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How to Choose the Right LSAT Prep Book

With so many LSAT prep books available, one can easily be overwhelmed. Even if you can afford every prep book on the market, you still won’t have the luxury of time to finish them all. By the time you do, they’d be outdated and useless. Therefore, choosing what prep books to buy isn’t just about the money. It is about being wise about which books to choose to study for a high LSAT score. Fortunately, criteria underlie all the choices we have to make, including reviewing materials and prep books to buy. To choose the right LSAT prep book for you, narrow your choices down, run them through the following considerations:

How to Choose the Right LSAT Prep Book

The quality and content of the book

Gain more knowledge about the LSAT prep books you have in mind by researching and scouring online book reviews. Some people leave critical assessments; you have to know where to look.

Consider how the book is presented, organized and if its content resembles closely to the actual test. Also, consider the book’s thoroughness and the quality of its practice questions, including complete explanations of answers. The book must give you what you need to improve your preparations and performance.

Book reviews

Take note of what the community of readers has to say about the book. Consider both pros and cons. After all, there’s no perfect book.

Notice the reviews of the specific sections of the books. Some LSAT prep books have good content on, say, Reading Comprehension and Analytical Reasoning but have mediocre logic games. If they come in a set, read the reviews for each reviewer, and purchase only the reviewers with good quality.

The author/s

Behind every good book is a great mind (or group of minds). When you search for books, learn about their author/authors, too. Aside from their credentials, see if their ”teaching style” appeals to you. Some authors, despite the same level of expertise, differ in how they deliver or communicate their knowledge. Learning is subjective, so there are teaching styles that you’ll find more efficient and effective than others. Just keep your mind open.

The studying

Prep books are not crafted from the same mold, albeit a similar purpose inspires them. They have different focuses and approaches, and not all of them benefit the same type of users. You may also consider an LSAT online prep course such as LSATMax or Blueprint.

If you prefer studying alone, with occasional group-study sessions on the side, self-study guides would be more appropriate for you. They’re more detailed, and they have all the explanations you need to understand the topics they cover. However, if you’re in a review center with teachers and tutors hovering over you, a thorough prep book can be redundant.

Choose a prep book that delivers the kind of guidance you need considering the help and resources you already have.

Your knowledge base

It’s wrong to assume that just because a book is exhaustive, it must be suitable for everyone. If you’re already knowledgeable about a specific topic, you won’t need to walk through every nook and cranny. You’d prefer materials with concise content, something short but direct.

However, if you’re starting, then you’ll need the most detailed study guide available. Be mindful of the reviews, especially when you’re looking for books online. Some people give good ratings to prep books that are almost bare, but that’s just because they already know their way around the topics.

Your learning style

The prep book you buy must be consistent with how you learn best. Some people learn best when they hear what they read or when there are visual cues, or when they jot down notes.

There are prep books with accompanying videos that appeal to visual learners, and there are LSAT study guides in audio form for auditory learners. If reading is enough and you like portable books, there are LSAT prep books in PDF or e-book. However, if you want to write notes on the margins, then get the printed books.

These are just some of the many factors you should consider. Perhaps, more came to mind as you were reading them. Best of luck in weighing your options. May you find your holy grails.

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