Art projects have always been an integral part of life and learning, even for kids. Whether your child is an art prodigy or a beginner; a painting can be an excellent avenue for them to express themselves. It is also a fun art activity. There is a wide array of creative painting ideas for kids, such as bubbles, acrylic paint pouring, etc.

While some of these activities can be pretty messy, they will get your kids’ imaginative and creative juices flowing. There is also the extra benefit of developing fine motor skills.

1. Ice Painting

colorful ice cubes for painting ideas with kids

This is one of the best painting ideas for kids for the summer season. You’ll need water, an ice cube tray, and washable paint (different colors) to carry out this fun painting activity. Ice painting involves mixing warm water with paint and then inserting it in your freezer until it solidifies. The result will be ice cubes that you can pop out and give to your kids to craft paint on each other, surfaces outside, and paper.

If you’re worried about making a mess, be rest assured that the paint used is washable, so it will easily wash off. So there’s nothing to worry about.

2. Acrylic Paint Pouring

This is one of the coolest painting activities. Kids get to combine different colors creatively to produce paintings in a short period, and with no paintbrushes required. To carry out this activity, you’ll need Tempera paints or acrylic paints, a piece of paper or a canvas, and a clear cup (preferably small).

What’s lovely about this activity is that you get to have so much fun while doing it with your kids.

3. Painted Rocks

owls painted on rocks

Recently, painted rocks became an art trend. Getting smooth rocks and rejuvenating their look using paint brushes and colors is undoubtedly an activity your kids will love. Painted rocks can be given as gifts to people or used for outdoor designs in your garden.

4. Paint Bubbles

This excellent art project holds a special place in the heart of kids. You’ll need a big plastic container, paint or food coloring, soapy water, white paper, a push pin, and straws to execute this process art. To get the best out of this design, you can imprint different colors of bubbles on a single piece of paper.

This little experiment will result in colorful, bubbly imprints on the white paper, giving it a distinct design. You can also try this idea out with plastic tubes or aquarium air pumps instead of straws. Use already created bubble paintings for other art projects, cut out shapes of the art, and use them to make a collage.

Bubble paintings can also be a gift when framed or fashioned into a notecard.

5. Painted Flower Pots

Painted Flower Pots for birds hang in garden

This one is easy and so much fun! And on the plus side, you get to beautify your outdoor surroundings with it. Take a moment to picture the beauty a painted flower vase will add to your garden. It can be a gift from kids to their teachers or parents. Here are several flower painting pot ideas that your kids can explore and experiment with.

6. Paint Pendulum

This is a painting project that involves creating a mess with colors. You can make a paint pendulum with some recycled items. It’s one of the easiest painting ideas to set up. It will involve pouring some paint into a container that’s swinging freely over a canvas. To set this up, you should have a string (for holding up your container), paint (preferably Tempera paint), packing tape, water, cardboard box poles, watercolor paper, cardboard tube, hot glue gun, and a small paper cup.

The beauty of this great project is that the more you use it, the more beautiful your artwork will be. Just clear off the paint and allow the drop cloth to dry. This easy art project can also be executed outdoors. This activity helps develop your children’s specific skills, such as logic, hand-to-eye coordination, adhering to instructions, patience, and understanding.

7. Q-Tip Painting

kid paind rainbow with Q-tips

It can also be called dot painting. This easy painting project is ideal if you want to create detailed art and experiment with as many colors as possible. It’s also easy to clean up. This art helps kids to develop fine motor skills. This art requires holding the cotton swabs and moving it around the canvas or paper. It helps to develop the hand’s smaller muscles.

Parents can guide their kids on painting with cotton swabs by sketching designs on pieces of paper and making their kids fill in the space with dots of different paint colors. Then, it can be applied to a picture for aesthetic effect. Young kids from the age of 2 can experiment with this dot painting idea. It will require strict adult supervision, of course.

8. Splat Painting

This art project will get your hands messy, but it’s such a fun activity. It’s all about creating bold paintings. The items you’ll be needing to work on this art will include paint, a big kitchen spoon, paper, and small sponges. Due to the messy nature of this art project, it’s best done outside.

The art is all about soaking these small sponges in different colors of paint and then splattering them on the paper. Then the big spoon will be used to smack the paint.

9. Monochrome Painting

white and black acrylic paint on paper

This is a retro painting that began in white and black before the painting was done in other colors. Side by side, their sharp contrast is art in itself, and they are the only colors you need for this easy painting project. Parents can either give their kids a piece of black canvas and white paint or a white canvas and black paint.

A tray is also needed to contain the canvas. This helps define the area kids should focus on and makes cleaning up easier.

10. Finger Painting

kid paints with fingers on white paper

When one talks about art projects or fun painting ideas for kids, finger painting will surely be one of them. Through this art, kids paint, develop and learn through their sense of touch. They get to feel the texture of their art and experiment with various colors and patterns. It also helps your kids to express their emotions.

11. Toothbrush Painting

Using a toothbrush to paint can work. It’s an excellent alternative to paintbrushes. Apart from saving you the expense of a new paintbrush, it also means less waste since you don’t have to throw your old toothbrush away. Apart from being fun and exciting, it’s ideal for keeping your kids engaged when they can’t play outside because it’s raining.

This is one of the art activities that enhances coordination and concentration skills. The focus on your toddler’s face is enough proof of that. You can work with as little as two paint colors, but you’re not limited to any number. All you need for this art is different colors of paint, your old toothbrush, and a surface (a piece of paper or canvas).

12. Sidewalk Paint

boy paints on sidewalk with chalk

DIY sidewalk chalk paint is one of the best painting ideas for the summer season. Aside from being a very pocket-friendly art, it’s ideal for kids of all ages. There are over 100 applications with sidewalk chalk art, so the options your kids get to experiment with are virtually unlimited. The sidewalk chalk paint is messy art, but no clean-up is required.

13. Rainbow Painting Ideas

kids craft room handprint rainbow paintingThis art is unarguably one of the most visually appealing ideas for kids. It’s pretty hands-on, and it gives your kids a rich sensory experience. It involves mixing and blending various colors. It’s also one of the few fun ideas that is not tied down to a particular time of the year. Your kid can do it all year long.

Whether it’s Spring, Summer, or even for a religious celebration such as St. Patrick’s Day, rainbow painting is a one-for-all.

14. Scrape Painting

Scrape painting has to do with the color combination. Using primary colors such as yellow, red, and blue, kids can create colorful designs that will birth a wider range of new colors. Kids can explore different painting techniques with slow and quick scrapes and hard and light scrapes to add texture and depth to their work.

Use cardboards in place of paintbrushes for color application.

15. Coffee Filter Painting

painting on a coffee filter

Painting with coffee filters is a diverse painting idea. Amazing blends and vibrant colors are just a few touches away with water-based markers and coffee filters. It’s so engaging that your kids can paint for hours and wouldn’t want to stop. Applications with this art include hot air balloons, ballerinas, etc.

16. Cotton Ball Rain Clouds

This is one of the unique painting ideas. It involves your kids gluing cotton balls on the upper half of a piece of paper. These cotton balls will be in the form of a cloud. Then an eye drop will be used to drop some liquid on the cotton balls. Finally, some paint will be squeezed around these balls. When all is set and done, make your kids raise the paper, gravity will create a “rainfall effect on your painting.”