MCAT Prep Books Buying Guide

You probably wonder now on how to find the right MCAT book for you. This guide may help you realize the test prep materials you need.

It’s a good thing that there are a lot of MCAT review books to choose from. However, choosing the right book can make you feel overwhelmed due to a lot of options available. All books seem to guarantee to help you study and get good MCAT scores, but that’s not always true. Thus, you need to make sure the book you’re going to choose can bring about good results.

To help you make the right purchase, we listed down some useful tips to guide you in picking out the right book. Continue reading to find out how.

1. Know your learning options

First, you need to understand the options you have to study, make a plan, and stick to it. One option is signing up for an MCAT prep course class so that you can interact with experts. Whether you want your courses in a classroom setting or at the comforts of your home, you can indeed have an orderly study session.

A good MCAT prep book is a must-have whatever studying approach you opt to have to prepare well for the test. Since this kind of book can also be used as your reference, it helps navigate the difficult and complicated process of test preparation.

2. Do a lot of research

It’s highly important to research well about MCAT before looking for a specific book title. When you are well informed about MCAT, you could find the prep book that fits your studying requirements and needs to prepare adequately for the test.

Once you know the essential test points, it will be easier for you to look for the details you need in the books you’ll check out. As a result, you can maximize your test prep.

3. What do I expect on the MCAT?

This is the question you need to answer when you do your research. Getting the answer can help you decide on the content you want your prep review book to have.

Depending on the MCAT date you choose, you can purchase more than one test prep book. Because the exam has broad coverage, some books come in a package to save you time from searching for separate books. Nevertheless, a set of books could not be a good choice if you only have a short time to prepare.

4. Seek recommendations and carefully read a lot of reviews

When you think you have enough background about MCAT, you can check out prep books recommended by former test-takers and subject matter experts. The titles they recommend can help you narrow down your choices.

5. Know your learning methods and strategies

It’s natural to consider buying the most famous or positively reviewed books. Nevertheless, much consideration has still to be given even for books like these. If they don’t match your learning methods and strategies, no matter how comprehensive the information is, it probably won’t help you ace the actual exam.

Look at how the book presents the information. Some aspiring med school students could handle studying drab content, but you could benefit from content that is less dragging and concise, which doesn’t require extensive memorization.

If you remember more from answering simulated tests than going through volumes of information, you can purchase books that have full-length practice tests to get the feel of an actual test.

To sum up, check the prep book you’re eyeing on carefully.

6. Choose an updated version of the book

You can get a book published 2 to 3 years before the year you intend to take the exam. If you plan to take it in 2021, you can purchase the 2018 or later version of the book. Depending on how the American Association of Medical Colleges or AAMC creates the test, books get outdated quite fast. When you buy the latest version, you are likely to study information that was given on the previously given MCAT.

7. Don’t feel intimidated by getting a lot of prep books

The MCAT is a hard test but manageable if you start studying for it early enough. The more prep books you have, the more context you can study. There’s no need to use prep materials from one publisher. You can benefit from having different titles, although it’s not an assurance of getting a high score. However, it can help you prepare more by covering a wide range of theories.

On top of getting a couple of various review books, you can opt to try other studying materials. Tools such as flashcards and workbooks for MCAT practice tests, among many others, can make you more confident and well-prepared.

Since these materials utilize different approaches, they can match the studying methods and habits of medical school aspirants.

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