Meet the team

Carolin H.
Author / Tutor

Carolin is a teacher and writer from Germany. She holds a Masters in Education and has spent the last 10 years teaching German as a second language around the world. Klett published her novel for German language learners "Neuanfang mit Schokolade" in 2017.

She wrote a book with 55 short English stories and quick reads, which is designed for everyone who enjoys finishing a story in under 3 minutes. 

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Carolin is the main author at to give tips and advise to other tutors as well as students.

James L.
Author / Researcher

James an author at His aim is to ensure that tutors get the exposure they need for them to share their expertise with the student. He will send guidelines and tips to tutors on how to present themselves to the students and effectively deliver their knowledge with ease. He aspires to help students in their academics by posting tips on the materials they need for better absorption on the topics discussed. Promoting the advantages of having a tutor will also be on his goal list to highly encourage students to have a private tutor instead of struggling in class while trying to juggle with other topics as well.