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Introducing ATutor 2.0

We are excited to announce the arrival of ATutor 2.0. This release is the first in the 2.0 series, which represents a new direction for ATutor, building on its LMS and LCMS roots to become a collection of tools for creating online classrooms. Try the ATutor Demo, or Download ATutor to install your own copy.

Key New Features in this Release

AContent 1.1 Released

[November 24, 2010] AContent 1.1 was released today. AContent is an elearning content authoring tool and content repository. It supports the creation, exporting, and importing of IMS Common Cartridges, IMS Content Packages, IMS QTI test and question packages, and IMS/ISO AccessForAll content. If you are using ATutor 2.0.1, you should upgrade AContent to version 1.1. For additional details visit the AContent development site and demo. Or, download the new AContent to install it, or to upgrade an existing AContent installation. See Sourceforge for the official new release.

Understanding Web Accessibility Course

[October 28, 2010] The Inclusive Design Institute (IDI) and Inclusive Design Research Centre (IDRC) are pleased to announce the free public release of its Understanding Web Accessibility online course. The course is aimed at Web content authors and Web application developers, with detailed coverage of the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0), and how to create Web content that is accessible to a diverse audience. Follow the links below to review the course, or to register. Browse Understanding Web Accessibility OR Register to take the course

ATutor 2.0.1 Released

[October 20, 2010] ATutor 2.0.1 was released today. This release is primarily a maintenance release, fixing a few bugs, refining some functionality, and extending a few features. If you are using ATutor 2.0 and everything is working okay for you, you probably do not need to upgrade. Download ATutor, try the ATutor Demo, see the Changelog for a list of changes in this version, and see the Sourceforge News Release for details of the release.

IDRC/IDI Announcement

[October 12, 2010] The official launch of IDRC (Inclusive Design Research Centre) and IDI (Inclusive Design Institute) was announced today. The IDRC/IDI is the home of ATutor, and many other projects that focus on inclusive design research and practice. For more about the launch, see the news release at: IDRC/IDI News Release

AContent 1.0 Released

[August 26, 2010] AContent 1.0 was released today. This is the initial public release. AContent is an Open Source content authoring tool and repository used to create standardized, accessible, adaptable learning materials. It can be integrated with many Web-based learning environments as a tool to author, share, and store reusable content. To try the demo, or to download a copy, visit the AContent site, and read the SourceForge news release linked below for a list of key features. *AContent Demo* http://www.atutor.ca/acontent/demo.php *AContent Development Site* http://www.atutor.ca/acontent/ See Sourceforge for the official news release. https://sourceforge.net/news/?group_id=342183&id=291028

ATutor 2.0 Released

[July 6, 2010] ATutor 2.0 is now released. Administrators should upgrade their ATutor systems at their earliest convenience. ATutor users can try out the new version on the ATutor Demo Site, or download ATutor to install their own version. See the SourceForge News Release for additional details. And, see the Changelog for a list of new features in ATutor 2.0.

Google Summer of Code Applications

[March 9, 2010] Students who would like to work with the IDI on one of its open source projects for the summer (including ATutor), can submit a resume and cover letter, and choose from the suggested Google Summer of Code projects. Or, if you have another project you'd like to work on, also submit a 1 or 2 page description of your project, and how you would go about developing the software. Google will fund student work on open source projects over the summer, contributing $5000 USD to each student accepted into the program. For more information visit the Google Summer of Code 2010 Web site, and review the ATutor GS0C Ideas Page for a list of potential projects.

Register for Understanding Web Accessibility

[March 9, 2010] Registration is now open for the April offering of the Understanding Web Accessibility course. This online course teaches both beginning and advanced Web users and content authors about the WCAG 2.0 accessibility guidelines, and what it means to develop accessible Web content. To learn more about the course, and to register, visit the course registration page.

ATutor 1.6.4 Released

[December 17, 2009] ATutor 1.6.4 is now available. Current users should upgrade as soon as possible. Some of the new features in this release include conformance with IMS Common Cartridge 1.0 Lite content interoperability standard, prerequisite tests for content access, and further enhancements to the user interface. Try the ATutor 1.6.4 Demo to see how the new Common Cartridge features work. Or, Download ATutor to install a version of your own. See the ChangeLog for a list of changes in this release. See the SourceForge news release for more details.

ATutor 1.6.3 Released

[July 22, 2009] ATutor 1.6.3 has been released. Current users are encouraged to upgrade to take advantage of some significant new features. ATutor can now be used as social networking software, as a learning management system, or for both social networking and elearning. Go to the Demo Site site to try ATutor, and Download ATutor to get a copy of your own.

ATutor 1.6.3 RC1 Released

[July 2, 2009] We are getting closer to a stable release of ATutor 1.6.3. We still need help from the community to test the new features, and report bugs. Please take a little time to download and install the latest version, and do some testing. For details see the ATutor 1.6.3 RC1 Forum Post http://www.atutor.ca/view/7/17937/1.html

AChecker 1.0 Released

[June 5, 2009] AChecker is a free Open Source Web Content Accessibility Checker. Web content authors, webmasters, and Web application developers can use AChecker to ensure the information they post to the Web will be accessible to everyone. Try the demo (login:demo,password:demo) to see how it works, download AChecker to install your own version, and visit the AChecker forum to find help and to participate in the developing community of users. Use the Public AChecker to evaluate the accessibility of your Web site if you do not have a place to install your own version. Learn more about AChecker.

W4A Web Accessibility Award

[April 24, 2009] ATutor received the delegates Web Accessibility Challenge award at this year's W4A conference in Madrid.

ATutor Social and AChecker

[April 16, 2009] *Introducing ATutor Social*
ATutor Social is now available for testing and feedback. This Beta version can either be downloaded from the atutor.ca Web site, or for those using ATutor 1.6.2+. it can be installed directly from the Module Repository using the administrator's Module Manager. The final release of the module should come about the same time as the next major ATutor release (June 09).

*Download ATutor Social Beta*

ATutor Social is an implementation of the Google OpenSocial Container Specification. In addition to introducing basic social networking capabilities, such as keeping contacts, group participation, and social graphing, ATutor Social can leverage thousands of existing social applications that can be added each person's social networking environment with the click of a button. All of a sudden there are thousands of new modules for ATutor.

*To learn more about ATutor Social, visit the Web site*

*Try the ATutor Social Demo*
*Post feedback to the ATutor forums*

*Introducing AChecker*
AChecker accessibility reviewer is now available for testing and feedback. AChecker is used to evaluate the accessibility of Web sites to a variety of international standards, including W3C WCAG, Section 508 (U.S.), Stanca (Italy), and BITV (Germany). Administrators can customize standards, edit existing accessibility checks, and create new checks. Try the demo on your own Web site to see how it fairs. Download a copy to install your own version of AChecker.

*AChecker Demo*

*Download AChecker Beta*

*AChecker Details*
*Post feedback to the ATutor forums*

Join us in Spain April & May 09

[February 27, 2009] ATutor is being presented at both WWW/W4A conference in Madrid April 20 & 21, and at the IMS Learning Impact conference in Barcelona May 11 to 14. Visit the conference sites for details on attending. Hope to see you there.

ATutor 1.6.2 Released

[December 11, 2008] ATutor 1.6.2 is now available. This is a significant release, with the addition of quite a number of new features, and further support for accessibility and interoperability standards. See the SourceForge News Release for details. Download ATutor, Try the Demo. See the ChangeLog for a list of new features.

ATutor in WCAG 2.0 Implementation Report

[November 3, 2008] The W3Cs WCAG 2.0 accessibility guidelines took one step closer toward being a full recommendation today with the release of its Implementation Report. ATutor was one of Level AA implementers. See the ATutor WCAG 2.0 Compliance Test. If you look closely, the only failed AAA item was on language level.

AChecker 0.1 (PHP) Released

[September 19, 2008] The very first version of AChecker redesigned in PHP is now available. It is fairly basic, but does produce Web accessibility reviews. Over the next several months features such as customizable reviews, saving data from decisions made using checker, Web services, a check authoring tool, translation, and other features will be added. Minor releases will come as significant new features are added, leading up to the first full release 1.0 sometime in early 2009. See the Demo of AChecker or Download AChecker and install it on your own system.

ATutor.no Launches

[July 17, 2008] ATutor.no, out of Norway, was launched recently, and they have been working hard to make improvements to ATutor, and introduce new modules and themes. Some of the new features include a SPAM filter module, an embedded FLV file player, as well as improvements to the ATutor Directory. Visit atutor.no for a full list of features developed by the Norwegian ATutor group.See Contributions

ATutor 1.6.1 Released

[July 2, 2008] ATutor 1.6.1 is now available. ATutor users should upgrade their systems to take advantage of added security and a variety of new features. See the Sourceforge News Release for a list of changes in this release. A demo and download are available.

ATutor Wins Gold IMS Learning Impact Award

[May 14, 2008] ATutor receives a Gold IMS Learning Impact Award. It also received three best in show awards for best personalized learning solution, best open source learning platform, and top vote getter from attendees at the conference. Congratulations goes to everyone who has contributed over the years, once again. We're on a roll! Keep up the good work. (IMS Press Release)

Blackboard Patent Rejected by USPTO

[March 28, 2008] The United States Patent and Trademark Office has announced that it has rejected all 44 claims that Blackboard has attempted to patent in a non-final determination on Patent 6,988,138, also known as the "Alcorn Patent". Though this is not the final decision, which is still likely months, or even years away, it is a significant move toward what most in the online learning industry have suggested from the beginning, that the patent should never have been issued. USPTO has accepted without modification the prior art submitted by the Software Freedom Law Centre (SFLC). This essentially ends ATutor's association with SFLC, though it does not end the association between SFLC and Blackboard, should Blackboard wish to challenge the ruling.

ATutor IMS Awards Finalist

[February 7, 2008] ATutor has been named as one of the finalists in the IMS Learning Impact Awards. The Awards recognize high impact use of technology in support of learning. Judging will take place at this year's Learning Impact Conference, being held in Austin Texas May 12 to 15.

ATutor 1.6 Released

[February 5, 2008] ATutor 1.6 is now available. The most significant change in this release is the conversion from old language character sets to a single character set, UTF-8, which provides universal language support. The other significant change is a new look-and-feel, updating the default themes with a new DIV based layout, and a new appearance for the 1.6 series releases of ATutor. Visit the ATutor 1.6 Demo to try out new features in 1.6 and download ATutor 1.6 to install a version of your own.

ATutor takes Mellon Award.

[December 10, 2007] The ATRC, and the ATutor team, have been honored with one of this year's Mellon Awards for Technology Collaboration. The prize was one of 10 "Mellon Awards for Technology Collaboration" (MATC) awarded yesterday to honor not-for-profit organizations for leadership in the collaborative development of open source software tools with application to scholarship in the arts and humanities. The prizes were presented at the Fall Task Force meeting of the Coalition for Networked Information by Sir Timothy Berners-Lee, Director of the World Wide Web Consortium and the inventor of the World Wide Web.

ATutor 1.6 Beta Released

[December 7, 2007] ATutor 1.6 is now available for download and testing. The biggest change in this release is the conversion from old characters to a single character set, UTF-8, which provides universal language support. The other significant change is a new look-and-feel, updating the default themes with a new DIV based layout, and a new appearance for the 1.6 series releases of ATutor. Community members should provide feedback on the system's upgrade, particularly for systems using languages other than those found in the Latin1 character set (i.e. ISO-8859-1). Production ATutor systems should not be upgraded with this beta version, but instead upgrade a copy of the production system, or perhaps a second test system. Please report any problems you find to the Bug Reports Forum

ATutor 1.5.5 Released

[August 2, 2007] ATutor 1.5.5 is now available for download. This is mostly a maintenance release, but does include a few small features. Everyone is encouraged to upgrade. See the change log for a list of changes in this version.

ATutor 1.5.4 Released

[April 16, 2007] ATutor 1.5.4 is now available for download. Users are encouraged to upgrade their systems to take advantage of the many new features available in this release. Some of these features include: additional test question types, as well as QTI 2.1 test question exporting; batch management of student accounts and a new administrator enrollment manager; and a new DIV based theme (blumin), among many other things. See the change log for a list of changes in this version. And, visit the ATutor 1.5.4 Demo to try the new features.

Mellon Awards

[March 30, 2007] The 2007 Mellon Awards for Technology Collaboration (MATC) have been announced, with several $100,000 and $50,000 cash awards to be presented in December. You might choose to add a comment to the ATutor Nomination to help improve its chances, or you might submit a nomination for your own ATutor work. Nominations are due by April 16 2007.

Payments Module Released

[February 27, 2007] The ATutor payments module is now available for testing. This module allows for the payment of course fees, and auto enrolment when set as a course preference. Payments can be managed by Instructors and/or administrators. The module includes a test account with the MiraPay credit card processing service. Download a copy of the module from the ATutor Modules page. Though it should function without any trouble if you want to start using it right away, this version is available primarily for testing and feedback.

Blackboard Patent Challenged

[November 30, 2006] ATutor is one of three open source learning management systems named in a formal challenge to the Blackboard patent issued in July of 2006. For full details see the Press Release from The Software Freedom Law Center.


[November 30, 2006] ATutor been released! Review the change log for a list of changes in this version.

ATutor Released

[August 1, 2006] ATutor has been released. This version fixes a few minor bugs, security issues, and improves on the language management.

Nominate ATutor: Mellon Foundation Awards

[July 18, 2006] The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation is inviting nominations for the 2006 Mellon Awards for Technology Collaboration (MATC). Please visit http://rit.mellon.org/awards for the details. An award from the Mellon Foundation would go a long way towards advancing the ATutor project, making it possible to further extend the capacities of ATutor user communities, and to develop a range of new features. If ATutor is helping you to achieve your project goals please consider taking a moment to nominate ATutor for the 2006 Mellon Awards for Technology Collaboration (MATC).

ATutor 1.5.3 Released

[July 5, 2006] ATutor 1.5.3 has been released, with many new features. The most significant changes include the integration of the ACollab group functionality into ATutor, creating a *new group user level*, and development of a collection group level tools. ACollab users can now configure ATutor to provide most of the functionality ACollab had been providing. Another key feature added in this release is the *File Storage* utility, a personal file manager for students, groups, and instructors. It includes an *Assignment Drop Box* extension, where students can submit assignments, and instructors can manage them. is now available for review and testing. For a full list of new features see the ChangeLog. Visit the ATutor downloads page to get a copy. Or, visit the demo site to try the demo ATutor 1.5.3.

TLE Content Repository Module Released

[April 3, 2006] The first release of The Learning Edge (TLE) module for ATutor has been released. TLE is a full featured e-learning content repository. In this version of the module students and instructors can search the repository and view its content. Instructors can link content directly from the repository into their ATutor courses, and use the TLE Lesson Assembler to build content packages to use in courses, and share with others. You can download the TLE Module, and learn more about the repository software itself from the TLE Web Site. Visit the ATutor Demo to try the TLE module yourself. It is available as a search tool on the demo course home page, and as an Instructor tool under the Manage tab when logged in as a course instructor.

OS E-learning Software Workshops (Rome)

[March 21, 2006] A series of workshops will be held at CNIPA (National Center for Computer Science in Public Administration) in Rome on April 06, 2006. The workshops will discuss aspects on E-Learning systems such as conformance with SCORM, national use of e-learning systems, and conformity with accessibility standards. The workshops are primarily intended for an Italian audience, though anyone is welcome to attend.

ATutor 1.5.2 Modules Release

[December 14, 2005] ATutor 1.5.2 is now available. In this release there have been some major changes to the underlying structure of the system. All functionality is now available in modules. The primary purpose for this change is to allow ATutor users to more easily create added functionality, or to create third party addon modules that link other applications into ATutor. New modules with this release include an FAQ utility, a Google search feature, and a RSS feeds module. The EWiki, ATalker, SCORM Packages, and ACollab modules have also been updated, so it is now possible to install them with just a couple mouse clicks. For more information, and a download from Sourceforge, visit the atutor.ca Web site. ATutor users are should upgrade their current system with version 1.5.2.

Security Notice

[September 15, 2005] Those using versions of ATutor previous to 1.5 are encouraged to upgrade to ATutor 1.5.1 pl1 as soon as possible. For those already using ATutor 1.5.1 please replace your existing ./password_reminder.php file with this fix.

ATalker Add-on for ATutor Released

[September 7, 2005] ATalker is a Web-based text-to-speech add-on for ATutor, based on the Festival text-to-speech system. Using synthesized speech, ATalker can read text out loud over the Web. With the ATalker Theme installed, the ATutor interface and feedback messages can be read out loud. ATalker currently has English and Spanish voices. For more information, see the ATalker demo and ATalker downloads.

ATutorDay Italia

[September 7, 2005] ATutorDay - Labor scarl will be hosting ATutorDay on October 14th, 2005. The event will be held on the beautiful Island of Capri, just west of Naples Italy. It will highlight ATutor activities throughout Italy, with discussions on open source, e-learning content development, economic considerations, and evaluation strategies, among others. The workshops will appeal to an international audience, sharing knowledge of the successes in Italy using open source technologies for Web-based e-Learning. Visit the ATutorDay Web site for full details, and Capri Tourism for travel details. Hope to see you there!

ATutor 1.5.1 Released

[August 16, 2005] ATutor 1.5.1 has been made available for download. This release fixes many bugs, most minor but some critical, that could not have been included in the 1.5 release last month for various reasons. The change log notes the other changes as well.

Ewiki Addon for ATutor 1.5

[August 3, 2005] An implementation of ErFurtWiki for ATutor is now available for ATutor 1.5+. It provides a wide range of wiki tools to allow students to create pages, upload and download files, keep a calendar, store images, and generally build knowledge on course topics. Unzip the downloaded file into your ATutor tools/ directory. This creates a directory called wiki/. In the wiki/ directory read README_ATUTOR_MODULE for installation and integration instructions. Visit the download ATutor Addon Modules section of atutor.ca to get a copy of the Ewiki addon for your ATutor installation.

ATutor 1.5 Released

[July 12, 2005] ATutor 1.5 has been released with many new features and enhancements. Some features to look for: modular Student Tools, a SCORM Run-Time Environment, extended theme capabilities, and the ATutor Handbook, among many others. Users are encouraged to upgrade their current systems. See the Change Log for a list of new features, the Demo to try it yourself, and the download section to get a copy of your own.

AComm 1.0 Released

[April 14, 2005] AComm 1.0 has been released. This is the initial release of our accessible Chat and Whiteboard. Imagine a blind person being able to participate in drawing and synchronous communication activities. Now it's possible. Download AComm for yourself, or have your students install it, for added participation and interactivity in your ATutor courses.

ACollab 1.2 Released

[March 30, 2005] ACollab 1.2 has been released. This release includes a variety of feature enhancements and a few bug fixes. Current users may wish to upgrade to take advantage of the added functionality. Visit the Change Log for a list of new features, the ACollab Demo site to try it for yourself, and the ACollab Download site to get a copy of your own.

ATutor 1.5 Beta Available

[March 24, 2005] ATutor 1.5 Beta has been made available for testing! See the Change Log for additional details.

ATutor 1.4.3 Released

[February 3, 2005] ATutor 1.4.3 has been released and is now available for download! Current users are encouraged to upgrade their ATutor systems to take advantage of the many new feature that have been added to this release. See the Change Log for additional details.

ATutor Community Development

[October 13, 2004] The ATutor Community Discussions forum has been opened on atutor.ca to allow ATutor users to share stories and learn from each other's experiences. Other community development initiatives include: the Proposed Features page, and the Feature Requests Forum which allow non-programmers to participate in development activities; the Translation Site with more than 20 languages for ATutor and a community of more than 300 translators; and the Themes Page, where ATutor users can display their creativity and share their work with others.

ATutor 1.4.2 Released

[September 21, 2004] ATutor 1.4.2 is now available for download! See the Change Log for additional details.

Developer Documentation

[August 8, 2004] The developer documentation is now available. The document will help any PHP developer get right into working with the ATutor code. Please see the development section for additional details.

ATutor Themes Page Open

[July 12, 2004] The ATutor Themes Page is now open for members and public viewers and can be accessed via the link under the ATutor Project menu on the left. Themes for ATutor 1.4+ are available for preview and download. Members can share their own original themes by uploading a zipped file of their theme in the Submit Theme Section to be tested and displayed in the themes gallery.

ATutor 1.4.1 Released

[July 8, 2004] ATutor 1.4.1 is now available for download. The lastest version can be downloaded from Sourceforge.net. See the Change Log for additional details.

Development Site Open

[June 22, 2004] The ATutor Development Site is now open for members and public viewers and can be accessed via the link in the horizontal menu bar above. Members can contribute to the development of new features. Features suggested in forums and emails, etc. will be listed on the Proposed Features page. ATutor.ca members can vote for features and assign themselves as a developer to specific features. Viewers can browse and checkout source code from the Subversion (SVN) Repository, and registered developers can commit and maintain their contributions.

ACollab 1.1 Released

[June 14, 2004] ACollab 1.1 is now available for download. This version introduces many new features and changes from the previous PWD version. ACollab 1.1 can now be used as a stand-alone group work collaborative environment or as an add-on to an existing ATutor (1.4+) installation.

ATutor 1.4 Released

[May 28, 2004] ATutor 1.4 is now available for download. The lastest version can be downloaded from Sourceforge.net. See the Change Log for additional details.

New features to watch for in this release:

ACollab Translation Tools Available

[March 24, 2004] With the nextrelease of ATutor planned for the end of April 2004, ACollab will be available as a standalone group collaboration tool and as an addon for ATutor so instructors can conduct group activities as part of their teaching. Translators may now log into MyATutor to translate ACollab.

Nightly Builds Available

[March 3, 2004] In an effort to keep the ATutor community up-to-date on the latest developments, we have made nightly builds available on the Downloads page. The nightly builds are made directly from the development CVS and we encourage everyone to try one out for testing purposes, or just for curiousity sake.

ATutor 1.3.3 Released

[February 27, 2004] ATutor 1.3.3 is now available for download. This release is mostly a stabilizing release, meant to stabilize much of the newly added functionality and resolve bugs before continuing on to the next development phase. See the Downloads page to obtain a copy of your own.

ATutor 1.3.2 Released

[February 19, 2004] ATutor 1.3.2 is now available for download. New in this release: SCORM conformant content packaging, a new look and feel for introductory screens, upgrades to the content editor, and lots of fixes and enhancements. See the Change Log for a more detailed list of changes, try the Demo to see the new look, and try the new content editor, and visit the Download page to obtain a copy of your own.

ACollab-PWD 1.0 Released

[February 4, 2004] The first public release of ACollab is here. ACollab is an accessible Web-based collaborative work environment. This version, labeled ACollab-PWD, was created by the ATutor team for the Persons With Disabilities (PWD) cluster of Human Resource Development Canada (HRDC). The Government of Canada has kindly allowed us to keep ACollab Open Source (GPL) so it will be available to anyone, and continue to grow around a community of its users. Plans for ACollab include adapting it for additional languages, then building an addon, integrating it into ATutor as a tool for running group learning activities. Where ACollab goes from there, its users will tell.

The inaugural version of ACollab can be downloaded from Sourceforge.net. See the ACollab section of the site for additional details, and the ACollab Demos to try it yourself.

ATutor 1.3.1 Released

[December 16, 2003] ATutor 1.3.1 has been released. The primary new features in this version are the automated installation and upgrade script, improved support for right-to-left languages, and a few bug and security fixes. The lastest version can be downloaded from Sourceforge.net. See the Change Log for additional details.

ATutor 1.3 Released

[November 14, 2003] ATutor is a Standards Compliant Open Source Web-based Learning Content Management System (LCMS) designed with accessibility and adaptability in mind. Administrators can install or update ATutor in minutes. Educators can quickly assemble, package, and redistribute Web-based instructional content, and conduct their courses online. Students learn in an adaptive learning environment.

New Features in the ATutor 1.3 include:

MyATutor Tools

[November 14, 2003] We are pleased to announce the new My ATutor members section! My ATutor expands on the forums and in the future will provide access to ATutor support and community resources. Use My ATutor to setup a new Translator Account, if you are currently working on ATutor language, or you wish to get involved in translating ATutor.
If you already have a username and password for the ATutor Forums, they can be used to login to ATutor.ca without having to re-register.

Translators for ATutor 1.3

[November 7, 2003] ATutor 1.3 is scheduled for release November 14. If you are waiting for a language pack to be released in your language, why not volunteer to join a group of translators, or start a group of your own. Register as an ATutor member to request a Translator account.

ATutor 1.3 RC2

[November 4, 2003] ATutor 1.3 RC2 has been released. This is the second (and probably last) release candidate prior to the 1.3 release, and should be used for testing only. This release fixes a few minor bugs in RC1 and handles a few user errors a little better than before.

ATutor 1.3 RC1

[October 27, 2003] ATutor 1.3 RC1 has been released. This is the first release candidate prior to the 1.3 release and should be used with caution. Please test this release on non-production servers as much as possible. ATutor 1.3 includes many bug fixes as well as several major features--the biggest being the addition of IMS compliant content packaging. 1.3 RC1 can also be tested on our demo servers.

ATutor on Top

[August 31, 2003] ATutor on Top in "Progress through Training" Study: A study of ATutor and its closest counterparts, results in ATutor nomination as the open source Virtual Learning Environment of choice. A local copy of the study (pdf) can be downloaded from ATutor.

ATutor Takes Top Spot

[July 30, 2003] ATutor Takes Top Spot in Open Source LCMS Study: We are pleased to announce that ATutor came out on top in a study of Open Source Learning Content Management Systems conducted by the Commonwealth of Learning. Read about the study.

ATutor 1.2.1 Released

[July 25, 2003] A minor update has been released to fix the problem some were experiencing with the default language not loading in a fresh install of V1.2. Download V1.2.1

ATutor 1.2 Released

[July 6, 2003] Updates include multilingual support, the addition of AChat, an accessible synchronous cummunication tool, more icons to represent various features, and lots of bug fixes and enhancements. Follow the demo link to try ATutor, and follow the Download link to get your copy.