Magoosh Vocabulary Builder is Popular and FREE

As you begin to study for the GRE, you may notice that you increase your verbal score. One way to increase your verbal score is to build your vocabulary. With Magoosh Vocabulary Builder, you can build it for free. Here is how:

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Popular and Free

One of the most popular and free apps available to learn the words you need to know to score well on the GRE is the Magoosh Vocabulary Builder. This app allows you to learn and memorize GRE vocab words to increase your vocabulary.

What is the Magoosh?

Magoosh is a very well-known and productive test prep company specializing in the GRE. It is ranked #1 in GRE preparation. Magoosh offers preparation resources for various tests, including the GMAT, SAT, ACT, LSAT, MCAT, TOEFL, IELTS, and PRAXIS.

What is the Magoosh Vocabulary Builder?

Magoosh’s expert tutor created this GRE vocabulary builder to help students prep for the GRE. The builder’s design encourages fun and learning that really sticks. Picked by an expert, there are 1000-1200 GRE words included in the vocabulary builder.

GRE Vocabulary Builder Sections

The Magoosh Vocabulary Builder has three sections. The three sections are basic, intermediate, and advanced vocabulary sections. Each section has seven or eight levels that will introduce you to new words to increase your knowledge of words and learn words to help you score well on your GRE.

Quiz Yourself

Magoosh Vocabulary Builder allows you to quiz yourself on various GRE terms. When you dive into using the Magoosh Vocabulary Builder app, you will see one term with four answer choices. You are matching the term with the definition. Once you select the correct answer, you will see more definitions and example sentences for every word.

Saving Time

Magoosh wants to save you time, so you only practice the words that you need to review the most. Once the word moves into the green, mastered section, you will not see it as often as you see other words you are learning or reviewing. This helps you ensure you are learning.

Learning New Words

Once you complete a level, you will unlock new GRE words. Every word (basic, intermediate, advanced) will appear multiple times with various answer choices to ensure you learn the right information. The app allows you to compete with other players to help motivate you to learn new GRE words.


Magoosh wants its users to be able to use the Magoosh Vocabulary Builder anywhere they go. The app is available on Google Play, App Store, Amazon, and Amazon Alexa skill. You can also quiz yourself in any web browser every day.


The iOS version allows you to play through 1200 vocab words picked by GRE experts that. The other versions will enable you to play through 1000 GRE words. No matter which version you choose to use, you will enjoy using this is test prep that really sticks.


If you are looking for a resource to increase your verbal score on the GRE, the Magoosh vocabulary builder is the best free app to use every day to improve your GRE score. Don’t get frustrated learning from books. Use this fun app to help you learn.

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