time.


Your amount of weaknesses will affect the time it takes to complete the course. If you have more weaknesses, you will need more time to practice LSAT questions and course materials.

A Final Word

LSATMax is a comprehensive LSAT prep course that takes longer than 60 days to complete. Various packages are available, and some free resources include logic games, a free prep test, and more. Get a high score with LSATMax.

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