Is the GRE Hard – Challenging GRE Sections

If you are thinking about taking the GRE, you may have already passed the SAT and ACT. So, you have a reasonably good idea of what to expect with assessment tests.

The GRE is in a similar format but a little bit more challenging. If you plan to take it after taking a break from school, it can be even more challenging. The reading passages are different, the math problems will look a little more confusing, and you will probably see some vocabulary words you’ve never heard of. So, is the GRE hard?

GRE Is Not as Hard as Others

The good thing is that the test is not as hard as the LSAT, MCAT, or GMAT. It is no knowledge required for a particular area. The test consists of the same general knowledge as college entrance exams, just a little more difficult for graduate entrance.

If you know you are good at assessment tests and passed the SAT and ACT with no problems, you should not worry about taking the test. You can prepare for the test with the same techniques as the other assessment tests.

Challenging Sections

There are a few sections of the GRE that you may find a bit challenging. The first is the vocabulary section. You would think after gaining your bachelor’s degree. Your vocabulary would be pretty extensive. Still, the verbal reasoning section will challenge your knowledge and require you to brush up on your flashcards.

The quantitative section requires you to have solid skills in some of the more challenging subjects like algebra, geometry, and statistics with several formulas.

Then there is the GRE time. Having to complete some of the hardest sections in 30 minutes is a struggle for most standardized tests, especially if you are not a fast reader or great at math.

However, with much practice and the best GRE prep book or Magoosh GRE prep course, you can overcome the GRE, and it won’t be as hard as it seems.

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