How Much to Spend on Teacher Gift Cards

Teacher gift ideas often come with some supplies that need to be purchased for crafting the gift itself. If you don´t have time to craft a gift for your teacher, a gift card is a great idea. Just how much is appropriate to spend on teacher gift cards?

  • Generally, it is common to spend $15 to $20 on gift cards per teacher.
  • If you only have one teacher or if you can splurge, you can spend a bit more. It is not uncommon in some regions or private schools to spend $50 on a teacher’s card.
  • Put the gift card in one of these teacher appreciation card envelops.

For the most part, what you spend will depend on how much you have. If you’re working with a pretty tight budget, don’t feel like you need to pay more to make a good impression. Most teachers appreciate any gesture of thanks. If you feel like you have a bit more to spend than the average parent, go ahead and spend whatever you’d like. Just don’t feel pressured to spend more than you’re comfortable with. Even the best teacher gift idea won’t impact how a teacher treats a student.

When to Give a Teacher Gift

Believe it or not, there is undoubtedly some etiquette involved in giving a teacher a gift. There are many times of the year in which gift-giving is appropriate. Some students like to give their teacher a gift when they first go back to school. Other students reserve gifts for major holidays like Christmas or birthdays. Nearly all students will give a gift to their teacher at the end of the year.

Students often reserve giving teacher gifts until the day before the holiday break or the day before school lets out. While, in general, this can be fine, it does run the risk of the teacher is out. In that case, you won’t be able to give your gift until the break is over. Students should bring in their gifts around one or two weeks before school dismisses them for a break in the holidays. This will ensure that the teachers get the gift cards, and it gives teachers plenty of time to work out thank you cards.

In terms of an end-of-the-year gift, follow the same rule. While most teachers will not be absent on the final day of school, things can happen, or an unexpected issue might arise, causing them to miss out on the festivities. Aim to have your gift ready at least one week before school lets out for the year. Should you wait until the last minute and your teacher is absent, you’ll have no way to get them their gift.

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