When it comes to comparing the LSAT vs SAT, you really can’t in the sense that they are both used for entirely different purposes.  When looking at different required exams to get into college, graduate school, medical, or law school, there are so many different kinds that it will almost make your head spin.

Two different tests, the ACT and SAT, are required to get into different colleges and universities post grade school. The LSAT, MCAT, and GRE are required for specialty and graduate programs. Below is a breakdown of the different exams, what each one is for, and a comparison between some of the different ones.

Is there a correlation between SAT & LSAT

lsat vs sat

The SAT ( and ACT) exam is required to get into almost all colleges and universities. Your SAT score result will determine whether you are eligible for a myriad of scholarships. The SAT (and ACT) is a holistic representation of a students’ understanding of concepts learned during their time in high school.

The LSAT is a test used when a student wants to attend school to learn the law. This would be required for a graduate or post-graduate program whose focus is on the law.


Both of these tests are required for two particular programs. As mentioned above, taking the LSAT is required for law schools, while the MCAT must get into medical school. The LSAT is made and administered by the Law School Admission Council, also referred to as the LSAC. The MCAT stands for the Medical College Admission Test for those going into medical school.

Which is harder? The LSAT or GRE?

First of all, each test has a different purpose. The LSAT, though, has a Logic Games section that is entirely focused on logical reasoning questions. As with the GRE, your LSAT score will determine whether you can attend the legal program of choice. Lower LSAT scores may require you to choose a different university with a law focus.

Many would say that the LSAT is harder because of the Logical and Analytical reasoning section. LSAT prep books focus on all exam sections, but this exam becomes more difficult than the GRE because of the reasoning portions. In a nutshell, the LSAT is focused on a career in law, whereas the GRE is a general knowledge exam.

How to Prepare for Any Exam

Regardless of the test you are taking, reading comprehension skills are going to be key to success. All tests mentioned include logical reasoning skills and answering multiple-choice questions within a certain time frame.

Preparation is the key to a good test score result. LSATMax is an online prep course service that can help you with archiving your goals. When you receive your results, it can be difficult to understand how many questions you may have gotten correct. More so, many students find reading results to be difficult.

Here is a breakdown:

  1. The LSAT is a raw score – all questions are weighted the same
  2. MCAT – raw converted into a scaled
  3. GRE – scaled
  4. SAT (ACT)- Cumulative (average of all sections)


When it comes to scores on a test, students want the very best results they can achieve. Each of these tests is required for some aspect of college, whether it be an initial four-year degree, a graduate program, or post-graduate school. In every aspect, when you take the test, you take a step closer to your dreams.