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Stanford University is one of the most competitive universities in the nation. Students want to attend their dream schools to maximize their education. Standford is one of those dream schools for many high school students, but the chances of getting accepted are very slim. Don’t worry. However, PrepScholar has world-class admissions counselors who can help you to get into Stanford! They’ve done their research and know what the Stanford college entrance examination board wants to see on your application.

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Stanford University Admission Requirements

When trying to get into any college, it is essential to focus on your application’s three critical aspects. Like many other schools, Stanford admissions focus on GPA requirements, testing requirements, and application requirements. After looking at these three requirements, Stanford will look at letters of recommendation and personal statements.

Stanford GPA Requirements

To figure out what Stanford requires when it comes to GPA, you must look at the average GPA. The average acceptance GPA at Standford is 3.96, which means you must be at the top of your class if you want a chance of getting into Stanford. Your 3.96 should include AP or IB courses. These courses will show college admissions that college-level work is easy for you.

If you are a junior or senior, it may be tough to raise your GPA enough for consideration. If you can’t raise it, you will need a higher SAT/ACT score to compensate for the lower GPA. In addition to mastering SAT/ACT scores, enriching your high school curriculum with Advanced Placement (AP) courses can significantly strengthen your college application. For students aiming for high performance in these courses, AP study guides provide comprehensive resources tailored to every subject.

Stanford ACT/SAT Score Requirements

Stanford does not have a preference when it comes to which standardized test they require for admissions. Your SAT/ACT scores can make you or break you. Stanford University does not set an outspoken SAT and ACT cutoff score. However, they have a hidden score that they use.

SAT Score Requirements

Although Stanford doesn’t specify an SAT score cutoff, there is an average they use for acceptance. The average SAT score at Stanford for a chance of getting accepted is 1505. Much like the average GPA, the SAT score makes acceptance extremely competitive. The 75th percentile on the New SAT is 1550. That is above average, so you can see why the average is 1505 because they want most above-average students. You must ace the SAT if you’re going to increase your chances of admission.

Stanford University does want you to report all your scores. After thoroughly researching Stanford’s admission practices, PrepScholar’s admissions counselors have found that if you submit four to six sets of scores, you still qualify for acceptance.

PrepScholar’s Free SAT Guide

PrepScholar offers a free SAT guide to increase your SAT scores and higher your chances of getting into Stanford. Get tips on how to boost your SAT score. This guide provides exclusive insider tips to boost your score, get you into Standford, and help you study smarter.

ACT Score Requirements

When looking at your ACT score requirements, they are very similar to the SAT requirements. The average ACT score for acceptance at Stanford is 34. The 75th percentile for the ACT is 35. You have complete control over which ACT scores you send to Stanford, so be sure to try to increase your test scores before your application is due.

PrepScholar’s Free ACT Guide

Much like the SAT guide provided by PrepScholar, they also offer an ACT guide. This guide will help improve your ACT score by four points, and it is free to download. The guide includes free ACT tips to boost your score. Get exclusive insider tips and get free strategies to guide your studying.

Acceptance Rate

As you begin to apply for colleges, you should look at the school’s acceptance rate. This rate is how many students are accepted each year. Another term for this is the admissions rate. Stanford’s admission rate is 4.3%. To break this rate down, that means out of 100 applicants, only 4 receive acceptance letters. So what does that mean for you? That means it is incredibly competitive and selective. If you want to get accepted into Stanford, your application needs to be the best possible college application. Meeting their GPA and SAT/ACT requirements is vital to increase your chances of admission.

PrepScholar Admissions

PrepScholar Admissions can help you build the best possible application to get into Stanford. PrepScholars has the best admissions consulting service that can help you get admitted to your dream school. They use data-driven, proprietary admissions strategies. PrepScholar Admissions have overseen thousands of students get into their top-choice schools from state colleges to the Ivy League.

PrepScholar’s Suggestions

Part of PrepScholar Admissions is offering suggestions for you to help you get accepted into your dream school. If you have not taken the SAT six times, they recommend that you consider using their test prep program to improve your SAT score to at least 1550. Raising your scores will help increase your acceptance by Stanford’s college entrance examination board.

Available on PrepScholar’s website is its famous guides series. Some of the guides offered include a series “How to Get…” This series is about scoring well on standardized tests. The SAT section series “How to get 600 on Each SAT Section” includes math, reading, and writing. The ACT section series “How to get 36 on Each ACT Section” includes English, math, reading, and science. Both the ACT and SAT section series are available for free on the PrepScholar blog.

Another resource that is full of suggestions is PrepScholar’s newsletter. Get free strategies and guides sent directly to your email when you sign up for the newsletter. You will get exclusive tips and insights shared only with private newsletter subscribers when you sign up for the newsletter.

PrepScholar’s Test Prep Program

boost SAT / ACT scores

PrepScholar is best known for its test prep program. It offers SAT/ACT prep to help boost students’ scores. Students get a customized plan that helps them keep their SAT studying focused. They have access to over 7100 questions and 700 lesson videos designed to help you increase your score.

Let’s take a look at Michael. Michael had the dream of attending a well-known college but didn’t have the SAT score he needed. He completed PrepScholar’s SAT program and retook the SAT. Michael improved by 370 points.

PrepScholar will combine world-class admissions and a test preparation program to help you attend your dream school. Whether that is Stanford, Harvard, Yale, or a state college, let PrepScholar help you today!

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