Jeopardy Categories and Questions for Middle School

In this article, you will find a collection of fun Jeopardy categories and questions for middle school students. The categories cover subjects like geography, literature, math, science, history, and current trends, and are ideal to customize any Jeopardy game template.


  1. Geography
  2. Literature
  3. Math
  4. Cool Science
  5. Time Machine
  6. Trending Now


  • $100: The continent where you can find kangaroos and koalas. Answer: What is Australia?
  • $200: The tallest mountain in the world. Answer: What is Mount Everest?
  • $300: This country is known for its pyramids and is located in Africa. Answer: What is Egypt?
  • $400: The ocean on the east coast of the United States. Answer: What is the Atlantic Ocean?
  • $500: The country famous for pizza, pasta, and the Colosseum. Answer: What is Italy?


  • $100: The author of the Percy Jackson series. Answer: Who is Rick Riordan?
  • $200: Harry Potter’s best friends’ names. Answer: Who are Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger?
  • $300: This classic novel features four sisters named Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy. Answer: What is “Little Women”?
  • $400: The magical land that Dorothy visits in “The Wizard of Oz.” Answer: What is Oz?
  • $500: The title of the first book in the “Hunger Games” series. Answer: What is “The Hunger Games”?


  • $100: The sum of the angles in a triangle. Answer: What is 180 degrees?
  • $200: The shape with six sides. Answer: What is a hexagon?
  • $300: The mathematical term for a number’s distance from zero on a number line. Answer: What is absolute value?
  • $400: The number of degrees in a straight line. Answer: What is 180 degrees?
  • $500: The formula to calculate the area of a circle (πr²). Answer: What is Pi times radius squared?

Cool Science

  • $100: The phase of water when it turns into ice. Answer: What is freezing?
  • $200: This gas is what we breathe out after inhaling oxygen. Answer: What is carbon dioxide?
  • $300: The planet known for its rings. Answer: What is Saturn?
  • $400: The type of animal that includes spiders and scorpions. Answer: What are arachnids?
  • $500: This force is why objects fall to the ground when dropped. Answer: What is gravity?

Time Machine

  • $100: The first President of the United States. Answer: Who is George Washington?
  • $200: This ancient civilization built the Great Wall. Answer: What is China?
  • $300: The year the Titanic sank. Answer: What is 1912?
  • $400: This ancient structure in England is a circle of stones. Answer: What is Stonehenge?
  • $500: The period known for the rise of castles and knights. Answer: What is the Medieval Age?

Trending Now

  • $100: This app is popular for short, funny videos and dances. Answer: What is TikTok?
  • $200: The movie series where a boy discovers he is a wizard on his 11th birthday. Answer: What is Harry Potter?
  • $300: The name of the popular building game where players can create and explore virtual worlds. Answer: What is Minecraft?
  • $400: This superhero is known for his web-slinging abilities. Answer: Who is Spider-Man?
  • $500: The first woman Vice President of the United States. Answer: Who is Kamala Harris?

Playing Jeopardy with middle school students is an excellent way to foster team building and review content in a fun, interactive way. It encourages team building skills and makes learning enjoyable and memorable. Teachers can easily customize the Jeopardy game with a PowerPoint template, to offer a fun way to present review questions in categories, and tailor content for middle school students.

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