English Short Stories

Humans have been busier than ever, and many of us just don’t find the time to commit to a full novel. It takes mental energy to read an entire story, and some of us can not save to read a few hundred pages of a book. I often think, if I have time to read, I should first use that time to work, and at the same time, I know that this is not right. I do need mental breaks, and as an author, reading gives me a break from writing tickles my creativity.

So lately, I discovered short stories and quick reads. The big advantage for me about reading these stories: I can finish them in a single sitting, which is very satisfying. There are so many short stories online that I could barely decide with which one to begin. There must be many readers like me, who get satisfaction when reading these stories, so I started to write 55 English short stories in 55 days.

About The Author

After I finished my Masters in Education, I taught German as a second language for many years around the world. During my time as a teacher, I started to discover my passion for writing. A German publishing company Klett published my first novel for German language learners in 2016. Since then, I have been writing quick reads, short stories, novels, and blog articles for ATutor. I left my job as a director of a language school in Melbourne, Australia, to be a full-time writer. For me, doing what I love and having the freedom to live where I want and how I want is the best thing that ever happened to my life. You have to enjoy what you are doing daily to be the best of yourself Carolin


The Stars

Below is a sample of the start of one of my quick reads, “The Stars.” If you know how this story ends, go and download my book and let me know what you think. I hope you enjoy reading them just as much as I enjoyed writing them.

Night is approaching the market. Most of the stalls are packing up. And many of the patrons are going home. All but one person is leaving. The man stands by the river just outside the entrance. He is looking up at the nighttime sky. He dreams of a sky filled with bright stars. But what he sees is a sky overcome by darkness. He wishes to reclaim the stars in the sky. “Where are the stars?” he asks. But no one at the market has an answer. Every day, the sky is empty. It is always dark. Only the lanterns provide light. But the older man remembers the starlight. He recalls the bright and twinkling stars. More than anything, he wishes to see them again. During the night when everyone sleeps,…


55 English Short Stories and Quick Reads

Whether you want to read a quick read, quirky, scary, or fun short story with an unexpected ending, a short story to use for classroom material or you just want to practice your English language skills.

This book has it all. Read stories with ease and expand your imagination, improve your vocabulary, reading comprehension, and grammar with 55 entertaining short stories!

These stories are for everyone who enjoys finishing a story in under 3 minutes. A quick read that makes the reading process more fluid, natural, and fun.