The 7 Best Rolling Bags and Rolling Totes for Teachers

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Teachers are constantly moving. Whether they are moving from classroom to classroom, flying from one side of the world to the other, or teaching from home, the need for multipurpose teacher bags is more important than ever! It isn’t unusual anymore to see rolling totes for teachers around all of their supplies from one place to the other.

Moreover, the average teacher isn’t just looking for something that is specifically designed for teachers, they are looking for fashion rolling shopper tote bags, things with wheels…anything that will best fit their needs! Different tote bags allow teachers to carry everything from their laptops for teaching to their gym clothes. Because teachers need totes to fit their busy schedules, we have put together a list of the seven best rolling bags for teachers.

Breakdown of the best rolling bags for teachers

  1. Olympia Fashion Rolling Shopper Tote Bag
  2. Memorystor Universal Rolling 
  3. SKYMOVE Wheeled Rolling Backpack
  4. Everything Mary Deluxe Confetti Multipurpose Rolling Cart
  5. Kamlui Laptop Bag
  6. Pipishell 3-Tier Rolling Utility Cart
  7. CROP IN STYLE Rolling Tote Bag

1. Olympia Fashion Rolling Shopper Tote

This black and white fashion rolling shopper tote bag on Amazon is one of the best for teachers on the go! The Olympia tote on wheels has a 4.4 out of 5-star rating out of over two thousand verified customers. This product measures (H x W x L): 20 x 14 x 8 inches and weighs a little over four pounds. Teachers have lots of different choices for colors when they view this product online. From pink and blue polka dots to a giraffe style to plain black, this bag will fit the style of any personality.

Our thoughts

A definite pro of the Olympia Fashion Rolling Shopper bag is that it is stylish and useful. There is a large interior of the bag, which means larger items can easily be carried in the main compartment. On the front, there is a smaller zipper compartment that allows for smaller items to be securely held as you venture from one place to the other. Moreover, this bag has a retractable handle that hides away within a cool little zipper compartment. The wheels on this tote bag appear to be sturdy and can withstand the weight of whatever (maybe not a bunch of rocks) is inside the bag. Because of the style of this item and the fact that it is on wheels allows the user to utilize this product in the grocery store or in the classroom.

A downfall of this fashion rolling shopper tote is simply that there is one size on the inside and does not have a way for organization within the bag. There is only one side pocket to this teacher tote, which means you’re going to have to choose between holding that water cup or coffee mug that is carried around by every educator everywhere. Being that this is made of fabric, cleaning may prove to be a bit difficult for larger spills.

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2. Memorystor Universal Rolling Cart & Organizer

The Memorystor Universal Rolling bag on Amazon is a heavy-duty utility cart that measures 17.5 x 15.25 x 16.5 inches and is made with a sturdy plastic frame with a fabric covering. This item 4.5 out of 5-star reviews out of over a thousand different consumers. The handle of this item can move up and down to three different heights, allowing you to chose which is best for you. Weighing only a little over ten pounds and being able to hold up to 65 pounds, this item is easily movable from place to place, making it the perfect option for teachers who are constantly on the move with a lot of stuff!

Our thoughts

Easily move around this rolling cart with its two wheels and telescoping handle. This handle goes up or down with the push of a button and can be maneuvered into three different heights. Teachers who are not a fan of the simple black and gray color can choose blue and black instead. This item is one of the best options for storage as it has several side pockets which allow for organized space to keep smaller sized school supplies. The Memorystor rolling cart has wheels (probably assumed that) that allow you to move your supplies around easily.

A con with this product is that the covering of the product, while able to be removed, shouldn’t be washed in the washing machine. Spot cleaning only is an option For those whose lives are busy (almost everyone), being able to simply throw something in the washer and dryer to clean and put back on is a huge benefit. While this cart has various storage spaces for smaller items, teachers may find that heavy-duty bag doesn’t offer a whole lot of space for larger items in the main compartment.

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3. SKYMOVE Wheeled Rolling Backpack

The SKYMOVE wheeled rolling backpack is super cute with its rose printed design and is ready to go however you need to! Use this backpack in the traditional way and carry it, or, roll it across the floor, it is ready to go when you are. The best part of this backpack is its padded laptop section with a front pen pocket, two side storage pockets, and the main area for larger items. With a spacious inside, this teacher bag can hold a laptop up to 14″ and supplies up to 50 pounds (if being rolled around).

Our thoughts

Flying anytime soon? This backpack could certainly be the best option on our list to be used as a carry on luggage for travel! Small enough to fit underneath an airline seat, you won’t need to worry about checking your bag when the overhead carry on compartments gets full. Skate wheels and a telescoping handle allow for the backpack to be rolled around the school or airport, where the straps allow for this to be worn on your back or use the handle on top for easy the carry maneuvering from one place to the other. However, the wheels on this bag don’t lock…so don’t let it roll away!

So, for those who don’t like to always have to carry a bag, this one is the best option. Moreover, these rolling teacher bags can also serve as more of a wheeled laptop teacher bag or laptop backpack to move through school with.

As far as cons, this bag doesn’t have a choice of colors or styles. If you want something other than a cute rose printed design, you might need to choose another backpack for teachers that will best fit your color and style needs. Also, if you have a laptop larger than 14 inches, you will need to consider a different option to accommodate a larger computer.

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4. Everything Mary Deluxe Confetti Rolling Bag

The Everything Mary bag can be used as anything from a teacher rolling laptop bag to a rolling scrapbook cart. Any teacher could certainly say this is the best teacher rolling tote! This bag contains a main compartment for larger items but also contains lots of different pockets for storage. With a 4.5 out of a 5-star review, teachers cannot go wrong. Sure to be a favorite, this easy to handle, high quality rolling teacher bag has a ton of side pockets and storage spaces. The inner dimension storage space of this rolling tote measures 15. 75 x 9. 75 x 13. 25 in. Moreover, Amazon descriptions show this rolling utility cart is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back. With a removable insert, any teacher will like this rolling cart can become a tote bag with an easy motion.

Our thoughts

This rolling utility cart comes equipped with a telescoping handle and a handle on each side for easy maneuvering in tight spaces. It is no secret that teachers spend a lot of money out of their own pockets on supplies for school. With that said, teachers (like anyone) don’t like to spend hard-earned money on something that doesn’t work only to not be able to return it. One big benefit to the Everything Mary rolling bag is that the company offers a 100% money-back guarantee on their rolling teachers’ bags, which automatically is a benefit. The wheels on this cart are sturdy and allow for easy travel from one place to the other.

Teacher bags need to be of the best quality and have lots of storage space. Luckily, any teacher will love that there is plenty of storage space to use for supplies. This could be one of the best rolling bags for teachers because of the easy to use handle and wheels for having to roll all around the school.

When it comes to a downside, it is certainly difficult to find one with this product! If you are a teacher who doesn’t have a lot of larger items to carry around, this organizational tote on wheels is the perfect option for you. This item does look a lot like a crafting tote that can be used for many different purposes. More so, only coming in one color, the confetti style bag may not be your option if you want something different.

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5. Kamlui Laptop Bag for Teachers

This compact Kamlui laptop sleeve tote bag is compact and has easy access pockets for smaller items. These are the best teacher bags for those wanting something smaller and easy to cart around. Measuring in at 15.75 ” x 11.81″ x 1.18″ inches and 1.32 pounds, this tote best fits a laptop no more than 15.6 inches. With a wide shoulder strap, and teacher can easily carry on their shoulder or as a crossbody bag. This bag is water-resistant and made of PU Leather for easy cleaning (which is best for the teacher who spilled their coffee frequently…). Moreover, this stylish bag scored a 4.5 out of 5-star rating on Amazon out of over two thousand customer reviews.

Our thoughts

While this bag doesn’t “roll”, it is a great option for teachers wanting more of a laptop briefcase. This easy to use laptop briefcase will sure to become a favorite teacher bag. Teachers will love that this bag is easy to carry and is a perfect choice for travel for the teacher who does not like to lug around a heavy-duty tote bag.

An obvious downside to this item is that it does not have wheels and not much storage space and pockets. Pockets on this item simply include a large one on the front of this teacher tote from items such as a cell phone, computer mouse, charger, etc. Moreover, the look of this bag is pink with black stripes with no other option for different patterns or styles.

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6. Pipishell 3-Tier Rolling Utility Cart for Teachers

With three different sizable tiers, this is one of the best rolling carts. The Pipishell 3-Tier rolling teacher cart has four wheels that are locking when not in use. While there are no pockets or other small storage areas on these carts, each shelf can hold up to 22 pounds. Amazon reviews show this rolling cart receiving a 4.5 out of 5-star rating with over six hundred reviews! Moreover, this base of each tier has a grated bottom which best accommodates electronic items that need airflow. This cart is a pretty white color that is versatile to the look of any classroom. Any teacher could easily place vinyl lettering or designs to this cart to personalize it to their style.

Our thoughts

With transporting supplies from one part of the room (or building) to the other, this rolling teacher cart may be the best option for classroom woes. As mentioned above, these rolling carts have four wheels, two of which lock the cart in place. Grated floors of the tiers are best when placing electronic items in the cart. These grated bottoms allow for airflow when they are in use and keep those items from becoming overheated. The last thing any teacher needs is for their cart to cause their laptop to overheat. Because of the different tiers, storing classroom supplies is easy! Utility rolling carts are a perfect option, rather than a teacher having to constantly carry things all over the classroom.

Because these rolling carts can best be used if having to travel on flat surfaces, there is no carrying a 3-tier storage cart up the stairs easily. Also, the lack of separate organizational pieces (i.e. dividers or attachable cups) ensures that whoever has this cart will need a place to store smaller items so that they do not fall through the grated bottom.

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7. Crop in Style Rolling Tote Bag

The Crop in Style rolling shopper tote bag could very well be one of the best teacher bags on Amazon! This rolling teacher tote has two wheels in the back and a telescoping handle with a ton of different storage compartments with organizational spaces. With the highest rating so far on this list, the Crop in style received a 4.6 out of 5-star rating from over a thousand customers. This item is made of plastic for the structural portion with a fabric overlay and measures 17. 5” L x 15. 25” W x 16. 5–23” H and weighs a little over ten pounds. Anyone with a lot of different items to store will absolutely love this bag!

Our thoughts

This (in our humble opinion) is one of the best rolling totes available to any teacher. This rolling teacher tote has so many pockets! Any teacher knows that items that can be used in multiple ways are the best. As mentioned, this tote is on wheels which makes it the best option for someone who is needing to roll around heavy materials, or, just a lot of different things from point A to point B.

A con of this organizational station on wheels is that it may not be the best option for someone who is constantly needing to quickly throw something the wash. The cover of this item shouldn’t be thrown into the washing machine according to reviews and needs to be hand washed or spot cleaned. Since so many teachers are so busy, simply being able to toss something into the washing machine and then the dryer is a big perk!

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The best teacher bags may not always be just a regular ole’ bag. Sometimes rolling carts and rolling totes for teachers can be meant for one thing, but in true teacher fashion, a bag can be used in multiple and purposeful ways. Think about where and how you are wanting to use your tote bag. Will it be only for the classroom? Then a sturdy rolling cart might be your best option.

Or will you be using it also for grocery shopping, carry it up and downstairs, or as a carry on when you go on that overnight getaway? Then a tote bag on wheels to move around in the classroom to meet the needs of all your kids is the right choice for you. Whether a teacher wants something with wheels to be able to roll on through the hallway or something they can carry, this list has a little bit of everything to best keep you rolling.

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