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Best Teacher Dresses for School in 2024

While teacher dresses and styles have changed, one thing has not: the desire to not spend a small fortune on the teacher’s wardrobe! As a teacher, I don’t want to spend half my pay on clothing. But I like items that will last a long time. I tried to choose dresses that represented us as classy women who didn’t exactly need to wear a potato sack to hide every curve. No spaghetti straps or too short skirts, simply classy with a school-appropriate length. Dare I say, I own a large portion of these teacher dresses chosen just for you on this list.

Best Dresses for Your Teacher Wardrobe

Turtleneck Long Sleeve Knit Sweater Dress

When you live somewhere it gets cold, a sweater dress is essential! This Rocorose sweater dress is the perfect option for something classy and comfortable. Made of 70% Viscose and 30% Chinlon, this midi-length dress is the perfect option for dressing up in the winter. Simple and stylish, this is a great dress to dress up with a statement necklace or a beautiful scarf.

Casual Long Sleeve Belted Dress

I own several of these dresses and have worn them repeatedly. This cute Pretty Graden dress (on Amazon) is forgiving and gives anyone wearing it a flattering shape. Made of a cotton blend, I recommend you wash it in cold water, and air dry it to keep your dress from shrinking.

Because of the t-shirt dress feel but the classy look, this dress is of excellent quality, is of a school-appropriate length, and can be worn in the colder and warmer months. Plus, girls, this dress has pockets!

Polka Dot Floral Print Long Sleeve Dress

I have never looked forward to or been excited about a parent and teacher conference. That is, until I have something charming to wear. Super comfortable and flattering, this dress is the perfect option for all-day wear in the classroom, as well as those pesky conferences that like to go into the evenings.

The polka dot prints make the dress fun and adorable making this a staple among teacher clothes. Made of 95% polyester and 5% cotton, you can count on this Relipop dress not shrinking or wrinkling up.

Long Sleeve Loose Plain Maxi Dresses

When it comes to casual dresses, cute and comfy with pockets is the way to go. It is an enormous plus if the dress can be dressed up and down. With the feel of a t-shirt dress, this outfit has long arms, is floor-length, and comes in six different colors to choose from. The fabric of this Auselily maxi dress is made of 95% Rayon material, is loose-fitting, and fits great for any teacher of any size.

teacher wearing black and white long sleeve dress

The Drop Side Slit Maxi Dress

I love this comfy teacher dress because this is the perfect outfit for when it starts getting warmer outside, but it is too hot for blouses and dress pants. This midi-length maxi dress boasts a high neckline and no sleeves.

I like to dress this comfy outfit up with a cute jean jacket or light-weight blazer. Plus, this dress looks great with a pair of essential tennis shoes, wedges, or even ankle-high booties. If you’re looking for a back-to-school outfit that will be super comfy chic and you can teach in all day, then this Gabriela Halter Neck Maxi is it!

Summer Short Sleeve T-Shirt Dress With Belt

The Funlingo Summer Short Sleeve T-Shirt dress is one of my favorite teacher dresses on this list for those warmer months. While this dress can’t be worn all school year for someone who teaches somewhere, there is a definite winter; this is a great option for back-to-school wear or end-of-the-school-year warmth.

I found that this dress you can order in your standard size (not having to go up or down) is a school-appropriate length. Pair this dress easily with a pair of ankle-high boots for a fantastic look that will be sure to solicit many compliments.

Floral Vintage Dress

If you want a classy and unique vintage style, then this Simple Flavor dress should be your top choice. The classically beautiful details of this dress make this one that is fun to wear and timeless. This dress is super soft, has a zipper closure in the back, 3/4 length sleeves, and the skirt hangs right below the knees. No matter your size, the style of this dress makes this a great fit for anyone.

Knee Length Dress With Pockets

Stay cool and comfortable with this adorable Simier Knee Length dress. One fantastic thing that this dress has that the others don’t is a waistline drawstring. Adjust this drawstring to fit your waistline just perfectly. This dress would serve beautifully as a back-to-school outfit, or you can wear this on the weekends! The fabric of this skirt is made of 95% Rayon and 5% Spandex, giving you that soft material that will stretch when you need it to.

Printed Swing Shift Dress

Okay, I know I have said: “This is my favorite,” with a few of these, but I have so many favorites! Teachers, if you do not have this dress hanging in your closet now, you are missing out on a perfectly amazing classroom dress. Not only does this Consonsen dress come in 42 different patterns, but it also has long puff sleeves and is perfect for that not-so-perfect waist.

This (almost) boho-style dress is soft and can be worn with boots or heels. Also, wear tights under to wear this dress in the fall and winter. I always receive tons of compliments on these casual dresses and own several in different prints.

Ribbed Knit Drop Shoulder Dress

I am in love with this super cute Ribbed Knit Dress. Teachers, you will love the 11 different colors to choose from! With its long sleeves and warm sweater feel, this dress is the perfect option to wear in the fall or winter inside and outside the classroom. Perfect for wearing to school or out on the town, this casual and fun dress is a great closet staple.

Sleeveless Casual Loose Swing Button Down Midi Dress with Pockets

Teachers love casual dresses that will allow them to be comfortable in the classroom while teaching kids all day long. If you’re wearing this cute and casual t-shirt feeling dress, you surely will be! The material of this dress is made up of 90% Rayon & 10% Spandex, giving the material a soft and super comfy feel.

Perfect for a summertime picnic or those warmer school months, you can easily this outfit up or down. Wear with a stylish pair of wedge sandals or flat tennis shoes and some cute costume jewelry to complete your look.

Notched Neck Belted Dress

Teachers, if you want a skirt that stands out and has a bright pattern, then look no further! This casual and classy dress has a beautiful palm leaf pattern that screams, “I am ready for summer!”. Owning this dress myself, I can tell you it looks just like the picture and is true to size. Made of 85% Polyester & 15% Elastane, this is easy to wash and hang dry with the rest of your clothes.

Corduroy Overall Dress

I wore this dress for the first time just a few weeks ago and got a ton of compliments from other teachers in my school. This fun throwback style overall dress is made of corduroy and can be worn over leggings or even pants.

Personally, I like to pair this dress with a cute pair of knee-high wedge boots or my ankle-high booties. You can find a ton of inexpensive long sleeve shirts that go great under this outfit. The only thing that could make this dress better would be pockets!

Plaid Button Down Dress

Nothing says “Springtime” than this cool and cute button-down plaid dress. I love that this dress has sewn-in waist ties to make this outfit as loose or tight around your waist as you are comfortable with. This particular dress does not have any stretch to it, so order accordingly if you want a baggier or tighter feel. Easily pair your outfit with a pair of camel-colored boots or some cute white tennis shoes.

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