Jeopardy Categories and Questions for Elementary Students

In this article, you will find fun Jeopardy categories and questions with answers designed for elementary school students. These categories cover a range of topics including animals, famous storybooks, math concepts, scientific wonders, global geography, and musical elements. Each category comes with questions an answers.


  1. Animal Kingdom
  2. Famous Storybooks
  3. Math Magic
  4. Science Wonders
  5. Around the World
  6. Musical Notes

Animal Kingdom

  • $100: This furry friend barks and is often called a person’s best friend. Answer: What is a dog?
  • $200: This cuddly bear is black and white and loves to eat bamboo. Answer: What is a panda?
  • $300: The biggest animal in the ocean. Answer: What is a blue whale?
  • $400: An animal with a really long neck that can eat leaves from tall trees. Answer: What is a giraffe?
  • $500: This animal from Australia carries its baby in a special pocket. Answer: What is a kangaroo?

Famous Storybooks

  • $100: He’s a wooden boy whose nose grows when he tells a lie. Answer: Who is Pinocchio?
  • $200: This girl falls down a rabbit hole into a magical world. Answer: Who is Alice from “Alice in Wonderland”?
  • $300: A bear who loves honey and lives in the Hundred Acre Wood. Answer: Who is Winnie the Pooh?
  • $400: This girl wears a red hood and visits her grandmother’s house. Answer: Who is Little Red Riding Hood?
  • $500: A wizard boy with a lightning-shaped scar. Answer: Who is Harry Potter?

Math Magic

  • $100: 5 plus 5 equals this. Answer: What is 10?
  • $200: The shape with four equal sides. Answer: What is a square?
  • $300: If you have two dimes and a nickel, you have this many cents. Answer: What is 25 cents?
  • $400: The number of sides on a hexagon. Answer: What is six?
  • $500: Half of 100. Answer: What is 50?

Science Wonders

  • $100: This is what rain is made of. Answer: What is water?
  • $200: The color of the leaves on most trees and plants. Answer: What is green?
  • $300: This is what you see in the sky at night, shining and twinkling. Answer: What are stars?
  • $400: This is the season when flowers start to bloom and it gets warmer. Answer: What is spring?
  • $500: These creatures lived a long time ago and are now found as fossils. Answer: What are dinosaurs?

Around the World

  • $100: This country is famous for its pyramids and the Nile River. Answer: What is Egypt?
  • $200: The country known for kangaroos and the Great Barrier Reef. Answer: What is Australia?
  • $300: The country where you can see the Eiffel Tower. Answer: What is France?
  • $400: The country known for its Great Wall. Answer: What is China?
  • $500: This North American country is known for its maple syrup and hockey. Answer: What is Canada?

Musical Notes

  • $100: This instrument has black and white keys and is played with fingers. Answer: What is a piano?
  • $200: The musical symbol that indicates the pitch of written notes. Answer: What is a clef?
  • $300: This string instrument is held under the chin and played with a bow. Answer: What is a violin?
  • $400: A large brass instrument played in marching bands, known for its deep sound. Answer: What is a tuba?
  • $500: The number of lines in a standard musical staff. Answer: What is five?

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