1. Short Stories

We have been busier than ever, and many of us just don’t find the time to commit to a full novel. Read more about why short stories become so popular here.

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2. Vooks – Animated Illustrations

Read our full review of Vooks here.

3. GRE prep course

Read our full review of Magoosh GRE prep course here or sign up directly on their website.

If you purchase the hard copy, you will get the full online GRE prep version, including complete practice tests at a 20% discounted price.

4. Book titles for resilient educators

As our tutor’s mental health is important to us, we put together a list of resilience books for creating mental toughness.

The teacher’s job has become increasingly difficult in recent years. Not only the workload due to a higher number of hours, larger classes, inclusion, and unfocused children has increased, but also the workload of additional administrative.

We must stay resilient when things get tough.