The 7 Best Insulated Lunch Boxes

June 9, 2020

The 7 Best Insulated Lunch Boxes


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Getting fast food every day can be expensive and will inevitably run up your bills rather quickly. However, as someone who works and is always on the go, it might be all you have time to do. We found the best insulated lunch boxes, so you won’t have to worry about getting fast food ever again. Now, you can make food at home – hot or cold – and bring it with you to school or work.

Best insulated lunch boxes at a glance

  1. MIER Adult Insulated Lunch Box
  2. OPUX Premium Lunch Box
  3. MAZFORCE Original Lunch Box
  4. Carhartt Deluxe Insulated Lunch Bag
  5. Wildkin Lunch Box, Whale Blue
  6. Lifewit Insulated Adult Lunch Box
  7. Our choice: UPPER ORDER Durable Insulated Lunch Box

With proper insulation technology, your food will remain your desired temperature throughout the whole day. Insulated lunch boxes make bringing your home-made meal on the go easy and help keep your food fresh and safe as you work. Even for those who love eating out, insulated lunch boxes will help save you money. Any leftovers from your night out will easily store away for you to bring to the office the next day.

Finding the right insulated lunch box presents a different problem as there are countless options available. How do you know which box is right for you?

We’ve compiled a list of our 7 best insulated lunch boxes to point you in the right direction of finding your box. We also have created a buyer’s guide to give you some tips on what to look for when shopping for an insulated lunch box.

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Top 7 Best Insulated Lunch Boxes Reviewed

Each of the lunch boxes on our list is of the highest quality available. They work to keep your food warm or cold for hours throughout the day without much error. We tested each of the lunch boxes on our list and guarantee quality. If you’re looking for a fantastic lunch box that is both durable and dependable, then any of the products on our list are great for you. If you are looking for an electric lunch box, read more here.

1. MIER Adult Insulated Lunch Box

 This lunch box is all about providing ample storage in a small container. It includes two different compartments for food storage – an upper and a lower compartment – each with proper insulation to keep your items hot or cold throughout the day. There is a front pocket for utensils or napkin storage as well. The lining of the lunch box is insulated PEVA, which is both eco-friendly and easy to clean. With dimensions of 10.2″ by 7.9″ by 11″, you’ll have more room than you’ll need.

Our Honest Review

MIER is a trusted name in the lunch box world for a reason. Their products are always dependable and high quality, with this box being no different. This might be their best box yet even, as the maximum amount of storage space in such a compact device is unbelievable. The dual compartment storage offers you enough space to host two different meals at once, while the insulation allows you to keep them different temperatures without cross over. 

Along with insulation, this bag offers one of the easiest cleans you’ll encounter. The PEVA interior lining is stain-resistant and easy to wipe. Any spill comes right off with the swipe of a paper towel or napkin. Speaking of napkins and paper towels, the ample storage space in this lunch box allows you to store your utensils and napkins in separate pouches, further preventing any cross over. 

We did encounter a couple of durability issues while using this lunch box, mainly along the creases of the zipper. Some threads snapped under a decent amount of pressure, but very few situations would lead to that occurring to your lunch box. Overall, this is one of the best insulated lunch boxes we have tested. The space alone is almost unmatched relative to its overall size. 


  • Dual compartments create dual environments
  • Strong insulation
  • PEVA interior is easy to clean
  • Storage for utensils and napkins


  • Durability issues along the zipper

2. OPUX Premium Lunch Box

 Much like the MIER Adult Lunch Box, this product uses PEVA insulated lining to keep the environment steady. The PEVA lining is also quite simple to clean out and is leak-resistant. With side pouches for your water bottle and utensils, this device focuses on your food for interior storage. Durability along the zipper is reinforced with high-quality nylon and 600D polyester, which prevents rips and keeps your lunch box active for years to come. 

Our Honest Review

The strength of this lunch box is surprising. When we first picked up this product, we saw the flimsy compartment and figured it would lead to external compromises — we were wrong—the fabric used in the construction of this product allowed for ample interior storage without the threat of ripping. The zipper was sturdy, and the lining surrounding it was as well. 

The insulation this product provides is fantastic for keeping your food warm — the PEVA interior is once again easy to clean out if spills ever occurred. Our favorite aspect of this product was how simple it was to carry it around. The sewn-in shoulder strap provided a comfortable carrying experience and took the load of the items stored off for a lightweight feel. 

Our one issue with this product was the flimsy walls. While the zippers and creasing around the exterior were durable and sturdy, the lack of structure made protecting your food difficult. One wrong placement and the lunch box would smash your sandwich. Also, don’t expect this box to keep ice throughout the day. Its size is excellent for long-distance traveling, and the design is easy to clean out if spills do occur.


  • Great for longer trips
  • Comfortable carry
  • Durable zippers and creases
  • PEVA insulated interior is easy to clean


  • Won’t keep ice throughout the day
  • No internal structure

3. MAZFORCE Original Lunch Box

 This lunch box is all about the design. This lunch bag is perfect for the active professional who needs lunch on the go in a sophisticated and office-friendly design. The foam core technology keeps your food temperature for hours and supports easy clean-ups. The slim back pockets and stretchy interior mesh offers you as much space as possible in this compact container. MAZFORCE tests all of their products and guarantees this box will stand up to the elements – it’s waterproof and heatproof.

Our Honest Review

In a similar style to the MIER Adult Lunch Box, we were shocked to see how much this small container could fit. It stretches when it needs to, but not too much to the point where it can’t be closed and zipped correctly. The interior mesh pockets allow you to pack in your snacks and keep as much room left over for the big containers. MAZFORCE focused on providing you with as much space as you need for lunch throughout the day.

Our favorite aspect of this bag has to be the professional and sleek design. Though it has no bearings on the performance of the product, it’s essential to have a lunch box that works well in an office setting. Even the insulated interior is designed to be presentable. It keeps your food at the desired temperature for hours and offers waterproof and leakproof solution to spills and messes.

While the bag is undoubtedly made of excellent materials and is built to last, we found some issues with the zipper, which can snap off if used too recklessly. Be gentle with the zipper, and you may have found yourself the perfect insulated lunch box. The storage space available for this tiny and lightweight box is incredible.


  • High-end material and fabrics
  • Professional design
  • Ample storage space
  • Powerful foam core insulation


  • Easily compromised around the zipper

4. Carhartt Deluxe Insulated Lunch Bag

 This is another dual compartment insulated lunch bag with a main compartment in the body and a secondary one in the top. It includes a mesh wall to help separate the two compartments and a front pocket to help store utensils and napkins. The case is 100% synthetic material, which stands up to the elements and is water repellent. With a sturdy insulated interior, this bag can hold an entire 6-pack of beer in the body compartment alone, leaving room at the top. 

Our Honest Review

Carhartt knows how to make a durable outdoor tool. From jackets to lunch boxes, they’ve always been a leading name in durability and dependability. This lunch box shows a focus on keeping up the Carhartt name with the recognizable orange exterior, which is water-resistant and supports long-lasting use. When you see the Carhartt orange, you know it’s a lasting product.

The interior space is excellent as it offers separation between compartments and supports the storage of multiple meals. Their claim that the bottom could host an entire 6-pack was true, though you do lose some of the headspace making further storage difficult. The insulation on this lunch box is fantastic as it keeps your items their temperature regardless of the external environment.

Though the lunch box is on the smaller end, the exterior pockets help to alleviate the pressure of finding space. Having a separate spot for storing your utensils and napkins is never a bad thing, and Carhartt implements that here. It is a one size fits all design as the shoulder strap isn’t adjustable, but it’s lightweight and easy to carry otherwise. If you’re looking for a durable and dependable lunch box, Carhartt has your back. 


  • Durable lunch box
  • Dual compartment interior
  • Plenty of external pockets for storage


  • Strap isn’t adjustable

5. Wildkin Lunch Box, Whale Blue

 This lunch box ensures safety for you or your kids while using the product. The materials in the lunch box are PVC, BPA, and Phthalate free. The quality and safety of this box were enough to win it a Mom’s Choice Award. Admittedly small, this lunch box is perfect for transport – you can easily store it away without worrying about crushing or bending it. The interior is a classic lunch box design with a main insulated compartment and a mesh pocket to hold your ice pack or utensils. 

Our Honest Review

Just because there’s a focus on the kids with this product doesn’t mean it’s not great for adults as well. This lunch box is fantastic for all ages and sizes in terms of design alone – you can choose a base color like Whale Blue, or you can customize with cool designs and crazy animals. Wildkin has designed the perfect insulated lunch box for kids and adults alike. 

This lunch box is perfect for the person on the go looking for a one meal storage option. The size is small enough that it can be stored away easily without taking up too much space yet is still able to hold a decent-sized container. Wildkin uses premium quality fabric to ensure that this lunch box will remain in use for years. We loved how easy it was to clean this lunch box if spills ever occurred, and the insulation keeps your food at the same temperature throughout the day.

If you’re looking for a compact and easy to transport lunch box, then this is a fantastic product for you. It makes lunch fun again and keeps your food safe from harmful products that other lunch boxes use. The exterior is durable and will keep your food safe from being crushed while the interior keeps it fresh all day long. 


  • Free from harmful materials
  • Mom’s Choice Award
  • Lightweight and easy to store away


  • Zippers are easily compromised

6. Lifewit Insulated Adult Lunch Box

 This box uses seamless hot pressing on the interior insulated walls. This prevents the tearing of any seams, which can lead to leaks and compromised insulation on other products as there are no seams to break. The insulated PEVA interior is easy to clean and guarantees freshness for up to five hours. 6mm EPE foam prevents damage from occurring to your items. The exterior is both water and dirt proof and is easy to clean.

Our Honest Review

A decently new trend, and still rare to encounter, this lunch box uses seamless hot pressing to remove the chance of the interior walls tearing. The last thing that will happen to this box will be the tearing of the interior. We love knowing that our food will be insulated and fresh all day long without a chance of temperature or liquid leaking. 

The interior might seem like the heavy lifter of this product, but the outside carries its weight as well. Being made out of 600D waterproof and dirt-proof Oxford fabric, this lunch box is one of the most durable on our list. It won’t be compromised on the outside from the elements, and it protected on the side from spills and leaks. Lifewit placed their focus on creating a lunch box that will be the last one you buy.

While we adore the durability of this product, the structure of the product seems to be lacking. It does struggle to hold its shape and can fall in on itself if not packed correctly. Other than the internal structure of the product, this is a fantastic lunch box for anyone working on the go in need of a way to keep their food fresh all day long. 


  • Hot pressed interior seams
  • PEVA insulated interior wall
  • 6mm EPE foam protection
  • 600D waterproof and dirt-proof Oxford fabric


  • Structure can fall in when empty

7. UPPER ORDER Durable Insulated Lunch Box

 One issue that many lunch boxes seem to encounter is the easily compromised zippers. UPPER ORDER designed their lunch box with a made-to-last zipper that works with you and can withstand continuous, rigorous usage. The interior material is heavy-duty polyester aluminum foil, which helps keep your food fresh and prevents rips and compromises. The exterior pocket is perfect for storing away your phone, pens, and other work materials during the day.

Our Honest Review

Our favorite part of this lunch bag has to be the interior. It’s quite a unique pattern from the rest of the bags on this list and uses a different material for insulation. The polyester aluminum lining keeps your food warm or cold for hours before it even starts to even out. With this material, you receive a sturdy and durable interior lining that is resistant to rips and tears.

There’s nothing more frustrating than having your zipper break off of your lunch box or having the zip track open, ruining the whole box. With this made-to-last zipper, you won’t have to worry about that. The zipper stays on the track no matter how often you use the lunch box. Along with the durable zipper comes the durable carrying strap, which is invaluable to assisting in easy transport of this lunch box.

Though this is a bigger model than their previous versions, the space available is lacking. It’s great for a one meal experience, but for anyone looking to pack multiple meals, you might be left wanting with this product. Besides the lack of space, this is a fantastic product that works to be both durable and dependable. 


  • Long-lasting zipper
  • Durable polyester aluminum foil interior
  • Comfortable carrying strap


  • Small in size and storage

What to Look for in a Lunch Box

Below are three of the most important features of a quality insulated lunch box. The best insulated lunch boxes are durable, properly insulated, and have plenty of storage for your food. When you’re searching for a quality lunch box, it’s important to ensure it comes equipped with these three key features. 


It’s important to find a lunch box that will last. If you’re getting a new lunch box, you don’t want to spend $20 on a product you’re just going to replace a couple years down the road. Having a durable lunch box is one of the most important features to look for. The more durable, the less chance you have of the warm or cool air leaking out. 

Proper Insulation

The name of the list is insulated lunch boxes, so why get a product that can’t keep your food the desired temperature? Many insulated lunch boxes utilize material that doesn’t work as well as it claims, so you’ll want to make sure the product you’re buying can keep your food fresh. Many good lunch boxes use PEVA lining or an aluminum polyester blend, which keeps food fresh and is easy to clean.

Plenty of Storage

Having multiple compartments may allow you to create two different environments. If the insulation is properly dispersed, you might be able to keep warm food in one section and cold food in another. On top of that, multiple compartments help with storage and enables you to put more in your lunch box. 

Transportable and Sturdy

Most lunch boxes are used to allow you lunch on the go. Having the ability to carry your lunch box without worrying about a broken strap or a ripped zipper is important. Ensure that the box you’re looking at has proper strength and that its features aren’t easily broken. Many lunch boxes have issues with zippers and the zipper track coming undone.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best insulated lunch box?

There isn’t a number one, unmatched champion of insulated lunch boxes – each product has unique features and designs, and what works best for one person might not work for another. Each of the lunch boxes on our list surpass industry standards in terms of quality and dependability. The boxes on our list are our favorite options and are of the utmost quality. 

Who makes great insulated lunch boxes?

Many different companies make amazing insulated lunch boxes. Some of the most popular are from MIER or Wildkin. Carhartt also is a reputable name when it comes to durability.

Where should I get an insulated lunch box?

Online markets like Amazon have a fantastic selection of lunch boxes for affordable prices. You could also go to the manufacturer’s website and buy directly from them, though it could be more expensive there. 

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