As we move into a new Spring season, it is time to refresh that wardrobe! With everything in price going up, refreshing the clothing items in your closet may not be at the top of your list. However, we are here to help you find the very best and most cute teacher outfits.

Best Teacher Outfit Ideas

If you are on the hunt for some staple pieces to give you cute teacher outfits that will be sure to be a hit, then look no further! When looking at what most teachers wear, I’ve got the skinny on the best skinny jeans, summer dresses, midi skirts, etc. Like you, I do NOT like spending a small fortune on clothing. Instead, I like to have a few staple pieces that I can mix and match with other pieces in my closet. So here are the guidelines I go by:

  1. Is it reasonably priced?
  2. Does it have overall good reviews from verified customers?
  3. Is the sizing accurate?
  4. Can I wear this at school and outside of school?
  5. Will it last?

Each of the items on this list is meant to meet each of my guidelines so that I can provide you with my personal experience and opinion of each product so that you don’t waste time and money.

Super Comfortable Teacher Outfit Ideas

Need a visual for your outfit inspiration? Check out my favorite outfit ideas!

Teacher Outfit Formula #1: Loose Overalls, Plain White Tank, and Croc Chunky Sandals

comfortable and cute teacher outfit, red overalls with white tank and crocs


These YESNO Loose Boyfriend overalls are likely my new favorite outfit for teaching. Not only can I wear these all day in the classroom without feeling uncomfortable and stuffy, but I can easily transition this outfit outside in the summer. This is a fun style that you can quickly wear with the white tank, black t-shirt, or even pair with your favorite graphic tee.

I know most people think of Crocs as those ugly and chunky shoes with holes, but guys, these Crocs Brooklyn Low Wedge sandals are a game changer! They are cute, but I can also wear them with so many different outfits during the school year. You will one hundred percent forget that you are wearing a pair of chunky sandals. Even further, be prepared with the surprised look when your teacher friends receive the response of, “…yea, they are Crocs!”.

Teacher Outfit Formula #2: Raw Hem Jeans, White Tank, Necklace, Sweater + Ankle Boots

casual teacher outfit with jeans, tank top and cardigan


If you want a comfortable outfit to wear to school that still looks stylish and professional, this is your go-to for cute teacher outfits. I have owned this MEROKEETY cardigan for almost a year now, and it goes with so many different things in my closet.

The white tank underneath the sweater provides just enough embellishments with the buttons to make an excellent option for any outfit. I am considered relatively short, so I like for my outfits to be able to be paired with teacher shoes that have some height. These Dream Pairs women’s black suede boots are a comfortable wardrobe staple.

Teacher Outfit Formula #3: White Tank, Simplee Pants, Croc Wedges + Necklace

cute and comfortable teacher outfit with flows pants and top


If you want a cross between a summer dress and a pair of pants, these Simplee High Waisted “flows pants” are the perfect solution. I got so many compliments on what most thought was a skirt, but really, it was just a cute pair of pants! They were comfortable for all-day wear and

This same white tank goes with SO MANY THINGS in my closet. This Jollycode Women’s Sleeveless Tank comes in several colors that can be dressed up or down for whatever style you want.

Make this outfit even more fun when you pair your pants and shirt with a cute necklace! I can now dress up every single one of my teacher outfits with a necklace with this Magitaco 12 piece necklace set. Plus, you will love that these cute gold and silver colored necklaces were under fifteen dollars!

Knee Length Dress With Denim Jacket Ideas

Teacher Outfit Formula #4: MEROKEETY Short Sleeve Midi Dress

tshirt dress with denim jacket and boots outfit teacher outfit

Buy it on Amazon: DRESS | DENIM JACKET | BOOTS

I love wearing this fun and comfy midi dress. I adore this midi dress because I can easily pair this with a denim jacket and a cute pair of ankle boots, and voila, a perfect teacher outfit. This cotton dress has just enough stretch to be comfortable and has pockets!

Teacher Outfit Formula #5: Alaster Casual Dress

teacher outfits with casual swing dress, cardigan and sandals


Here is another cotton dress that is the perfect addition to your wardrobe. This Alaster dress will inspire outfit ideas to mix up your school year outfit choices. You can easily pair this dress with a cute pair of flats, ankle boots, or wedge sandals.

I would wear this dress in the Spring and the Summer, choosing versatile colors in solids (i.e., navy blue, white, or black). On the cooler days in the Fall, you can ever wear this with a pair of leggings and those ankle boots. The dress is such a versatile piece! I like to wear this dress with my navy blue cardigan sweater or a jeans jacket.

Teacher Outfit Formula #6: Halife Spaghetti Strap Dress

yellow summer dress, jeans jacket, and white sneakers, low price outfit for teachers


While I would not wear this jacket to work without a cover-up for the shoulders, I chose this midi skirt dress because it is a welcome pop of color and a fun addition to my wardrobe. This dress comes in bright colors such as yellow, pink, and other fun patterns. Because this dress can be worn with sneakers, heels, or wedges, you will be glad you added such a versatile piece to your closet.

Make this a proper teacher outfit by adding a cute jean jacket with Croc Low Wedge Sandals (the Oyster colored ones are my favorite!). You can even wear this outfit to church on Sundays or a picnic in the summer with a pair of plain canvas white sneakers.

Basics Clothing for Teacher Outfits

Best Straight Leg Jeans

1. Levi Strauss Signature Jeans

LEVI Signature Jeans

While many of the jeans are currently leaning toward that 90’s style (i.e., the mom jeans), I think a classic pair of skinny jeans are a wardrobe staple. You can style these Levi Skinny Jeans up with a sweater or blazer or a stylish shacket for the winter months. These skinny jeans come in all sizes for any woman, and they run true to size.

Because these are made of cotton, polyester, and spandex, you will love the soft feel and the snug fit that works in all of the right places.

2. Levi’s New Boyfriend Jeans

levis boyfriend womens jeans

These Levis Boyfriend jeans come in black, varied colors of blue, and different washes and tears. If you want more of a straight-leg fit but still like your jeans to be fitted, these Levi’s are an excellent option for your teacher outfits. One thing that is great about these is that you can also choose from other colored jeans upon purchase. Get one or several different pairs for your wardrobe!

3. Dokotoo Patchwork Boyfriend Jeans

Dokotoo Patchwork Boyfriend Jeans

Suppose you don’t already have a favorite pair of jeans; you news to grab a pair of these! I purchased these exact jeans around Christmas time. Being a bit leery of buying jeans online, I was pleasantly surprised when these arrived, and they fit exactly like they were supposed to. Teachers often wear jeans on Fridays, and these have just enough of a give to be a comfy pair of pants on any day.

Shoes to Pair With Your Teacher Outfit

4 different shoes for teacher outfits


Ankle Boots

Whether you’re wearing trousers or a midi skirt, ankle boots are a staple for and wardrobe. These versatile shoes can be worn in the winter, spring, summer, or fall with just about anything (i.e., leggings, jeans, sweaters, etc.).

I love the Dream Pairs black suede ankle boots. I wear these at least twice a week, and they match just about anything in my closet. My favorite thing to wear these with is my midi skirt and any pair of skinny or boyfriend jeans. Plus, the heels make me a little bit taller!

Sandals, Wedges, and Flats!

As soon as it gets warmer outside, inspiration strikes, and so does the need for sandals and perfectly comfortable flats. Teachers love some great sneakers, so I suggest a plain canvas shoe. These VenusCelia shoes are perfect for walking around the classroom during the testing season and are super comfortable. These flats look crazy adorable with trousers, skirts, and jeans.

My favorite sandals and wedges are my Crocs! I can wear these with just about any teacher outfit and completely forget I am wearing shoes in the first place. The Croc wedge sandals are literally the most comfortable shoe I have in my closet (or classroom!).

Best Accessories to Wear With Your Teacher Outfits

No matter what you decide to wear with your cute teacher outfits, your outfits are not complete without a little bit of bling! Because we teachers love a great deal, here are a few pieces that won’t break the bank and leave your colleagues wondering where to get what you have.

Earrings & Necklaces

Magitaco Long Pendant Necklace

I really love this necklace set! Because these have so many different pendants on the chains and come in both a gold and silver color, I can mix and match these with any of my teacher outfit ideas. They were incredibly reasonable on price, and I got Prime shipping with Amazon! These necklaces are longer and reach approximately mid-chest.

TAMHOO DIY Layered Choker Necklace

If you want a shorter necklace for your teacher outfit ideas, these TAMHOO layered choker necklaces are a great option. These necklaces look great with a cardigan in the Fall or a maxi dress in the summer. With a modern and sleek style, you can wear these necklaces to school or out on the town.

Gold Jewelry Set

A ton of inspiration for mix and match ideas comes to mind when I think about how I can wear all of these different pieces. Bracelets, and bangles, and necklaces, oh my! If you want a little bit of everything, these are the perfect option.

Multiple Stud Earrings for Women

These stud earrings are super cute if you can wear costume jewelry and aren’t sensitive to metals other than pure gold or silver! My students (high schoolers) personally suggested these earrings, and I see them worn. These earrings can be easily paired with just about any outfit and look perfectly professional.

Final Thoughts on Teacher Outfits

These teacher outfits will be sure to solicit compliments from your colleagues, followed by the illicit, “Where did you get that?”. Cute teacher outfits don’t have to come with a large price tag! I hope you have found enough inspiration to begin shopping for some great pieces to teach your heart out.

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