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How to Get 2400 on SAT

How good would it be to get 2400 on SAT? Even more awesome is what comes with getting that coveted SAT score, money for your dream school! The average cost of a four-year degree from a public institution is around forty-thousand dollars. Not to mention the cost of books, boarding, and other materials you might need.

The SAT and the ACT are college entrance exams required by various universities.

So, what is a good SAT score? In the years before 2016, the old SAT’s highest outcome was a score of 2400. After 2016, the new SAT scale went to the highest score of 1600. This can be slightly confusing when looking at ways to get the highest point value. Know that the highest you can get on the SAT is 1600.

How to Get a Perfect SAT Score

SAT score

The SAT (ACT) test should be looked at as an exam you work toward your entire high school career, rather than a cramming exercise a few weeks before it is taken. Have high expectations for yourself and prepare to the absolute best you can. However, understand that getting a perfect score may not be in the cards. Out of the over 2 million students that took the SAT back in 2018, less than 1% got the coveted 1600.

Gather as many practice tests as you can! College Board has many tools that you can get free! SAT prep books include a writing section, test prep tips, and a practice test. The reading portion is entirely multiple-choice questions in which they are all based on various passages. Critical reading is your priority on this portion of the test. In the SAT math portion, students can use a calculator while working out the various problems presented. Your language and writing sections of the SAT focus on reading passages and include multiple-choice as well as evidence-based writing practices.

The Rundown of Steps to Take

  • Go to the College Board website and access any practice materials you can find.
  • Practice tests are available for free! So use them! You can access additional materials for the SAT via purchasing additional materials.
  • Take a practice exam, recognize weaknesses, and focus primarily on those areas…then take another practice exam!
  • Sign up for an SAT online prep course with PrepScholar to maximize your chances of reaching the highest SAT score.
  • Take your time taking the SAT. You may be tempted to rush, but studies show that proper pacing leads to higher SAT scores.

Overall, remember that you have been preparing for the SAT your entire grade school career. This isn’t something you have to study for just now. Every English paper, math assignment, AP, and pre-AP class has prepared you for this very moment. More so, don’t stress over something that you can try again if needed. What’s even better is that if you don’t do as well on a portion of the exam as you wanted and retake it, you can choose which scores to send to whichever university you are applying to. So, don’t sweat the test and do your best!

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