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Magoosh GRE Word List – Top 20 Most Tested GRE Words

One of the most beneficial ways to increase your GRE score is to increase your GRE verbal score. One aspect of the GRE is word knowledge and usage. Below, you will find the 20 most tested GRE words from the Magoosh GRE word list.

most tested GRE words

The Verbal Section

In this section, the GRE assesses reading comprehension, sentence equivalence, and text completions. In the sentence equivalence and text completion sections, the GRE tests your GRE vocabulary knowledge through questions using these words and definitions.  These two portions make up about half of the entire verbal test. Knowing your terms is extremely important if you want to score well.

Magoosh Vocabulary

Magoosh provides numerous resources to encourage students to learn new terms and to study GRE vocabulary. Magoosh’s GRE Vocabulary Flashcards is a resource that allows you to match definitions with the click of a button.  Another resource is Magoosh’s Vocabulary Builder app.  You can practice matching words and its definition.

Magoosh also has numerous word lists available to help you practice words on the GRE test. These word lists are available on Magoosh, and the app. has taken time to round up the best GRE word lists available and published them into an eBook.  Magoosh’s GRE Vocabulary eBook contains 300+ words most commonly found on the GRE. They are organized into different themes to help you use the book and learn the words.

Top 20 Most Tested GRE Words

Magoosh has complied a word list of the 20 most tested words on the GRE.  Memorizing and learning these words are essential for scoring well. Various flashcards can be found for these words, including on the GRE Flashcards.  When you practice these words, you will score well.

  1. Ambivalent (adj.)
  2. Auspicious (adj.)
  3. Belligerent (adj.)
  4. Capricious (adj.)
  5. Corroborate (v.)
  6. Enervate (v.)
  7. Ephemeral (adj.)
  8. Erudite (adj.)
  9. Esoteric (adj)
  10. Extant (adj.)
  11. Fastidious (adj.)
  12. Inculpate (v.)
  13. Loquacious (adj.)
  14. Magnanimous (adj.)
  15. Mercurial (adj.)
  16. Pragmatic (adj.)
  17. Prolific (adj.)
  18. Reticent (adj.)
  19. Sanguine (adj.)
  20. Soporific (adj.)

How to Study

One way to study the GRE words is if you utilize either app created by Magoosh. You will work through several levels of terms. Each level will introduce you to new terms and become more difficult as you work through the 1,000 words Magoosh has added.

If practicing with an app is not your ideal way to study, try other GRE flashcards, including making your own. Practice through these daily for at least 10 minutes a day leading up to the GRE day.

Tips for Memorizing Word Lists

Simply reading through the listing is not going too much for you.

  • First, focus on high-frequency words. These words have appeared numerous times on the GRE.
  • Next, make a game out of memorizing. Use flashcards to play the game concentration. Take quizzes. These quizzes are available online.
  • Finally, apply these words in real life. Try to use them in conversations or find them in the different literature types you are reading.

Being intentional about your vocabulary studies is essential for memorizing and scoring well on the GRE.

A Final Word

Magoosh GRE has published several lists to assist test-takers score well on the verbal section of the GRE. Utilizing flashcards is just one way of many to learn new words. Applying these words in your everyday life guarantees the growth of new word knowledge.

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