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How to Study and Practice for a New Job Interview

The period you are searching for a new job should be filled with preparation, and this is what a lot of people ignore. Your life is not on hold until you get a job; instead, a job simply modifies it. Here is some useful advice to practice for a new job interview.

1. Get Clarity

For many people, any job works for them as long as it pays the bills. However, for others, the job must be a step in the right direction for their career. There is absolutely nothing wrong with exploring different niches when it comes to job-seeking; however, you must be clear on what you want so you are not deceived into a dead-end job.

First off, decide what field you want to go into and work towards sending out resumes to employers in those fields. It is very easy to be pushed into taking jobs, all because a relative knows someone who works there. Be sure to seek out the best advice when it comes to your career before sending out applications.

When you identify what you want and seek out interviews for your ideal job, you are unconsciously creating an identity that others will recognize.

2. Practice for the Public Service Exams

Public service jobs guarantee job security and career opportunities for many people, whether fresh graduates or professionals and are also a stellar choice for interested persons.

If you’re looking to be recruited into the public service in Canada, one of the things to look out for is their entrance exams. Just like every employer needs to interview employees to know if they are suitable for the job, the public service commission of Canada does screening in the form of examinations.

Now, as we’ve stated before, practice makes perfect. When looking for a public service job in Canada, you should get familiar with the format used for their entrance examinations and practice their exam simulations till you’re perfect.

There are several public service entrance exam practice tests online that you can benefit from. This will boost your confidence and also affect your performance positively when you eventually take the test.

3. Stand Out

two man shaking hands at job interview

When you’re in search of a new job, you should aim to stand out. There would be tons of people applying for the same role, so you need to be different to be noticed. Of course, there are many ways to stand out, but what we mean is standing out as a result of your unique skill set.

You may have a certification or certain skills that others do not possess which is important or directly related to the job you’re applying for. So, if you are an accountant, look to acquire more skills directly related to your field. The same applies to everyone, irrespective of field or discipline. Employers love to see that you go the extra mile to better yourself.

So while waiting and applying for that dream job, take the pains to be better, enroll in a course, stack up certifications, add value to yourself, and people will recognize that value.

4. Networking Is Vital

Several times, when searching for jobs, we only apply online or drop our resumes in different establishments, hoping to get a callback. If you are doing this, you are not using people right. There is a reason why businesses thrived in the past with the help of mouth-to-mouth advertisements.

Networking with people might just be the push you need to get employed. Get to know and interact with people at the company or organization you hope to join. Get them to tell you how their work experience has been, tell them how much you appreciate their jobs and how much you want to be a part of their establishment. They would be the first to let you know when there is a vacancy.

5. Always Add Value

Every time there is an opening, and there are ads asking people to apply for positions, it is because they want value-added to their establishments.

No one wants to hire regular-minded people who do not think out of the box to handle difficult situations. This is why they always ask how you intend to add value to the company if employed in the role you applied for. You have to show them just how much value you can add and then go ahead to do that if and when you get employed. So make sure your resume lists and focuses on the value you can add.

6. Be Comfortable With Emerging Technologies

Even though this is the 21st century and almost every industry has moved from analog to digital, some people have not yet fully adapted. Looking for a job is more online than in person, and you also need to be comfortable with the technology. You should have your resume online and ready to be sent out if necessary. You should also be on social media spaces like LinkedIn, as this is where people connect and share work history and experience.

Also, several employers are on LinkedIn viewing and scrutinizing people’s profiles, and this is an opportunity to engage them.

Last Words

It’s easy to list out all the incentives you want in your new job. However, you should remember that the employer wants much more from you, and will only care more about your well-being in the company when you have proved yourself to be an asset rather than another regular employee. So, seek out ways to be spectacular and strive to be better than you already are.

If you’re currently employed and seeking a new job, take on more tasks that will put you out there. This is because an employer would look at your job history and want to know what value you added to your previous employer and why they need to hire you.

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